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As soon as the few disciples left, Ning Yiyuan could not help but take a few steps forward.

He stretched out his arms and hugged Little Chu in his arms.

He sighed in satisfaction.

“These annoying little guys have finally left…”

He had waited so long for Mo Yang to leave on a mission.

He had thought that they would have a romantic time together, but in the end, there were a few big light bulbs.

It was really an eyesore!

If Wang Shen and the others had not left yet, they would probably understand why Ning Yiyuan was so kind to help them with their training plan this time…

“Okay, what nonsense are you talking about!” Mo Chu turned his head and glared at him with a coquettish look.

Ning Yiyuan could not help but kiss her forehead.

His heart was as soft as water.

His little girl, how could she be so cute

“Oh right, have you already signed the agreement for the sale of normal plants” The two of them sat down on the sofa.

Mo Chu leaned against Ning Yiyuans body and asked softly.

The efficiency of the Federation was very high this time.

After sending people from the other galaxies to take a look, both sides were quickly prepared to sign the agreement for the sale of normal plants.

The price of a normal plant was equivalent to 50 years worth of resources.

When Mo Chu heard this news, he was shocked!

F*ck! 50 years worth of resources, just to exchange for a little white poplar

… This was a little too much, right

However, when she heard Ning Yiyuan say that the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy wanted people to use 200 years worth of resources to exchange for a medicine, she instantly felt that she was not at a loss! Hmm… this price was very suitable

“Thats right.” Ning Yiyuan hugged the girl in her arms and gently pulled the strands of hair on her head.

With a gentle expression, he said, “Currently, five galaxies have already signed contracts with the Federation, but…”

Ning Yiyuans voice could not help but sink slightly…

“But what” Mo Chu sat up and asked curiously.

“The other galaxies seem to be interested.

They want you and Exalted Chen Bai to accompany them and send these few plants over…”

In fact, the few galaxies were currently in an intense tug-of-war because of this problem.

The Federations position was very clear.

After all, at this time, the safety of Chen Bai and Mo Chu was very important.

If something happened, they would not be able to bear the loss…

The reasons of the other galaxies were also valid.

After all, normal plants were not like other plants.

If something were to happen during the transportation process, their 50 years of resources would be wasted, right

In order to ensure that, they would definitely have Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu accompany them.

Of course, it would be even better if they could dig up some key cultivation techniques from them!

“Then, whats the result of the discussion” Mo Chu was naturally very concerned about her safety, so she hurriedly approached and asked.

Ning Yiyuan sat in the position of Commander.

His methods were formidable, and he was far more well-informed than the average person.

If they knew from him, they would at least be able to inform Exalted Chen Bai in advance so that everyone could make preparations.

“According to my estimation…” As he spoke, Ning Yiyuans brows furrowed even more tightly.

“This trip of yours is probably unavoidable.”

After all, the five galaxies were pressuring them together.

Furthermore, the Federation wanted to take this opportunity to open up an international alliance, so it was impossible for them to appear too unyielding.

Even though they were still trying to shirk their responsibility, the Federation would definitely agree to this condition in the end…

“Whats the big deal” Mo Chu sat on the sofa and straightened her body.

She stretched out her hand and rubbed Ning Yiyuans knotted brows, appearing relaxed.

“Arent we just going to deliver normal plants Well just treat it as a free trip! Whats there to worry about”

“You!” Seeing Mo Chus expression, Ning Yiyuans mood instantly relaxed.

The corners of his mouth revealed a smile.

He reached out and hugged her, “Dont worry.

If you really want to go, Ill definitely go with you.”

Although Ning Yiyuan said it in a relaxed manner, his current status was not low.

If he wanted to follow Mo Chu and the others, he would have to expend a lot of effort.

However, how could he be at ease about a little lass like Mo Chu leaving alone

Ning Yiyuans guess was right.

After this tug of war, the Federation and the other five galaxies finally reached an agreement.

Chen Baizun and Mo Chu could follow them, but the other galaxies had to ensure their personal safety.

Of course, the Federation would also arrange for personnel to ensure that Mo Chu and the others arrived safely and returned safely.

Three days later, the governments transfer order was issued.

With Ning Yiyuans advance notice, Chen Baizun and Mo Chu did not appear flustered, and their things were almost packed up.

The only thing that bothered them was the situation before them…

Roundy was clinging tightly to Mo Chus thigh like a pendant on her leg, unwilling to let her leave alone.

Mo Chu quickly said a bunch of nice words, but Roundy would not listen at all.

Its big head clung pitifully to Mo Chu as it cried out softly.

‘I knew it! You guys went out to play, but youre going to abandon me again! Oh, oh, theres no justice, theres no humanity!

Its pitiful appearance was quite interesting.

It was as if Mo Chu was torturing it.

“Alright, Ill bring you along, alright” After being in a stalemate for a long time, Mo Chu finally compromised.

There was nothing she could do.

This little fellow was really too much of a troublemaker.

Perhaps it was because it had watched too many melodramatic dramas of the Federation with Qin Yue, but it had even learned the essential skill of the female lead.

‘First, cry.

Second, make a scene.

Third, hang themselves.

When it was used, it was a skill that could only be described as skillful.

“Awoo!” Upon hearing these words, Roundy immediately cheered!

Sliding down from Mo Chus leg, the little fellows face immediately changed.

Where was the pitiful look from before At this moment, it was swaggering in front of the other Blood Luminescent Beasts, showing off its might!

This Little Lord is going to follow Little Chu to eat delicious food! As for the rest of you, Haha, just continue to eat dried pastries at home! Im so envious of you!

The other Blood Luminescent Beasts stared at it in disdain.

Hmph! It was just a chance to act tough, right Wheres your blood Wheres your ferocity What a disgrace!

But… by the way, is it too late for them to act cute now I really want to go with them!

3 pm in the afternoon.

Under the complex gazes of envy and jealousy from the group of Blood Luminescent Beasts, Mo Chu carried Roundy in her arms and left with the delivery team.

No one knew how Ning Yiyuan managed to convince the higher-ups, but the commander-in-chief of the Military District was overqualified and became the head of the security team this time.

Even the rest of the security team was specially selected by him.

Although they looked very ordinary, their every word and action carried a sense of awe.

They were probably quite capable.

Their first stop was the Dark Ocean Galaxy.

At this time, one could see the difference in the strength of the galaxies.

Even though the time of signing the sales agreement was almost the same, the order of sending the normal plants was based on the strength of each galaxy.

A weak country had no diplomacy.

This principle was universal everywhere…

The scenery in front of them was rapidly passing by.

It was almost impossible to see their appearance clearly, leaving only an afterimage.

This time, Mo Chu and the others were on an official starship.

In terms of speed and safety, they were much faster than civilian starships.

“Boss, its rare for us to come out to relax.

Why are you still acting like this”

Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen also followed them this time.

According to their words…Its not easy for us to get the chance to travel at public expense.

How can you leave us behind

In this case, Ning Yiyuan simply brought the two of them along.

At this moment, seeing their Bosss usual stern expression, Zuo Lin could not help but tease him.

“Oh right, wheres sister-in-law” Zhong Wen turned his head to take a few glances and asked softly.

Upon hearing the termSister-in-law, Ning Yiyuan, who originally had a solemn expression, immediately revealed a smile and said gently, “She slept too late last night and is now inside catching up on her sleep!”

Ning Yiyuans words were very normal, but he could not hold back these two shameless bachelors!

Upon hearing this, the two of them could not help but exchange glances, their eyes full of interest.

In the end, it was Zuo Lin who clicked his tongue and said cheekily, “Boss, why dont you take it easy With my sister-in-law being so thin and weak, can she withstand your strength”

As he said that, he glanced at Ning Yiyuans lower body.

The meaning in his eyes could not be clearer.

Tsk tsk! As expected of someone who had just had sex.

He did not plan to come at all.

With Little Chus small figure, it was estimated that she would have a tough time these two days!

Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuans face, which had initially turned better, instantly darkened by more than half.

… What take it easy

He had not started eating yet!

When he thought of this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but feel sad.

was there anyone more unlucky than him They finally got married, but after such a long time, he still could not eat meat!

It was already good enough to occasionally get some meat!

Zhong Wen was better at reading peoples expressions than Zuo Lin.

He knew something was wrong when he saw his Boss.

After thinking for a long time, he asked tentatively, “Boss… Dont tell me… you guys havent done that yet”

Thats not right!

They had clearly seen the red marks on their Bosss body!

“Alright, stop overthinking.” Ning Yiyuan waved his hand at the two of them and changed the topic.

With a slightly serious expression, he asked, “Hows the security work coming along”


Could he say that he was married and had not eaten his own wife Even if they were brothers, that would not do!

“Dont worry, Boss.” As expected, Zhong Wen quickly forgot about what had just happened and looked at Ning Yiyuan with a serious attitude.

“Apart from the people on the surface, our private protection staff are already in place to ensure our safety.”

Exalted Chen Bai, Mo Chu, and a few normal plants were all important targets for protection.

They had arranged a double protection mechanism so that nothing would go wrong.

“Okay.” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan nodded in satisfaction.

He was still very assured about Zhong Wens methods.

“Dont change the topic, Boss!” Zuo Lin was a lot smarter this time.

He quickly saw through Ning Yiyuans way of changing the topic and could not help but ask curiously, “You… really havent eaten meat yet”

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