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Dark Ocean Galaxys banquet hall.

When Mo Chu and the others arrived, they were greeted by a scene of people toasting each other and wearing beautiful clothes.

Their appearance caused people to cast sidelong glances at them.

Ning Yiyuan was exceptionally handsome, and his aura was even more natural.

It was extremely normal for him to stand out among the crowd.

Although Exalted Chen Bai was a little old, there was no trace of age on his face.

He wore a white retro long robe, and his gentle and courteous temperament was also hard to ignore.

Mo Chu, who was sandwiched between the two of them, naturally received a lot of attention.

Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin, who were behind him, were a step behind, but they were equally handsome and had different styles.

As soon as they walked up, their extremely good looks and unique styles attracted a lot of attention.

The one who organized this banquet was Dark Ocean Galaxys former representative, Mr.


“You guys are here” Seeing Exalted Chen Bai and the rest walk up to them, Elder Lins eyes lit up.

He quickly walked over and said, “Welcome, welcome.

Come, please take a seat.”

Even the seats at such high-class banquets were particular.

Usually, they were arranged according to their status.

Ning Yiyuan, Exalted Chen Bai, and Mo Chu naturally sat at the first table.

Zhong Wen, Zuo Lin, and the rest had to move a few tables back.

As a result, among all the elderly people, the delicate little girl, Mo Chu, was particularly eye-catching.

To be able to sit shoulder to shoulder with a few big shots in the political world as a young adult, not to mention in Dark Ocean Galaxy, there were only a few in the all the galaxies.

Mo Chu could be considered to be the first!

Therefore, everyone looked at her with a burning and envious gaze.

“Miss Mo Chu, dont look down on us old fellows,” Elder Lin was the first to speak, looking very amiable.

“Speaking of which, our few tables of Spirit Food were specially bought by someone in the Federation!”

Even though the Spirit Food that Mo Chu produced was relatively few in number, and it was not usually sold to other galaxies, it still could not withstand the high positions and power of these people! If they wanted to buy it, it would be a piece of cake!

“If I knew it would be like this, I might as well show everyone my skills,” Mo Chu said with a light smile.

Her attitude was unrestrained, and there was not the slightest bit of discomfort.

“Im a step too late now.”

Seeing Mo Chu like this, the other government officials sitting at the table could not help but show admiration in their eyes.

Even though this little girl was young, she was not afraid in such a big occasion.

On the contrary, she was able to advance and retreat appropriately.

This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

“I heard that you were carried back by Ning Yiyuan” Although Elder Lin looked serious, there was a hint of teasing in his eyes.

“How are you Are you feeling well”

Dark Ocean Galaxy naturally received the news about the accident on the interstellar ship.

After all, the reception station was not far from their territory.

“Im fine.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“Thats good.” Elder Lin nodded, his eyes revealing a hint of resentment.

“I wonder who was behind it.

Its really too hateful!”

As he said that, his gaze turned towards Ning Yiyuan.

They had previously made an agreement with the Federation to ensure the safety of Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu.

Now, such a thing had happened… Although it did not happen in their territory, they had to take it seriously, Dark Ocean Galaxy was also to blame.

It had indeed come!

Ning Yiyuan pursed his lips.

In the end, they were all fighting for the benefit of their respective galaxies.

It was within his expectations that Dark Ocean Galaxy would say such a thing.

Putting down the chopsticks in his hand, Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

“Elder Lin, dont worry.

This incident was mainly due to our carelessness.

However, Im afraid well have to trouble you for the rest of the journey.”

“Of course.

Dont worry.” Hearing this, Elder Lin smiled in satisfaction.

The incident that happened on the interstellar ship had been brushed aside just like that.

However, Ning Yiyuan also emphasized the following safety issues.

Dark Ocean Galaxy did not dare to relax on this point.

The previous incident had already given them a warning, it seemed that there were still many people who were jealous of this normal plant!

After understanding the attitude of Ning Yiyuan and the others, Elder Lin and the others felt much more relaxed.

They quickly called out to the others, “Come, have a taste.

The taste of this Spirit Food is unforgettable for me every time I eat it!”

“Yes, yes!” These words caused many people to echo in agreement.

Every time they thought that they had eaten the most delicious food, Mo Chu would release a new product and their knowledge would instantly be refreshed!

After being poisoned by the nutrition capsules for so many years, to be able to eat such a hot and satisfying meal was simply too beautiful!

“I heard that Miss Mo Chu is preparing to take in disciples and teach them the skills of cooking Spirit Food.”After eating for a long time, Elder Lin suddenly spoke again, his eyes sparkling as he stared at Mo Chu.

“I wonder if this news is true”

“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

She knew that Dark Ocean Galaxys information network was definitely more developed than she thought.

There was no need to hide such a small piece of news.

“Ive already taken in three disciples.

The progress is pretty good now.”

“Is that so” Hearing this, Elder Lin was even more interested.

To be honest, when he first heard this news, he still did not quite believe it.

After all, to be able to master the production technology of Spirit Food was equivalent to mastering an uncountable mountain of gold and an uncountable number of connections.

Would a young girl like Mo Chu, who had just become an adult, be willing to give it all away

Even if it was him, he might not have the courage and breadth of mind!

Therefore, when he heard Mo Chus words, he could not help but look at her a few more times.

“Then, can those three disciples of yours also make Spirit Food now” a big shot beside him could not help but ask curiously.

It was fine if he did not eat this Spirit Food in the past, but now, if did not eat some each day, he would feel that something was wrong! Fortunately, he could buy that Spirit Wine.

Otherwise, he would be worried to death!

“Simple dishes are no problem.” Mo Chu explained with a smile, “But some are too complicated and need more practice.”

“Come, lets eat some dishes first.” Ning Yiyuan picked up a piece of red braised meat and gave it to Mo Chu.

His gaze was so gentle that it was completely different from the official person just now.

The other big shots also understood his elegant intentions.

One by one, they shut their mouths and changed the topic.

“Right, come.” Elder Lin took a pot of red liquid from the side.

“Miss Mo Chu, this is our Dark Ocean Galaxys specialty red fruit juice.

I wonder if youve tried it before”

“I really havent.” Mo Chu looked at it with interest.

This red juice was clear and transparent.

Just looking at it made people want to drink it.

“Then you really have to try it.” Elder Lin poured a full cup for Mo Chu.

“This is juice directly extracted from the red fruit.

It tastes very good.”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but frown.

“Im sorry.

Little Chus physique is a little special.

Im afraid she cant…”

“Its okay, I can try it.” Mo Chu reached out to stop Ning Yiyuan.

If it was directly extracted from a plant, then she could probably eat it, just like the clear milk from before.

Looking at Mo Chus slightly curious and drooling eyes, Ning Yiyuan could not help but chuckle and pulled his hand away.

“Okay, then you can try it!”

As expected, even after so many years, this girl, Mo Chu, was still the same little foodie from back then.

When she heard about delicacies, her eyes lit up!

At this moment, Mo Chu did not know that because of these few cups of red fruit juice, she had completely confirmed her and Ning Yiyuans status asHusband and wife…

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