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What the f*ck!

What did they see!

At this moment, everyones eyes were fixated on Mo Chus seductive figure, completely unable to take their eyes off her.

Actually, the interstellar ballroom dance moves were just those few types of moves.

To people of this class, it was already a boring trick to watch.

However, todays music was the same, but Mo Chus dance moves were completely different!

Today, Mo Chu was wearing a tight-fitting black dress, faintly revealing her graceful figure.

Previously, everyone did not think much of it, but now, with her seductive movements and the flashing lights… What the f*ck! They alsmot had a nosebleed!

She was oozing with charm!

Every twist of Mo Chus waist, stomp of her feet, and shake of her head, her movements were clean and crisp, and just happened to step on the rhythm of the music.

It gave people a feeling of being filled with passion, and it made everyones heart beat with excitement!

They had never known that just the rhythm of their bodies could achieve such an effect.

It completely changed the atmosphere of the stage!

In fact, Mo Chu could not come up with any new dance moves.

These were all common dance moves of the 21st century, and she had also copied them from the script.

But the key was that these people did not know!

They had never seen such a free and easy and sexy style before.

Now that they saw it, they were all dumbfounded! They were all dumbfounded!

However, Mo Chu was getting more and more excited as she danced.

She even recalled the pole dance that she had seen before.

Then, he treated Ning Yiyuan as a stationary pole and jumped up into the air.

Furthermore, her movements were extremely seductive!

Hmph! Didnt you say that she didnt know how to dance Didnt you say that she was a country bumpkin

Now, Ill show you who the real country bumpkin is!

Thinking of this, Mo Chus movements became bolder and bolder.

Those green and white fingers slowly caressed Ning Yiyuans chest, as if playing a musical instrument.

Each of her fingers undulated in the exact rhythm of the music.

Ning Yiyuan managed to maintain his calm breathing with great difficulty, but he was suddenly in a mess! His fiery eyes were filled with the desire to swallow Mo Chu whole!

Seeing this, the corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but curl up, becoming more and more intense.

His eyeliner-like eyes were slightly raised, and there seemed to be a ball of fire within them.

It was extremely intense, and it also seemed like a basin of water was sprinkled with a myriad of gentleness… it made Ning Yiyuans chest rise and fall!

The other people on the dance floor also stopped in their tracks.

In front of Mo Chus novel and unique dance, if they were to show off their skills in front of an expert, they would be asking for humiliation.

Thus, Mo Chu was the only one left on the dance floor who was dancing seductively… Oh, right, there was also Ning Yiyuan, whose entire body was as stiff as iron, acting as a dance partner.

Almost everyone held their breaths and stared at Mo Chu without blinking, afraid that they would miss any of her movements and expressions.

As they watched, they felt the blood in their bodies boil and become agitated!


Suddenly, a low commotion sounded!

Following everyones line of sight, they looked towards the center of the dance floor.

Mo Chus entire body was practically pressed against Ning Yiyuans body.

She even extended her fair and tender calves and rubbed them against Ning Yiyuans legs.

Everyone could imagine the shocking pleasure that Ning Yiyuan felt!

The delicate and curvaceous female body was gently rubbing against her body.

Even though they were separated by a layer of clothing, they could still feel the touching sensation.

They could even smell the faint body fragrance that was emitted from her body!

If it was possible, most of the men present could not wait to immediately replace Ning Yiyuan and enjoy this enchanting taste!

Unfortunately, at this moment, Ning Yiyuan, who was being envied and hated by everyone, could not feel any better.

“Little Chu… Enough… Enough! Dont, dont play anymore!”

His voice was almost forced out of his throat.

His handsome face was slightly flushed at this moment.

His hands were placed on both sides of his thighs.

His fists were tightly clenched.

Upon closer inspection, he was even slightly trembling!

However, how could Mo Chu listen to him at this moment

She only felt that her entire body was extremely hot.

Only through this method could she vent out the excess heat in her body!

Hence, her seductive body twisted violently like a snake.

Her tender tongue even extended out slightly, licking her lips a few times, and her eyes were like silk!

Her sex appeal index instantly went off the charts!

If Mo Chu previously gave people the impression that she was a pure and innocent little girl, then at this moment, she gave people the feeling that she had completely turned into a little vixen that could seduce peoples souls!

Each and every one of her actions revealed a bit of seduction in her innocence.

This kind of feeling was actually more soul-stirring than ordinary seduction!

Seeing this scene, the people present could not help but breathe heavily!

They had never known that a dance could produce such a soul-enticing effect…

After an unknown period of time, the music finally stopped.

Mo Chus movements also came to an abrupt halt.

However, her body was still swaying slightly.

The corners of her eyes that were looking at Ning Yiyuan revealed a boundless amorous feeling…

When the few men who were closer to him saw this scene, their eyes could not help but sink, let alone Ning Yiyuan who was directly seduced!

If he could still hold it in like this, he probably was not a man anymore!

Thus, he coldly scanned his surroundings.

Only then did Ning Yiyuan slightly bend over and carry Mo Chu to his shoulder.

With a stiff face, he strode out.

Only when the sound of the drive whistled did everyone react.


It turned out that after Mo Chu had danced such a hot dance, she had aroused their agitation and Ning Yiyuan had directly packed her up and taken her away

They had wanted to take this opportunity to ask for a second dance, but now it seemed that their efforts were in vain!

Exalted Chen Bai, who was in the corner, was the first to regain his senses.

He looked at the young men beside him, whose faces were all red, and his eyes rippled.

He could not help but chuckle.

“They are indeed young men, full of fire!”

As for Ning Yiyuans divine assistance, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin also reacted and went online in time.

“Well… we have almost finished with this banquet.

Thank you for your hospitality, Elder Lin.

Well take our leave first.”

Elder Lin was not someone who did not understand the key to this.

He smiled and nodded at the few of them.

“Alright, you guys can leave first.

As for the planting of normal plants, well contact you later.”

Even if Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu had any achievements, they were still young people after all.

They understood what it meant to be hot-blooded and restless…

On the other side.

A fiery scene was playing out in the drivers seat.

Ning Yiyuans eyes were burning as he stared at Mo Chu, who was wrapped around him.

His hands were trembling…

How could he turn on the Drive Machine now

He directly turned on the autopilot and tried his best to suppress the thoughts of eating Mo Chu on the spot…

However, Mo Chu did not restrain herself at all.

She bared her little white teeth, raised her eyebrows slightly, and smiled charmingly as she wrapped around and caressed Ning Yiyuans body.

Those white and tender little hands seemed to be electrified, creating wave after wave of heat currents.

It made Ning Yiyuan feel a wave of pleasure from his spine, and even his scalp felt a little numb!

“Little Chu… Dont, dont move anymore!” Ning Yiyuan stretched out his large palm and fiercely pressed down on Mo Chus two hands that had committed crimes.

His usually deep and steady eyes were now bloodshot, his handsome face also became somewhat malevolent.


A grown man trying his best to suppress that terrifying physiological desire, that feeling was simply enough to make one go crazy!

“No, no… Hot, Im hot!” Mo Chu just could not listen at this moment.

Her delicate little face was as beautiful as peach plums, her eyes were watery, and that strong charm was about to flow out!

Moreover, she took advantage of the moment when Ning Yiyuan was distracted to break free from his grip on her.

She directly pressed her face against Ning Yiyuans chest, and the tip of her rosy little tongue would come out from time to time to take a few laps, it happened to rub against his chest.

Not long after, a small part of his clothes was wet…

“Mmm… It feels good… so good…”

Leaning on Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu let out a faint moan.

Her voice was like a curved hook, scratching the most itchy part of Ning Yiyuans heart, and he almost went crazy!

“Little Chu!” Ning Yiyuan growled, and the veins on his neck popped out.

Damn it!

After cursing in a low voice, Ning Yiyuan reached out his hand and quickly adjusted the speed of the Drive Machine to its maximum.

From afar, only a long string of white shadows could be seen in the air…

Even so, Ning Yiyuan still felt that time was too damn slow!

Every minute and every second was sweet torture!

Finally, just before Ning Yiyuan was about to explode, they finally arrived at their accommodation.

Ning Yiyuan did not even bother to put away the drive.

He carried the pestering Mo Chu in his arms and strode towards their room.

Of course, it was because of this horizontal hug posture, that just happened to block Ning Yiyuans lower bodys awkwardness…

“Hello, do you need any help”

The staff of the guest house were still very conscientious.

When they saw the two of them in a hurry and anxious manner, their hearts could not help but thump.

They were afraid that something would happen to these two distinguished guests.

That responsibility, they could not bear it!

Thus, they quickly ran over and asked politely.

“Im fine!” Ning Yiyuan gritted his teeth and coldly said these two words.

Then, he sprinted forward at a speed of 100 meters.

The staffs sharp senses detected the strange tone in his voice.

Just as he was about to ask Ning Yiyuan a few more questions, he widened his eyes in surprise…

F*ck! This speed is too fast!

Ning Yiyuan was still carrying Mo Chu in his arms, but the speed of his feet was like a gust of wind.

In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed into the elevator.

The door closed, and not a single person could be seen, only the number of floors that kept jumping could be seen…


The staff member scratched his head in confusion.

Was he in a hurry or something Was there a need to be so anxious

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