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Mo Chus words were quite normal, but Ning Yiyuan could not help but think otherwise.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his expression was slightly seductive.

He moved closer to Mo Chus ear and breathed out hot air as he asked, “Tell me, how am I powerful”

The wordpowerful came out from his lips and tongue, and it gave off a touching feeling.

… This guy!

Mo Chu turned her head and glared at him! After not being a hoodlum for a day, he was already itching for a fight, huh

“What, I have too many good points and cant think of anything” Ning Yiyuan was not angry at all after being glared at by Mo Chu.

Instead, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

Looking at the little girls energetic appearance, there should not be any problems!

“Hehe, this face is the most powerful thing on your body.” Mo Chu grabbed his hand and could not help but praise Ning Yiyuan in her heart.

Ning Yiyuans skin quality was really good.

He did not even have a single flaw.

“Your face is so thick that even an energy gun wouldnt be able to break it!”


This little girl was beating around the bush and saying that his skin was too thick!

Ning Yiyuan laughed lightly, but he still acknowledged this point and nodded as if it was a matter of course.

“Its for sure that my skin is thick.

Otherwise, how could I have stubbornly insisted on marrying you”

“But…” Looking at Mo Chus large, watery eyes, Ning Yiyuans aura suddenly became heavy, and he lowered his voice, “I have something even more powerful on me! Do you want to try it”

Damn it!

Mo Chu almost spat out the water!

After swallowing the water with great difficulty, she turned her head and stared at Ning Yiyuan with a face full of accusations.

“Im still a patient!” This guy was thinking about all that nonsense…

Sure enough, her big brother was right.

Once a man got married, his bad nature would immediately come out.

Now that she looked at him, that was the case, right

“Ahem, I mean in the future…” Ning Yiyuan cleared his throat and reached out to rub Mo Chus hair.

His eyes were a little mischievous, “Of course, if you cant hold it in anymore, we can try it out personally once your body recovers.

Ill absolutely cooperate with you!”

Hearing this, if Mo Chu wanted to pounce on him.

He should consider himself lucky if she did not bite him hard!

… She could not hold it in

She could not hold it in, my ass!

Mo Chu stared at Ning Yiyuan in astonishment.

How did this persons face get so thick As expected, there was no bottom line for being a black-bellied scouldrel…

“Alright, hurry up and rest.” Taking the cup from Mo Chus hand, she hurriedly placed it on the table beside her.

Ning Yiyuan could not help but reach out to cover Mo Chus big eyes, not daring to look at her again.

She could not help but mutter in her heart, why is this girl sick and so seductive

“I just woke up! How can I still sleep” Mo Chu protested.

She reached out to move Ning Yiyuans palm away, but with this little bit of strength, how could she be a match for Ning Yiyuan

She had spent a lot of effort, but she could not do anything to Ning Yiyuan.

In the end, Mo Chu could only give up and pout angrily.

Her rosy lips were pouting like she was asking for a kiss…

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and kissed Mo Chus lips a few times.

It was like a peck or a lick, extremely gentle.

Ning Yiyuans warm palm almost covered half of Mo Chus face.

The loss of her vision made her other senses more sensitive.

She could even clearly feel Ning Yiyuans slightly messy breathing and the dry touch on her lips…

After the kiss, their breathing became much more chaotic.

“Be good.” Ning Yiyuans voice was a little hoarse.

It was unbelievably sexy.

“Sleep well.

When you wake up, we should be in Dark Ocean Galaxy.”

His large palm was still covering Mo Chus eyes.

Although everything was pitch black, Mo Chu felt extremely safe.

Not long after, she fell asleep…

When she woke up, the afterglow of the sunset was pouring down on her face through the window.

It was warm and gentle, not dazzling at all.

When she turned her head to look, Mo Chu was slightly stunned.

The decorations and furnishings in front of her were very unfamiliar.

Obviously, they were no longer on the interstellar ship.

Could it be that she really slept right into the Dark Ocean Galaxy Mo Chu could not help but admire her own sleeping skills!

“Youre awake”Just as Mo Chu was shocked and confused, Ning Yiyuan suddenly strode in from outside the door.

The sunset glow fell on his body.

His long legs and beautiful face made him look like a god.

Mo Chu could not care less about her infatuation.

She looked at Ning Yiyuan in shock.

“This… Are we already in Dark Ocean Galaxy”

Looking at the shocked look in Little Chus eyes, Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

“Yeah, whats wrong”

“Then…” Mo Chu looked down at his pajamas and suddenly had a bad feeling.

“How did I get off the ship”

“Of course, I carried you down!” Ning Yiyuan said matter-of-factly.

With a crack, the last bit of hope in Mo Chus heart was completely shattered!

… After getting off the starship and walking here, she was carried by Ning Yiyuan all the way How did she end up like this

“Owww!” Mo Chu could not help but wail and cover her head with the quilt.

She was too ashamed to face anyone! This display of affection had already spread to other galaxies… The key was that she still did not know anything about it!

“Dont worry, its fine.” Ning Yiyuan held back her laughter and took a few steps forward.

He pulled the little girl out of the blanket and reached out to touch her forehead.

Fortunately, the temperature had already dropped.

“Actually, not many people saw it.”

“Really” Hearing this, Mo Chu stared at Ning Yiyuan with a face full of hope.

Ning Yiyuan answered firmly, “Of course, no more than 20 people at most.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu heaved a sigh of relief.

Thats good…

Unfortunately, when Mo Chu changed her clothes and walked out, she was met with a pair of slightly mischievous eyes on the way out.

The teasing look in those eyes could not be more obvious.

Mo Chu felt black lines forming on her forehead.

Didnt Ning Yiyuan say that there were less than 20 people who saw it The current situation was more than double!

“Cough.” Meeting Mo Chus slightly doubtful gaze, Ning Yiyuan rubbed his nose uncomfortably.

“Among those 20 people, a few of them are reporters from Dark Ocean galaxy.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu staggered and almost fell!

Ning Yiyuan was clearly avoiding the important points and making light of them.

With Dark Ocean Galaxys reporters around, everyone probably already knew that she was being carried all the way.

“Awoo!” When she walked downstairs, Roundys soft and cuddly body pounced into Mo Chus embrace and even glared at Ning Yiyuan.

It was this human who had turned hostile and refused to acknowledge it.

He actually forcefully chased it out of Mo Chus room.

This guy was really too heartless and cruel!

Roundy did not hold back and directly filed a complaint.

It made gestures and cried out loud, causing saliva to fly everywhere.

It was in high spirits!

After that, the human and beast began to publicly criticize Ning Yiyuan.

They even listed ten major crimes for him.

They were all very well-grounded!

Zuo Lin had originally walked over with great interest.

When he heard what Mo Chu and the others were talking about, he hurriedly moved away.

F*ck! He almost fell into the pit!

Dont look at how righteous Boss looked.

He was very narrow-minded!

Only Mo Chu would dare to say such a disdainful criticism.

If they were to foolishly add anything to it, who knows how Boss would deal with them behind their backs!

Zuo Lin, who had been through pain, finally learned his lesson.

He turned around and walked upstairs to Zhong Wens room.

After so many bloody lessons, he finally realized that Zhong Wen was the best at protecting himself.

Following him was the right choice!

Zhong Wen was walking down.

Zuo Lin could not help but tease him, “Yo Arent you going to research medicine Why are you here”

Zhong Wen completely ignored him and directly walked past him.

He handed the invitation card in his hand directly to Ning Yiyuan, “Boss, I just received this.

It says that we are going to attend a banquet tonight.”

“Attend a banquet” Mo Chu nudged the little guy in her arms and asked in puzzlement, “What banquet”

Zhong Wen turned his head and smiled meaningfully, “Of course, its our welcoming banquet…”

Dark Ocean Galaxy probably could not stand it when he saw Mo Chu wake up and immediately sent an invitation over.

“Then, are we going” Zuo Lin also came over and stuck his head out to ask.

“Of course.” Holding the invitation in his hand, Ning Yiyuans lips curled slightly.

“How can we refuse their kind intentions”

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