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Hearing Zuo Lins words, everyones pupils could not help but tremble!

— So, they had been targeted from the start

“Thats right… now that I think about it step by step, they really have a plan.” Zhong Wens eyes shifted as he quickly figured out the other partys methods.

First of all, the location chosen by this group of people was very interesting.

It was the last reception station that was only a step away from Dark Ocean Galaxy.

It was easy to get people to let their guard down in this place.

Once they obtained the item, they would be able to quickly retreat.

They could attack, retreat, and defend, it was completely the best time for them to make a move.

And the shaking of the ship just now was very likely just a diversion.

They were using this opportunity to steal and move the normal plants.

“Why are you still standing here”

There was a loud slap on the table.

Song Yiyan was the deputy leader of the operation.

He was furious when he saw that everyone was still in a daze.

He slapped the table hard again.

“They must have used this opportunity to escape to the reception station.

We have to catch up with them!”

Once they left the reception station and escaped to interstellar space, they would definitely not be able to retrieve the normal plant!

A normal plant represented 50 years of resources.

Who could afford such a huge loss Not to mention, his future prospects… Sigh!

Hearing this, everyone immediately came to their senses and prepared to go down and search.

They did not dare to delay any further.

One had to know that this mistake was too serious!

There were so many security personnel on their ship, and they actually had people steal normal plants right under their noses.

Once this news was spread, they would lose all their face!

“Wait!” At this moment, Ning Yiyuan, who had been buried in front of the surveillance camera, suddenly raised his head and made a decision that was completely opposite to Song Yiyans.

“No one is allowed to leave.

Seal the entire ship immediately! Conduct a search!”

Uh… Hearing this, the staff members who were about to take action could not help but pause in their steps.

Umm… who should they listen to

Turning his head to look, Song Yiyans expression had indeed darkened quite a bit! “Ning Yiyuan! Are you clear about the current situation Or are you relying on the fact that this normal plant was developed by your wife, so youre not worried about the consequences of losing it”

Compared to Song Yiyans anger, Ning Yiyuan was much calmer.

He glanced at him and did not say anything.

He turned his head and pointed at the ships communicator.

Then, a calm and cold voice echoed throughout the ship.

“Now, close the cabin door immediately.

No one is allowed to leave!”

The people on duty on the ship were selected by Ning Yiyuan.

They had always obeyed his orders.

Therefore, before everyone could react, the door of the interstellar ship was closed with a bang.

Six staff members stood in two rows, guarding the door tightly, not allowing anyone to leave.

“Now, everyone, gather according to groups.” Ning Yiyuan stood up abruptly, his eyes slightly dark.

A calm and domineering aura naturally emanated from him, making it impossible for anyone to have any thoughts of resisting.

They all followed his orders.

In less than a minute, everyone had gathered in an awe-inspiring manner.

Ning Yiyuans gaze swept over them one by one.

It was so sharp that it was like a radar.

It made people hold their breath, raise their heads, and puffed out their chests.

After checking that everyone was fine, Ning Yiyuan continued to issue orders, “Four groups of people, perform a thorough search of Area A, B, C, and D.

Dont let anyone get away from any corner.

Gather from all directions to the center and report the results of the inspection.



“Very well, lets move out!” Ning Yiyuan nodded at them.

30 to 40 people immediately set off.

All of them were orderly and well-organized.

Seeing this scene, Song Yiyans face could not help but darken.

Even though he was the deputy in-charge, it seemed that his words were completely empty words and did not have any authority!

Fine! Let Ning Yiyuan investigate like this! He really wanted to see what Ning Yiyuan could find out in this interstellar ship!

With a cold snort, Song Yiyan glanced at Ning Yiyuan with disdain and quickly turned to leave.

“Boss, Song Yiyans side…” Zhong Wen naturally noticed his strange behavior and took a step forward.

He was about to remind his Boss, but Ning Yiyuan waved him off.

“Its okay, dont pay attention to him for now.”

Song Yiyan was the most beloved grandson of the head of the Song Family.

It was said that he was able to become the deputy in-charge this time because the Song Family was adding fuel to the fire.

To put it bluntly, as long as they could successfully send a few normal plants to their destination and protect the safety of Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu, he would definitely get at least a third-class merit.

How could the Song Family let go of such a golden opportunity And the reason why Song Yiyan, who had been silent the entire way, suddenly stood out was naturally because of this.

“Yes.” Although Zhong Wen did not understand why his Boss wanted to lock down the entire ship and conduct a search instead of seizing the opportunity to conduct a joint search with the reception station, his trust in Ning Yiyuan had long become a habit.

Now, he naturally nodded obediently and subconsciously took a step back.


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