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What the staff didnt know was that Ning Yiyuan was really anxious at this moment!

He even felt that all the patience he had left in his life had been spent at this moment!

Thats right!

Holding the delicate woman in his arms, he could clearly feel her every move as she climbed onto his body.

Their breaths intertwined, their lips grinding together, causing the burning and unbearable feeling in Ning Yiyuans blood to surge, it was less than a minutes journey, and he was about to go crazy!

Unlocking the fingerprint lock on the door, he kicked his long legs back, and the door closed with a bang!

Ning Yiyuan did not call it gentle at all as he threw Mo Chu onto the big bed, and flipped over and pressed her down.

His movements were precise as he grabbed onto Mo Chus red lips, and immediately kissed her!

Looking at her ruthless manner, he wished he could swallow Mo Chu whole!

Mo Chu was no longer as shy and reserved as before.

She directly went up to him.

Her tender red lips slightly opened and the tip of her tongue extended out.

How could Mo Chu know what she was doing at this moment She felt her entire body heating up.

It was even more uncomfortable than being naked on hot days!

She was dry, thirsty, and hot.

She just wanted cold and sweet water.!

Mo Chus act of pandering was like giving Ning Yiyuan an aphrodisiac.

His muscles bulged, and even his eyes were bloodshot from excitement!

Speaking of which, it was really difficult for Ning Yiyuan.

Such an old man was still a virgin.

At first, he did not have that desire.

Later, when he met Mo Chu, he had the urge to be a man.

However, this girl was not an adult yet, so she was the type who could only look but not take action.

Thus, the bitter Ning Yiyuan could only endure.

Endure for one year, two years… It was not easy for him to endure until Mo Chu came of age and become married to him.

However, there was still Mo Yang.

He did not have a suitable opportunity to bite down on her until now, when he could finally kiss her!

Sometimes, a mans instinct was sharper and more direct than anything else..

Ning Yiyuan kissed her gently all the way down.

Perhaps it was because he had held back too much earlier, or perhaps it was because Mo Chu had given him too much of a shock, he had completely forgotten about the so-called gentleman and gentleness.

His actions were wild and rough.

One after another, red marks appeared like delicate plum blossoms, blooming all over Mo Chus snow-white skin.

Coupled with her charming eyes, it gave people an indescribable sense of beauty.

Her black hair flew everywhere, her red lips parted slightly… Not even a man could stand such a scene!

Ning Yiyuans rough breathing suddenly became passionate.

He stared at Mo Chus eyes as if they were about to burst into flames.

His strength was great.

At this moment, he grabbed Mo Chus clothes.

With a tearing sound, the clothes on her body were torn into pieces!

Thus, her snow-white jade-like skin was exposed in front of him… Ning Yiyuans mind was muddled.

All of his rationality vanished at this moment and he lost himself…

The storm gradually subsided.

Ning Yiyuan reached out with both hands and carried the soft little girl into the bathroom next to him.

The bathtub had already been filled with hot water, and it was currently emitting steam.

After eating enough meat, Ning Yiyuan returned to his gentle appearance.

He carefully carried Mo Chu and stepped into the bathroom together.

Although it was the first time, she could not resist Ning Yiyuansextraordinary talent!

From the beginning until now, a full two hours had already passed.

Towards the end, Mo Chu could not endure it at all.

That dazzling pleasure surged up wave after wave, and she did not have the strength to resist at all, in the end, she fainted just like that…

It was not until this moment that she was slightly washed away by the warm water, and her taut and sore muscles also relaxed, that she gradually woke up.

When she raised her head, she met Ning Yiyuans satisfied eyes.

The smile on his lips was not hidden at all.

A pair of large palms gently caressed Mo Chus body.

Not long after, his breathing became heavy again…

Mo Chu was scared out of her wits!

She hurriedly took a few steps back.

The bathtub on the top of her back, which was slightly cold, let out a roar and reflexively took a few steps forward.


She had given herself to Ning Yiyuan again!

“Do you think this counts as giving yourself to me” It was obvious that Ning Yiyuan was in a very good mood at the moment.

He hugged the woman in his arms and felt her delicate and warm skin.

He could not help but tease her.

Mo Chu glared at him and wanted to move to the side.

In the end, when he made a big move, he immediately felt his aching muscles, especially his thighs…

Mo Chu subconsciously lowered his head and saw that his entire body was covered in red marks.

Some parts of his body were even slightly purple, making him look extremely terrifying.

He could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!

… What did Ning Yiyuan do to her

The marks all over her body were shocking to her eyes.

It turned out that this fellow almost treated her like a bone.

He chewed and swallowed her before spitting her out!

“Im sorry, I used too much strength…” Ning Yiyuan also noticed this.

Although he apologized, it was clear that he did not think so.

He could not help but reach out to touch her.

There was a hint of pride on his face.

These were all marks left by him!

This time, Little Chu was his woman from the inside out!

To put it bluntly, men were no different from animals.

They all liked to mark their territory in some way.

As soon as he saw that Mo Chus body was covered with his stamp, the pride in his heart swelled! He was even more excited than when he won his first battle back then!

Tsk tsk, look at this incongruous expression.

Mo Chu rolled her eyes slightly at him, but she obediently curled up in Ning Yiyuans embrace.

She had no choice.

If she were to make a slight movement now, the pain would be unbearable!

“Dont worry, Ive already applied ointment on you.” Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and planted a light kiss on Mo Chus eyes.

“It shouldnt hurt this much after a while.”

“Mm.” Mo Chu replied softly.

Fighting with Ning Yiyuan for so long had really exhausted her energy.

Now that she was half-closing her eyes, she wished she could sleep in the dark again!

Ning Yiyuan naturally saw her drowsiness.

He really loved her.

He carefully placed Mo Chu in the bathtub so that she could soak in the hot water for a while more.

He casually took a few showers before standing up and striding out.

The bed in the room was a mess and was mottled.

If it was anyone else who saw this scene, they might have blushed!

However, Ning Yiyuan was different.

He did not even use the housework robot to do it.

He tidied up the bed and put the quilt into the box together with the quilt.

Then, he carefully put it into the terminal, this thing was very memorable!

If Mo Chu saw this scene, he would be very angry.

This shameless guy! She still had the cheek to treasure this thing like it was a treasure

After changing the tools on the bed, Ning Yiyuan asked for a bottle of boiling water from outside.

She poured it into a cup and placed it by the bed.

After everything was done, Ning Yiyuan turned around and walked to the bathroom.

She carefully carried Mo Chu out of the bathtub.

He then stuffed this tender and soft body into the blanket.

Looking at her moist little face, he could not help but want to laugh.

Why was this little girl so rare

“Little Chu, wake up.

Drink some water first.”

Mo Chu was already half asleep, but he was still woken up by Ning Yiyuan.

He frowned slightly.

Although Ning Yiyuan felt sorry for her, he still half lifted her up, picked up the hot water beside her, and fed it to her mouth.

The hot water had just been dried for a while, and the temperature was just right.

As soon as it was fed to Mo Chus mouth, the little girl immediately sipped it.

After shouting for half a day, how could she not be thirsty

Although Mo Chu had only said a few words just now, Ning Yiyuan could still hear the hoarse voice clearly!

He was currently showing extreme love to Mo Chu!

He really wished that he could hold her in his hands, pocket her, and pamper her.

Naturally, he took care of her in all aspects.

After drinking this water, Mo Chus slow brain finally reacted.

Something was wrong!

Thinking about it, her previous condition was clearly not right.

It was as if she had been drugged Otherwise, with her low-key personality, would she be able to perform a passionate dance and seduce Ning Yiyuan

“Then… Whats wrong with the red fruit juice” After thinking about it, Mo Chu could only attribute the reason to this.

After all, other than that, the food they ate was exactly the same.

Even if there was a problem, she would not be the only one affected, right

Hearing this, the smile in Ning Yiyuans eyes deepened.

“You really dont know”

Nonsense! If I knew, why would I ask you

Before Mo Chu could finish rolling her eyes, Ning Yiyuan revealed the answer with a smile.

“Its said that this red fruit juice has a weak aphrodisiac effect.”


Mo Chu was dumbfounded when he heard that!

She had never expected that the usually conservative Dark Ocean Galaxy Galaxy would actually take out this thing to treat their guests It was quite bold and unrestrained!

In fact, the aphrodisiac effect of this red juice was negligible to ordinary people.

It would probably take three to five bottles to take effect.

However, the key point was that Mo Chus body was special.

In addition, the residue of the drug injected by remnant qilin had not been fully metabolized.

When the two collided, the effect was magnified many times, and then it became like this!

This made Ning Yiyuan extremely lucky!

“Why didnt you remind me back then” Mo Chu turned his head and stared hatefully at Ning Yiyuan.

“How is that possible I even mentioned it back then.” Ning Yiyuan was unhappy.

He definitely could not take the blame for this! “I said that your body wasnt suitable for drinking, but in the end You drank so happily that I couldnt stop you! Besides, everyone in the galaxy knows about the effects of this red fruit juice.

How would I know that you dont know”

As she said this, Ning Yiyuan seemed to have no choice but to sigh.

He opened his hands and looked at Mo Chu innocently.

Damn! Keep pretending!

Mo Chu clenched her teeth.

When this guy saw her drinking, he was probably very happy! Now he was still pretending to be good!

But who asked her not to know

Mo Chu pursed her lips.

She had dug a hole and buried herself in it! Sigh!

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