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At this moment, she was savoring Dark Ocean Galaxys specialty red fruit juice.

She had to say, this taste is really not bad!

Mo Chu first took a tentative sip, and then her eyes suddenly lit up!

It was completely different from the taste of the whey.

This red fruit juice was slightly intoxicating in its sweet and sour taste.

With a slight sip, that mellow and thick taste would immediately conquer your taste buds.

Even after a few minutes, the unique fragrance could still linger between ones lips and teeth.

“How is it Doesnt it taste good” Elder Lin looked at Mo Chus expression and could not help but chuckle a few times.

Mo Chu drank more than half a cup in one go and praised him without holding back, “Its delicious!”

Why did she not encounter this red juice back then Why did she drink that clear milk that was comparable to the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine Damn! She had suffered so much back then!

How could Mo Chu know that this red fruit juice was not easy to come by Just because of the taste and texture, it was under aspecial supply!

Ordinary people really could not drink it!

“Okay.” Mo Chus forthright personality just happened to suit Elder Lins temper.

He got up and poured a full cup for Mo Chu.

He waved his hand generously.

“Drink more if its good.

Dont hesitate!”

Thus, most of the people at the other tables were drinking Spirit Wine.

Only Mo Chu drank the red fruit juice.

After drinking a few cups, Mo Chu only felt that the more he drank, the more appetizing she became.

She became excited.

Even her eyes were much brighter than before.

They were watery and faintly charming.

“Okay, stop drinking.” Ning Yiyuan saw that she was not behaving properly and reached out to stop her.

He put some food into her bowl and said, “You should eat something first.”

Elder Lin and the others were still paying attention to Mo Chus health.

Half of the dishes on the table were lighter in intensity, which was just right for her.

“Oh.” Mo Chu glanced at Ning Yiyuan and did not object.

She obediently lowered her head and ate.

Seeing Mo Chus obedient look, Ning Yiyuan smiled.

He took care of her even more carefully.

Mo Chu did not even need to get up.

She only needed a look.

Whether it was serving tea, pouring water, or putting food in the bowl, Ning Yiyuan could help her with everything.

This scene made many of the women beside her jealous.

Most of them were the family members of the high-ranking government officials who attended the banquet.

Usually, they were flattered by others.

However, when it came to confidence and propriety, there was really no one who could compare to Ning Yiyuan!

Not to mention that he himself was very outstanding.

His facial features were handsome, and his imposing manner was overbearing.

In addition to his unfathomable strength and powerful family background, there was no need for him to lower his voice to a woman!

Yet, he had done it, and he even had a look of joy on his face.

How could they not envy Mo Chu

At this moment, Mo Chu did not have such self-awareness.

She had long been accustomed to Ning Yiyuans attitude, and was usually like this at home!

Elder Lin and the others saw how tightly Ning Yiyuan protected Mo Chu, so they decided to target Exalted Chen Bai.

They were trying to change the topic to the cultivation of normal plants, hoping to get some clues from him.

After all, they had figured it out.

They still had to put in more effort to cultivate normal plants! In the future, there might be other uses for it! They could not always count on the Federation!

Exchanging 50 years worth of resources for a normal plant… No matter how much resources they had in reserve, they could not afford such a waste!

But was Lord Chen such an easy person to fool

Although most of his thoughts were on cultivating, it was not as if he did not understand peoples feelings.

He played with the other party and went around in circles, not revealing the slightest bit of information.

With this back and forth, everyone had almost finished eating the dishes on the table.

The waiter at the side saw this and swiftly removed the remaining food.

Elder Lin did not eat much.

He exchanged a few glances with his old friend beside him and sighed helplessly.

He sighed in his heart.

Although these people were young and had simple thoughts, if they were to really bicker, it would not be simple!

They had talked for so long, but the other party had kept the news to themselves, not leaking a single bit of it.

After the things were taken away, everyone dispersed.

The dinner made everyone more familiar with each other, and the atmosphere became much more lively.

“Next is the opening dance.” Elder Lin held a glass of Spirit Wine in his hand and smiled kindly at Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu.

“You two should also go on stage later.

As for us old bones, forget it.”

“Yes, this is the stage for you young people.

We wont meddle in it.” The others also responded in a teasing manner.

Then, they each found a seat and took a few steps back.

“Do you want to go” Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand and looked at her blushing face.

His eyes were as gentle as water.

“Okay…” Before she could say the word, she was interrupted by a familiar male voice.

His tone was full of resentment.

“Well, you two didnt say that you would look for me when you came to Dark Ocean Galaxy.

Its really unkind of you!”

Following the voice, the two of them turned around and saw that the person who came was Xie Chunxi, whom Mo Chu had met at the medical exchange conference.

He was much more handsome than ten years ago.

He had completely shed the remnants of his childish look.

Today, he was wearing a black tuxedo and looked very handsome.

However, when he opened his mouth, his slightly arrogant nature was exposed.

Although they had not seen each other for so long, they did not feel unfamiliar with each other.

They looked at each other and smiled, as if they had returned to the familiar feeling from before.

“Oh, right.” Xie Chunxi cleared his throat and lifted his chin slightly.

He glanced at Mo Chu with a face full of grace.

“When the opening dance is coming up, come in and dance with me.”

When he said that, Mo Chu did not have any reaction! Ning Yiyuan glanced at him coldly.

“What did you say just now The wind was a little strong.

I didnt hear it clearly.”

What the f*ck

Stop joking! Where did the wind come from in this fine banquet hall

Xie Chunxi was clueless.

He pursed his lips and was about to repeat himself, but when he raised his head, he met Ning Yiyuans slightly cold eyes.

Then… he chickened out.

It was not that he had not seen Ning Yiyuans methods back then.

If this man was really ruthless, he was borderline inhuman!

“Then… Then Ill advance the second dance.” Xie Chunxi could only settle for the second best.

Ning Yiyuan glanced at him.


As soon as he finished speaking, the music for the opening dance started playing.

There were already quite a number of young couples walking in.

Their dance moves were graceful and moving.

Ning Yiyuan also pulled Mo Chu into the dance floor.

The two of them had just stepped onto the dance floor when they received a lot of attention, both in the open and in the dark.

Ning Yiyuan completely ignored them.

He placed one hand on Mo Chus slender waist, feeling the delicate touch under the gown.

His palm tightened, and his other large palm grabbed onto Mo Chus tender hand.

Along with the music, the two of them began to move slightly.

In the 21st century, Mo Chu was busy making money and surviving.

How could she have the time to learn these things

They had only taken the time to study when they arrived at the Federation Military Academy.

Although it was not a long time, her trained body was originally very flexible.

Now, when she jumped, she seemed to have a certain charm.

The two of them leaned against each other.

Their bodies were pressed against each other, and their breaths intertwined with each other.

From afar, they looked like a perfect couple…

At this moment, the music on the dance floor suddenly changed.

From the elegant and relaxed atmosphere just now, it suddenly became an explosive dance music.

The other dance partners also quickly changed their dance steps, and the scene instantly became lively.

Mo Chu, who was stunned for a few seconds, could not keep up with the tempo.

Her movements also stopped, and the two of them instantly became somewhat abrupt.

As a result, quite a number of gossips started to ring out.

After all, Mo Chus performance drew a lot of envy.

Despite her young age, she was able to sit at the first table, find a husband with an important status, and was even considerate to a certain extent.

There were plenty of people who felt that they were not inferior to her!

It was not easy for them to see her make a fool of herself at this moment.

Naturally, they could not help but gossip about her.

“Tsk tsk, I heard that this Mo Chu came from District 12 of the Federation.

Previously, I didnt believe it.

Now that I look at it, its indeed true.

She cant even keep up with some basic etiquette!”

For girls like them who came from aristocratic families, all sorts of ballroom dancing was a necessary skill.

After practicing it for a long time, the moment they heard music, they did not need to think at all.

Their bodies would subconsciously react.

For girls like Mo Chu, they naturally could not be compared to them, which was why they were exposed at this moment.

“District 12” Hearing this, someone asked curiously, “What is that place”

“Its like the border of our Dark Ocean Galaxy, the place where country bumpkins come from!”

“Wow! I cant tell at all!”

Although the voice was soft, it entered Mo Chus ears one by one.

Who asked her to have better hearing than the average person

“Humph! How dare you look down on me!” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows, and a hint of dissatisfaction appeared on her beautiful face.

She let go of Ning Yiyuans hand and took a step back slightly.

This small movement made even more people turn their eyes to her.

In the next second, everyones pupils suddenly enlarged, and they stared at the seductive figure on the field in disbelief…

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