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F*ck! The gazes of the people around them could not be any more ambiguous!

Even though the place where they lived was an official guest house with a high degree of privacy, it was clear that the gossiping atmosphere here was not to be outdone…

Whether it was the staff who walked over or the aliens who lived here, when they saw the couple who had just come out, their eyes were filled with a strong sense of ridicule.

Aiyo, youre finally willing to get out of bed

Mo Chus face, which had finally calmed down after much difficulty, was once again red…

Could it be that the things that they had been staying in the room for the past few days had become public knowledge

Damn it, did the degree of shame have to be so high

In an instant, Mo Chu suddenly had a strong urge to immediately turn around.

Unfortunately, the people from the Dark Ocean Galaxy government who had been waiting at the side for an entire day did not give her the chance at all.

“Hello.” Seeing that the two of them had finally appeared, the mans eyes could not help but light up.

He immediately walked over with quick steps.

“Im Elder Lins assistant.

My surname is Chen.”

“Mm.” As he faced the other people, Ning Yiyuan immediately returned to his cold and aloof appearance.

He asked concisely, “Whats the matter”

“Its about normal plants.” Speaking up to this point, the mans eyes could not help but reveal a look of surprise.

They had never expected that the effects of normal plants would be so good!

“After a few days of practice, the expansion of the Illusion Trees influence has been curbed.

Even the scope of the illusion world has started to shrink.

For this, on behalf of the Dark Ocean Galaxy government, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you.”

As he spoke, the man extended his hand and handed over a few magnetic cards.

“This magnetic card is used throughout the entire Dark Ocean Galaxy.

Regardless of whether its buying a house or shopping, there will be a 30% discount or more.

It can be considered a small token of appreciation to you.”

… Yo

This can be considered a small token of appreciation

Its definitely a huge sum!

Mo Chu raised her eyebrows with interest and lowered her head to glance at the magnetic card in the mans hand.

She never thought that she would also possess the legendaryDiamond Card!

Actually, in the 21st century, there were similar types of cards.

However, there were only a few people in the entire world who could possess such cards.

Most of them were large powers or large corporations that possessed such power.

As for Mo Chu, this small figure, let alone seeing him, even hearing about him was just hearsay!

This man was very good at reading peoples expressions.

The moment he saw Mo Chus interested expression, he immediately handed over the magnetic card with both hands.

Ning Yiyuan originally did not intend to take it, but after seeing Little Chus attitude, he finally reached out and took it.

“Since theres nothing wrong with this normal plant, well be leaving in two days.

Please tell Elder Lin what were thinking.”

“This…” Hearing this, the man frowned awkwardly.

Although the effect of the normal plant was very good now, Dark Ocean Galaxy originally planned to keep them for another half a month to prevent future trouble, but they did not expect Ning Yiyuan and the others to ask to leave so soon…

“Besides Dark Ocean Galaxy, there are several other galaxies waiting for us!” Ning Yiyuan reminded him in a deep voice.

Hearing this, the man was silent for a moment.

“Then can you wait for a moment Ill go and contact Elder Lin first, okay”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

After the man walked a few steps away, he handed all the magnetic cards in his hand to Mo Chu and teased her, “Do you like this thing so much”

In Ning Yiyuans eyes, the Dark Ocean Galaxy governments actions were just buying the bigger fish with the smaller fish.

After all, in the entire galaxy, the only people who could produce normal plants were Exalted Chen Bai and Mo Chu, it was natural to please them.

If she could borrow some light from them later, it would probably be worth more than this..

However, since Little Chu liked it, Ning Yiyuan naturally would not say anything, lest he ruin the girls mood.

“Of course Im interested!” Mo Chu proudly snorte.

This was a hidden symbol of status! One had to know that this sister could now play with theDiamond Card, okay

Ning Yiyuan glanced at the magnetic card in Mo Chus hand.

“There are a total of three cards.

One should be for Lord Chen, and the other two should be for you and me.

I dont need them, you can keep them all.”

Ning Yiyuans action of voluntarily handing over his private money made Mo Chu very satisfied.

Feeling very happy, Mo Chu could not help but play with the magnetic card in her hand.

The magnetic card looked very ordinary on the surface.

It was pitch-black and nothing special.

However, when it shone in the light, it flickered with specks of light, dazzling and unique.

With a closer look, one could tell that it was not a high-grade product that could be easily copied.

“Most of these magnetic cards are made of exclusive materials.

Ordinary people simply cant get their hands on such materials.

Even if they can get their hands on them, its impossible for the magnetic cores inside to be copied.”

“The data of the magnetic cores are directly connected to Dark Ocean Galaxys database.

The layer-by-layer identification procedures are very complicated and high-end,”ning Yiyuan saw through Mo Chus thoughts at a glance and concluded with a smile.

“So, the probability of successfully copying them is almost zero.”

“Uh…” Just as he ended the video call, the man who walked over happened to hear Ning Yiyuans words, and his gaze was a little complicated.

What, Commander Ning was actually quite interested in copying the magnetic cards He was also saying one set after another

“Ahem… Umm.” Mo Chu naturally noticed the other partys slightly conflicted gaze and hurriedly changed the topic.

“What did Elder Lin Say”

“Oh, although Elder Lin expressed his regret for everyones departure, its understandable.” Once the topic was brought up, the mans expression immediately turned serious.

“How about this When the time comes, we might as well prepare a farewell banquet for the few of you…”

“Theres no need for that!” Once the topic of the banquet was brought up, Ning Yiyuan immediately rejected it.

When he thought about how the other men had seen Little Chus enchanting dance moves, he gagged uncontrollably.

Naturally, he would not repeat the same mistake.

“After we pack up our things in the next two days, well leave immediately.”

Ning Yiyuans attitude was firm, so the man naturally could not insist any further.

He could only nod.

“If you guys need anything in the future, you can contact me directly.

This is my terminal number.”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and directly glanced at his terminal number.

Although he was mpt going to the banquet, he could still bring a few bottles of red juice back.

After all, Little Chus wild and passionate appearance was quite interesting…

At this moment, Mo Chu still did not know what Ning Yiyuan was thinking.

She was planning the location of these three magnetic cards!

She and Ning Yiyuan only needed to share one magnetic card.

The remaining one seemed a little redundant.

She could not throw it into the terminal to store it.

That would be too wasteful.

Mo Chu was deep in thought when he suddenly saw Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen walking towards them not too far away.

Her eyes lit up!

These two had been following Ning Yiyuan for quite some time.

Why not just give them this as a welfare

After placing the three magnetic cards, Mo Chus expression relaxed.

She waved at the two of them.

“Hurry up, theres something good to share with you!”

The moment he heard the wordGood, Zuo Lin immediately became excited.

Even his footsteps sped up.

On the other hand, Zhong Wen, who was behind him, maintained his usual pace.

“Oh You two… are finally willing to come out of seclusion” Zuo Lin still had the same playful personality.

He glanced back and forth between the two of them with a teasing gaze.

The smile on his lips was extremely wretched!

The corners of Mo Chus mouth twitched slightly.

As expected, one could not overestimate a fellow who had been single for so many years.

Other than a few things that had some color to them, there was probably nothing else in his mind!

“Tsk tsk, look at little sister-in-laws face.

Its a little pale.

Boss is the same, he doesnt even care about anything!” Zuo Lins chatterbox could not be shut once it was opened.

He even pulled Zhong Wen, who was beside him, into the conversation.

“From the looks of it, she definitely needs more nourishment! Zhong Wen, take a look, dont you need to get some medicine for Little Chus body”

“What youre saying is… Ive made Little Chu weak” Ning Yiyuan dismissed the man beside him and turned his head to slowly throw out a sentence.

Ning Yiyuans tone was still very calm when he said this, but did Zuo Lin dare to sayYes

How could he not know his own Bosss personality Dont look at him as if he did not care, but once he touched his bottom line, damn it, he could make you cry!

Thus, Zuo Lin could only laugh foolishly and quickly changed his tone.

“This, its probably because Little Chus body foundation isnt very good.

How could it have anything to do with Boss”

What the f*ck

He was just taking advantage of the situation.

He should not have come too quickly, alright!

Mo Chu glared at them and gently shook the magnetic card in her hand.

“I originally planned to give you guys one.

Since my body isnt that strong, forget it.

Ill just keep it for myself!”


This is…

Seeing that Mo Chu was holding Dark Ocean Galaxys magnetic card, Zuo Lins eyes immediately lit up!

Sister-in-law is so generous! It had not been long since she took office, and she already gave them such good benefits He was so touched!

“Sister-in-law, it was foggy just now.

I must have seen wrongly.” Zuo Lin waved his hand with a serious expression.

“Your face is rosy.

How can your foundation be bad”

Mo Chu could not help but feel speechless.

He really could not tell that Zuo Lins thick skin was comparable to Ning Yiyuans! Sure enough, this should be the true experiment of birds of a feather flock together, right

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