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Roundy relied on its agile body to seize the advantageous terrain first.

It did not even bother to hold its own special bowl and chopsticks, and directly used its claws.

It grabbed a few pieces of meat the moment he made its move!

This casserole beef had just been taken from the fire, and it was still slightly boiling.

If it were anyone else, their hands would definitely be scalded, and only this thick-skinned and tough magical beast could withstand this temperature.

“Awoo!” It stuffed its claws into his mouth, and a few pieces of beef that were still steaming were eaten by Roundy!

After chewing carefully for a few times, Roundys actions paused slightly, and then quickly sped up!

Its large face was filled with a sense of enjoyment, and its eyes narrowed into slits.

Awoo! It was too delicious!

The beef itself was very strong, and when Mo Chu stewed it with this casserole, the taste was even more delicious.

With a light bite, a thick soup splashed out from the meat.

It absorbed the essence of the beef and the freshness of the vegetables, filling the entire taste buds.

The taste was unbelievably good!

There were also dried bamboo shoots and potatoes…

As soon as they entered the mouth, a strong spicy flavor surged up.

Then, they were carefully tasted.

Mixed with their own characteristics of the ingredients.

Some were crisp, some were sticky, and each had its own unique flavor.

They were not the same…

Gulp —

The sound of swallowing could be heard in the living room one after another.

Things were usually more fragrant and delicious when they were eaten by others.

Therefore, the Blood Luminescent Beasts that were originally gluttons could not hold themselves back when they saw Roundys appearance.

They cried out twice and then pounced on the beef casserole one after another.

They started eating excitedly around the beef casserole!

As for Roundy, who was shaking its head at the front and savoring the taste of the beef, it was squeezed into a corner with a bang.

In just the blink of an eye, he had fallen from a winner to a pitiful little little beast.

When it blinked its eyes and finally regained its senses with great difficulty, it wanted to rush towards the beef casserole again.

However, it realized that it could no longer join this crazy glutton team!

Did the competition have to be so intense!

In less than half an hour.

Mo Chus freshly cooked beef casserole was completely eaten up by the Blood Luminescent Beasts.

Not to mention the beef and vegetables inside, even the chilli and Water Weed that were used as supplementary ingredients had been eaten up.

As for the pitiful Roundy, it was hiding in a corner, digging into the cracks in the wall.

Its eyes were filled with resentment as it stared at the other Blood Luminescent Beasts.

It thought to itself,eat, eat, eat! Ill treat this as your last meal! Ill chase all of you back tomorrow!

The other little fellows were completely unaware of Roundys thoughts.

They were all eating with their small mouths that were glistening.

However, they were still patting their half-empty stomachs as they stared at Mo Chu.

Their meaning was very obvious — they were not full yet!

Mo Chu was all smiles.

Then, she turned her head and gestured at the three people in the kitchen with his mouth.

“Ill leave the rest of their food to you.”

… What!

When they heard this, it was as if they had found a new target.

The group of half-starved Blood Luminescent Beasts immediately turned their gazes towards the few people in the kitchen.

Their eyes were filled with passion!

Under the burning gaze of the Blood Luminescent Beasts, the three disciples who had been tricked by their teacher could not help but shed tears.

They instantly felt a mountain of pressure!

Teacher, these words can not be said carelessly! If things go wrong, people will die!

They said that they were going to test it out, right Why did it suddenly turn into cooking for this group of Blood Luminescent Beasts now

“Hurry Up!” Mo Chus face darkened slightly as she said with ill intentions, “Once this group of fellows gets hungry, their tempers will not be good…”

As if wanting to agree with Mo Chus words, the group of Blood Luminescent Beasts that were eyeing them from the side began to howl one after another.

Their mouths were wide open, and their voices were loud and clear! Even the roof was almost trembling!


It was so scary!

If the food they cooked was not to their liking, would these Blood Luminescent Beasts directly pounce on them and eat them like food

The few disciples had already put on their protective equipment.

Wang Shen was at the front.

At this moment, he could not help but fall into a series of thoughts.

The hand holding the spatula was slightly trembling.

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath.”

Mo Chus clear voice rang in their ears.

It easily drowned out the Blood Luminescent Beastschilling howls.

Wang Shen subconsciously followed suit.

“Open your eyes, light the fire, pour the oil…” Mo Chu only hinted a few steps before Wang Shen immersed himself in the food.

His movements gradually became smoother from the initial stumbling.

40 minutes later, the beef casserole that he personally made was successfully cooked.

This was the first time they had completed a dish on their own!

Looking at the fragrant dishes in the casserole, Wang Shen was extremely excited!

His delicate face was flushed red, and he even forgot about the Blood Luminescent Beast behind him.

All of his attention was on the food in front of him… He did it, he really did it!

“Teacher, come and take a look!” Wang Shen turned his head to look at Mo Chu.

His excitement was beyond words.

Mo Chu walked forward and picked up a piece of beef with his chopsticks.

Under the expectant gazes of the others, she slowly put it into her mouth and chewed it carefully…

“How… How is it”

Mo Chus expressionless face suddenly burst into a smile.

“Not bad!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Shen could not help but reveal a hint of a smile in his eyes.

“However…” After praising and encouraging them, Mo Chu naturally had to point out their shortcomings.

“You put the dried bamboo shoots and potatoes a little earlier, so the taste isnt that good.

Theres also a little more salt, so theres no big problem with the rest.”

“Okay, I got it.

Ill improve it in the future.” Wang Shen nodded and accepted it humbly, but he still could not hide his excitement.

Oh My God, this time, he did not explode!

He successfully made his first Spirit Food.

Although there were still some flaws, he had already taken the most crucial step!

“Take a photo as a souvenir.” Mo Chu reminded him with a smile, “Otherwise, it will be robbed by those foodies outside very quickly.”

“Yes, yes!” Hearing that, Wang Shen nodded in agreement.

He took a few photos in a row before he closed the terminal contentedly.

As for his results, as expected, they were quickly plundered by the Blood Luminescent Beasts!

As the saying goes, only with pressure can one have sufficient motivation.

With Wang Shens success, the other two disciples also succeeded smoothly!

As such, the three of them were so excited that they hugged each other and shared their own experiences.

The Blood Luminescent Beasts outside were also extremely happy!

The three big pots of beef casseroles were all theirs!

Wow, it could not be any better!

Their stomachs were perfectly round, and the group of little fellows were jumping around in the living room with their bellies protruding out.

They looked like they were enjoying themselves!

Wang Shen and the others chose to obediently stay in the kitchen due to the threat of the Blood Luminescent Beast.

They took this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dishes they had cooked before.

Mo Chu was by the side, instructing them from the side.

She was quite satisfied with her idea this time…

When it was time to get off work, Ning Yiyuan rushed back on time.

The moment he entered the house, he saw a house full of Blood Luminescent Beasts, as well as a few men who were trembling in fear in the kitchen.

“Wheres Little Chu” Ning Yiyuan lightly knocked on the table and asked.

When they saw Ning Yiyuan, the faces of their disciples could not help but shake.

This was their teachers husband, and he was the idol of all the men in the Federation!

One had to know that to be able to take down a woman when he was just an adult and confirm hishusband status.

This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

So far, Ning Yiyuan was the first!

Before this, no one had expected the cold and aloof Commander Ning to be so powerful!

In their excitement, the few of them stuttered, “Oh, that… teacher, go upstairs, upstairs to the study room…”

“Ao –” Before Wang Shen could finish his words, a Blood Luminescent Beast next to him suddenly raised its head and let out a long howl!

The domineering aura of the magical beast was instantly revealed!

Damn! Why did it suddenly let out a howl It almost scared people to death!

Wang Shens remaining words were stuck in his throat just like that.

“Shut up!” Ning Yiyuan frowned and impatiently turned his head to shout at the Blood Luminescent Beast in a low voice.

His entire bodys imposing manner was threatening.

Thus, the originally sonorous howl was instantly cut off from the middle!

As for the Blood Luminescent Beast that was glared at by Ning Yiyuan, it twisted its tail aggrievedly and left with its head drooping sadly.

This scene stunned the three people in the kitchen!

What the f*ck!

… This was a classic example of differential treatment!

In the beginning, when Mo Chu was here, this group of Blood Luminescent Beasts was extremely obedient.

They looked adorable as they walked around the living room with their bellies puffed out.

Each and every one of them was fair and tender.

Even the three of them couldnt help but like them when they saw them.

But in the end

As soon as Mo Chu left, this group of people immediately acted as if they had unlocked their restrictions.

They used all kinds of threats and tricks, instantly turning from angels to devils! They were so frightened!

But now, with a single sentence from Ning Yiyuan, they restrained themselves again…

The contrast could not be any more obvious!

At this moment, these disciples really wanted to cry but had no tears!

Ning Yiyuan glanced at them and casually said, “If youre not brave enough, you need more practice!”

Then he turned around and walked upstairs, leaving the three disciples behind to continue to grow under the threat of the Blood Luminescent Beasts…

After half a day, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan walked down the stairs together.

The afternoons scare training also made the disciples more courageous.

At least now they wouldnt be scared until their limbs went soft.

Mo Chu checked their results and nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, thats enough for today.

Ill send the rest of the recipes to your terminals.

You guys can practice on your own first.”

“Mm-hmm.” Hearing this, the few of them could not help but feel relieved.

They could finally leave.

“Oh right, Teacher.” Before leaving, Wang Shen could not help but be curious and asked tentatively, “Why did you suddenly think of asking us to cook in front of the Blood Luminescent Beast today”

In the past, Teacher had always used gentle methods.

Why did her style suddenly change today

“Oh, thats because Ning Yiyuan mentioned thestress test to me before.

He said that this method might be useful to you.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded approvingly, “It seems that its true.

In terms of training people, Ning Yiyuan is still the most experienced!”

Wang Shen and the other two disciples instantly became sad.

Suddenly, they wanted to take back all the praise they had given Commander Ning.

Why did he do this to us!

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