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At this moment, two groups of people were standing together.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense…

Remnant Lin sized up Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan with interest for a while.

When he saw that the two of them occasionally looked at each other, he could not help but raise his eyebrows and chuckle.

“Tsk tsk! As expected of a famous model couple.

They can still be so affectionate at this time.

They really live up to their name!”

When he said this, the Remnant Lins gaze was still lingering on Mo Chus face.

The deep meaning in his eyes could not help but make people feel apprehensive.

“Speak, what do you want exactly” Ning Yiyuans expression was cold and indifferent.

His words were as cold as an ice cube, each sentence piercing straight to the bottom of peoples hearts.

“Dont you know very well what I want to do”

Faced with Ning Yiyuans cold expression, the Remnant Lin was not the slightest bit displeased.

On the contrary, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“People like us, in the end, arent we doing this for money As long as we can safely bring this normal plant out…” Remnant Lin pointed to the side and said, “Then… I naturally wont do anything to the respected Exalted Chen Bai and this Madam Ning.”

Following Remnant Lins line of sight, everyone was shocked and annoyed to discover that the plant they could not find was actually hidden under the small cart by Remnant Lin and the others!

They had only used something to block it, so they could not see anything strange from the outside.

However, they had swaggered through the market like this, swaggering past them several times, yet they haad not noticed it at all!

No wonder it was said that the most dangerous place was often the safest!

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans gaze became even more profound.

He took a step forward and asked in a slightly heavy tone, “You… really only want this plant”

“Of course.” Remnant Lin nodded and added sincerely, “If you didnt react too quickly and seal off the entire ship, we might have already left with this plant.

There wouldnt be so much trouble.”

As soon as he said this, everyone subconsciously looked at Song Yiyan, who wasslow to react.

Fortunately, they did not listen to his idea at that time.

Otherwise, they would have opened the door for the Remnant Lin and the others and sent them away with their own hands!

Thinking of this, everyone felt guilty!

“How is it” Remnant Lin raised his head slightly and met Ning Yiyuans gaze.

“A normal plant for Chen Bai and Madam Ning.

Isnt this a good deal”

“Ha!” Ning Yiyuan chuckled and did not comment.

If it was anyone else, Ning Yiyuan might have believed his words.

But who was the person in front of him

It was Remnant Lin!

This famous madman!

He was a mad dog who risked his life to drag a few people down with him!

He had spent so much effort just for a normal plant How was that possible

“About this matter, who… Who are you working with” Ning Yiyuan suddenly changed the topic, and his eyes suddenly became sharp.

“This kind of drug that can temporarily suppress special abilities isnt something you can develop on your own.

Who helped you in the end Or, who hired you to do this”

… What

Hearing Ning Yiyuans words, everyones faces could not help but change.

Thats right!

Now that they thought about it carefully, there were a lot of strange things about this matter.

They knew exactly when they would arrive at the reception station…

They had successfully snuck in…

They had easily stolen normal plants…

In order to be safe, they had even prepared a drug to control their special abilities…

Although the Remnant Lins ability was not ordinary, it was not so easy to make it so foolproof.

Who would believe that he did not have anyone supporting him

After being pointed out by Ning Yiyuan, everyone thought about it deeply.

It was originally just a simpletheft case, but now the situation had suddenly become much more serious, and it might even involve the situation of the galaxy…

“Who is it” Ning Yiyuan pressed forward step by step, his expression solemn.

“Speaking of which, the most likely person is Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, but their actions are too revealing, so theres no lack of other galaxies who want to take advantage of the situation… So, who is it!”

“Clap, clap…” After being exposed, the Remnant Lin did not get angry at all.

Instead, he clapped for Ning Yiyuan and nodded with a face full of praise.

“Not bad, after not seeing you for more than ten years, Commander Ning is still as sharp as ever! However, since youve already guessed half of the answer, why dont you continue If I reveal the answer now, how boring would that be!”

Hearing this, the others almost knelt down in front of him!


This was not some entertainment program, alright It might even involve the survival of hundreds of millions of people in two galaxies!

“… Do you think its interesting to drag this out” Ning Yiyuan suddenly chuckled.

“Or do you think Ill fall into your trap foolishly”

Hearing this, the Remnant Lins smiling face suddenly stiffened.

“What do you mean…”

“Stop pretending!” Ning Yiyuan took two steps forward and met the Remnant Lins eyes.

He raised his brows slightly.

“The people working with you thought that youre cooperating, but they dont know that theyve attracted an irrational wolf!”

The people behind Ning Yiyuan were dumbfounded.

Were they too stupid They felt like they could not understand their conversation at all!

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and looked at the time on the terminal.

“At this time, your people should have already entered the control room, right Why, do you want to bury our entire ship with you”

More than ten years had passed, and the Remnant Lins personality was still the same as before!

Back then, it was Ning Yiyuan who destroyed the Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates that he had built.

Now that he had the chance to kill him, how could the Remnant Lin let him go

Initially, the people behind the Remnant Lin only hoped that he could get this normal plant.

However, how could the Remnant Lin be an obedient person

He probably wanted this opportunity to capture all of them in one fell swoop! He had said so much just now to stall for time so that the hidden stake he had planted would have enough time to gain control of the control room and take control of the lives of the entire crew!

“Unfortunately, you still noticed it!”

Since Ning Yiyuan could say this, he must have been prepared.

The few people he had sent were most likely on the verge of success!

At the thought of this, the Remnant Lins face suddenly turned gloomy.

This time, he was one step behind!

“No.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly and said, “I didnt know it was you before, but I never fight battles that I wasnt prepared for!”

Especially in the most important control room on the ship, besides the original guards, he also put a lot of extra security personnel hidden in it!

It was impossible for the Remnant Lin to take advantage of the time when everyone was busy looking for normal plants and take control of the control room!

“How about this Ill hand over all your people to you.

I can also let you leave.” Ning Yiyuan said after a long pause, “However, you have to leave the items, captives, and the drugs behind!”

… The item naturally referred to the normal plant that had been stolen, while the captives referred to Chen Bai and Mo Chu.

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