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At the thought of this, Ning Yiyuans expression suddenly changed!

He immediately raised his foot and strode towards the place where Mo Chu and the rest were sitting.

His speed became faster and faster, and when he reached the back, he was almost running at the speed of light!

Although Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin who were behind him felt somewhat baffled, they quickly realized the seriousness of the matter and followed him.

On the way, the two of them even exchanged a puzzled look, but they did not understand how did this matter develop…

In order to fully take care of Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chus comfort, they were assigned to Area C, which was the most secretive and soundproof place on the ship.

However, no one expected that this advantage would become a major oversight!

With a swoosh, Ning Yiyuan forcefully pulled open the partition door.

Just as he stepped in, his gaze froze on the ground!

… Blood!

… A pool of red blood on the floor of the cabin appeared exceptionally bright!

Zuo Lin, who was behind him, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air! His expression instantly became solemn!

This… What happened

When the security officer who was questioned by Ning Yiyuan saw this scene, his eyes widened in astonishment, and he blurted out puzzling words, “Whats going on When we first came here, everything was as usual! Why did we suddenly…”

“Awoo! Awoo!”At this moment, Roundys voice suddenly sounded, as if it was pounding on Ning Yiyuans heart!

His originally steady footsteps staggered, and when no one noticed it, he quickly recovered and strode forward… However, the large palms that were originally spread out on both sides gradually formed into fists, creaking sounds were heard..

When they walked past a corner, a blood-soaked corpse appeared on the road, giving everyone a fright!

Through the blood-stained clothes, they could easily identify that this was the person who had closely protected Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu.

Could it be… something had happened to Chen Bai and Mo Chu

At the thought of this, everyones breathing stopped, and their faces turned ugly!

Theloss of normal plants from before was nothing compared to the current situation.

As long as Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu were still around, it would not be a problem for them to research as many normal plants as they wanted, but if something happened to them..

Not daring to think about the consequences, everyone immediately quickened their pace.

Ning Yiyuan nodded to Zhong Wen who was behind him.

Zhong Wen walked out quickly and reached out to check the security personnel lying on the ground carefully.

In the end, he shook his head regretfully at Ning Yiyuan.

The other party was too ruthless and directly cut off his life.

There was no way to save him..

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuans face could not help but darken.

“Lets go!”

The others were panicking and could only follow Ning Yiyuans orders one by one.

As for Song Yiyan, who had been shouting loudly just a moment ago, he did not dare to say another word at this moment.

He originally thought that this was a simpleDelivery operation and that he would be able to make a contribution with just a simple round trip.

He did not expect that there would still be blood and people would actually die! This was completely out of his expectations!

Ten minutes later, the group passed through the long corridor of Area C and arrived at the accommodation area under Mo Chu and Chen Bai.

At a glance, the originally clean and tidy room was already in a mess.

Dazzling blood splattered on the ground and walls, and a few corpses lay scattered on the ground.

They were all people who were close to protecting Mo Chu and Chen Bai.

“Six…” Zuo Lin counted all the people along the way, and his face turned cold.

At that time, they had only arranged for a total of six people to be protected in secret.

Now, all of them had fallen into the trap, and none of them survived.

In other words, only Chen Baizun and Mo Chu were fighting alone now… the situation did not look good!

“Where are they” They could see the end of the space behind Area C at a glance.

Aside from the corpses on the ground, Mo Chu and Exalted Chen Bai had actually disappeared…

“Did you guys go to the equipment control center just now” Ning Yiyuan turned around and asked the security guard again.

He seemed to understand something.

“Thats right.” The security guard nodded and looked at the corner at the end of Area C, “But weve checked.

There are only two or three crew members on the ship.

Didnt the ship shake earlier They seem to be checking inside…”

Halfway through his sentence, the security guard came to his senses and his expression suddenly changed.

Thats not right!

The problem of the shaking had been solved.

What were they still doing in there

Ning Yiyuan narrowed his eyes and took the lead to walk toward the equipment control center behind Area C

The equipment control center of the interstellar ship was only a small room.

The equipment inside was basically automated.

It had been set up before they set off.

Unless there was an emergency problem, they would not enter and make changes without permission.

And now, they were standing in front of the equipment control center room…

“All of you, step back,” Ning Yiyuan said softly, but there was a hint of caution in his eyes.

Only two or three people were able to kill the six elites that he had selected.

Their strength was definitely not that weak!

Perhaps the other party would launch a surprise attack at this moment! After all, they were in the open while the enemy was in the dark.

They had no choice but to take every precaution.

“Boss.” Hearing this, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin shook their heads.

Their eyes were filled with determination.

They still chose to stand beside Ning Yiyuan.

“Well go with you.

Dont worry, well be careful.”

They could not let their Boss stand at the front and take the risk for them!

The other security personnel were naturally unwilling to leave as well.

They stood silently beside Ning Yiyuan.

On the other hand, Song Yiyan, who was originally quite far away, took big strides and took a few steps back when he heard Ning Yiyuans words.

This commotion was especially eye-catching under the calm performance of the crowd.

Everyone cast a disdainful look at him.

Tsk! Previously, he had been acting like a dog.

Now that he was in trouble, he just gave up, right

When he met everyones disdainful gaze, Song Yiyan naturally did not feel good.

However, thinking about it carefully, how could these things be more important than his own life He simply pretended not to see it and quietly hid at the back.

Ning Yiyuan did not care about him.

He cautiously exchanged glances with everyone before unlocking the fingerprint lock and opening the door with a whoosh!

The metal door slowly shrank to the side, and the scene inside was clearly displayed in front of their eyes.

In the corner, Mo Chu and Exalted Chen Bais hands and feet were bound.

It seemed that they had lost the ability to move, while Yuan Yuan was squatting on the ground alone, looking extremely pitiful!

Behind them, two people were watching them with unfriendly expressions, while the other person was sitting on the chair in front of them with his head slightly lowered, so that no one could see his expression clearly…

“Phew–” They were alright!

Seeing this, everyone could not help but let out a light sigh!

At least Chen Bai and Mo Chu were still alive, and the situation was not as bad as they thought… Heaven knows, when they saw the blood and corpses, their hearts almost stopped beating!

“Oh, youre here” The man sitting on the chair spoke first.

His arrogant attitude did not seem to care that he was the one being surrounded.

Ning Yiyuan raised his eyes and looked at him carefully for a while.

His gaze suddenly became much deeper.

After a long while, he spat out two words, “… Remnant Lin.”

Hearing this, the man sitting on the chair was stunned.

He then laughed out loud and reached out to take off the hat on his head, revealing his original appearance.

His rough and domineering facial features were instantly exposed in front of everyone, there was a hint of malevolence in his bandit aura.

“Long time no see, Marshal Ning.

No… I should call you Commander Ning now.

I didnt expect you to still remember a small figure like me.

What an honor!”

Hearing the conversation between the two people, everyones expression could not help but change.

Remnant Lin… That ws the name of the captain of the Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates back then, right

In terms of reputation, this Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates was well-known in the entire Federation.

Their methods were vicious, and their killings were numbing… Any derogatory words like this could be used on them without the slightest bit of dissonance.

However, Ning Yiyuan had already exterminated them more than ten years ago, right Why would they suddenly appear at this moment

“What You didnt think that I would still be alive” Remnant Lin lightly laughed, the corners of his mouth curling up into a mischievous smile.

His attitude was extremely arrogant, and he spread his hands like a scoundrel.

“I had no choice.

Even the Heavens wouldnt accept me!”

As he spoke, Remnant Lin couldnt help but glance at Mo Chu beside him.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly.

“Speaking of which, I should still be considered as your matchmaker, right If it wasnt for me, how would you two have met”

Thats right!

Remnant Lin was the interstellar pirate that Mo Chu and Mo Yang had met when they rushed from District 12 to District 3.

It was also because of him that Mo Chu had gotten to know Ning Yiyuan…

“Back then, it was also because of you that I was forced into interstellar space by Ning Yiyuan.

I almost died.

Back then…” Remnant Lin, whose gaze had always been on Mo Chus face, suddenly turned his head and glanced at Ning Yiyuan.

His tone was a little frivolous as he said, “At the beginning, I was quite interested in you!”

As soon as he said this, Ning Yiyuans cold aura instantly became thicker!

“Oh, youre angry just like that” Remnant Lin chuckled.

“Commander Ning, your endurance isnt as good as it used to be!”

As he said this, Remnant Lin suddenly snapped his fingers.

The guards at the side immediately understood and rudely pushed Mo Chu over.

“Its been more than ten years since we last met.

The little girl is much more beautiful than before.” Under Ning Yiyuans murderous gaze, Remnant Lin suddenly leaned over and sniffed at Mo Chus neck.

He licked his tongue in satisfaction.

“The smell on her body is also much stronger than before…”

Mo Chu glared at him fiercely and tried to move her body away from him.

Unfortunately, he did not have the slightest strength..

“What did you do to them” In just a few sentences, Ning Yiyuan could tell that something was wrong with Mo Chu and Exalted Chen Bai.

He could not help but clench his fists and ask in a deep voice.

Little Chu and Exalted Chen Bais skills were not top-notch, and they were not without the ability to fight back.

Now, they could not do anything… It was obvious that something was wrong that they did not know about!

“I can tell!” Remnant Lin looked like he was playing a game.

His eyes were suddenly filled with interest.

“How about this You tell me how you found this place, and Ill tell you what I did to them.

How about it Is this a fair deal”

Ning Yiyuan did not hesitate at all and directly said, “In the past, in order to be on the safe side, we sprinkledmarking powder on every normal plant.

Once someone touched it, it would easily stick to them.”

“And the security personnel who checked you before also had somemarking powder on them.

Therefore, with this point, we can easily deduce your location.”

Hearing this, everyone reacted.

No Wonder Ning Yiyuan was able to single out one of the security guards easily.

It turned out that this was the reason!

“Oh, I understand!” Remnant Lin stretched his voice and nodded in understanding.

He finally knew where he had lost.

“What about you What did you do to Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu”

“Nothing.” Remnant Lin spread his hands innocently.

“I just injected them with a little medicine to make them more obedient.

Dont worry, there wont be any big problems.”

… Medicine

They actually injected Little Chu with some drug

Ning Yiyuan maintained a calm expression, but his fists could not help but clench tighter and tighter…

With Little Chus sensitive constitution, there might really be a problem!

He looked at Mo Chu and found that other than her slightly red face, there was nothing else unusual.

Only then did Ning Yiyuan heave a sigh of relief…

When their gazes met, the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up, it was as if she was comforting him.

Actually, Mo Chu did not expect that so many things would happen in this short half an hour!

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