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To be honest, Mo Chu was completely dumbfounded!

She had never expected that Ning Yiyuan would be able to switch from the warm male mode to thebeast mode in the blink of an eye!

His speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end!

Moreover, his movements were also very skillful…

With a slight tug of his rough hand, the neat pajamas on Mo Chus body were instantly torn into two halves!

Mo Chus pupils dilated.

Before she could scream, Ning Yiyuan had already covered her mouth…

What was left was a room full of meandering sounds, accompanied by a womans seductive moans and a mans faint, rough breathing…

“No… Ning… I dont want it anymore…” Not knowing how much time had passed, Mo Chu only felt pain all over her body.

She did not even have the strength to push Ning Yiyuan away.

She could only watch helplessly as this guy flipped her over and over again…

What the f*ck

Did he think she was a pancake

Mo Chu really wanted to curse out loud, but in the end, she opened her mouth.

F*ck! There wasnt a single sound!

She raised her head and saw that Ning Yiyuan was stillexercising.

Large drops of sweat dripped down from his bare and firm chest.

His muscles undulated faintly, and his handsome face was slightly raised, his brows were slightly narrowed… He was unbelievably sexy!

However, no matter how sexy he was, Mo Chu could not take it anymore.

She felt that she was about to die on this bed! Ugh… She really could not take it anymore.

Mo Chu began to sob softly…

The soft sound of crying entered Ning Yiyuans ears.

He slowed down slightly and lowered his head.

Looking at the tearful little girl in his arms, he could not help but wipe the tears off her face.

“Be good, dont cry anymore.”

… Dont cry Do you take me for a fool

Seeing that this move was effective, Mo Chu cried even harder.

Tears fell one after another, hoping that Ning Yiyuan would let her off.

Of course, it would be even better if she could make cry until this guy lost interest!

After all, Mo Chu was still young and had not experienced many things.

How would she know that the more she cried miserably, the more she would arouse the interest of men!

Seeing Mo Chus appearance, Ning Yiyuans innate male chauvinism was completely satisfied.

His eyes suddenly widened, and his actions that had paused for a moment suddenly became intense!

That stance made him want to nail his entire body into Little Chus body!

“Im sorry, Little Chu.” Ning Yiyuan bent down and gently kissed her earlobe.

In a low voice, he said, “Bear with it a little longer…”

However, in stark contrast to Ning Yiyuans gentle voice, it was his crusade-like action!

Mo Chu was dumbfounded once again..

F*ck! What was going on

Why was it completely different from what she had expected

Soon, Mo Chu did not have the energy to explain the reason, because her brain was a mess.

Forget about thinking, she even relied on her instinct to breathe…

Another hour passed.

Seeing that Mo Chu was about to faint, Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath and reluctantly let her go.

He ended the intense morning exercise unilaterally!

Turning over, Ning Yiyuan pulled Mo Chu into his embrace.

His big hand followed her back and groaned over and over again…

After the two of them gradually calmed down, Ning Yiyuan stood up, casually wrapped himself in clothes, and walked out of the bed.

“Be good.

Take a rest first.

Ill go get you some water.”

She stuffed Little Chu under the blanket.

Looking at her blushing face, Ning Yiyuan could not help but reach out to gently stroke her face.

Her heart was extremely soft.

Mo Chu heard this in a daze and did not have the strength to respond.

He nodded slightly, then rubbed against the blanket and fell asleep again.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

She lowered her head slightly and planted a devout kiss on her forehead.

It had to be said that as a man, seeing his woman beingbullied by him until her entire body went limp, the sense of accomplishment was really off the charts!

Ning Yiyuans actions were very fast.

Mo Chu felt that in the time it took to open and close her eyes, Ning Yiyuan had already brought a cup of warm water over.

“Come, open your mouth.” Ning Yiyuan helped Mo Chu up and carefully placed the cup close to her lips.

He tilted the cup slightly and poured water into her mouth.

From time to time, he even used a tissue to wipe away the traces of water from the corner of her mouth.

This considerate and gentle look was completely different from the domineering man in bed just now

No wonder people said that once this man got into bed, he was like a different person!

Even someone like Ning Yiyuan could not avoid being vulgar! Mo Chu sighed.

After resting for a while, she finally recovered.

“Ning Yiyuan… you… were you drugged by someone earlier” Mo Chu could not help but ask out of curiosity.

Even after drinking a large glass of water, her voice was still a little hoarse.

From this, it could be seen how intense the two of them had been!

When the two of them had their first time together, Ning Yiyuan had not been that terrifying!

“What drugging Nonsense!” Ning Yiyuan gently pressed between Mo Chus brows and reached out to pull her into his embrace.

In a gentle voice, he said, “Alright, dont think too much.

Who would dare to carelessly lay their hands on me”

Thats true!

Mo Chu thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

With Ning Yiyuans vigilance, not to mention falling into someone elses trap, she might even be able to use her roots to push the blame onto someone else!

“Then… Then you were so… so… Crazy just now” Mo Chu frowned slightly.

She moved her ankle slightly under the blanket and felt a wave of soreness rising up! It felt so good!

This time, it was Ning Yiyuans turn to be speechless.

After a long while, he finally gave an answer.

“Hasnt… hasnt it been a long time”


Ever since he found out about Mo Yangs injury, he had been on a vegetarian diet for a long time.

When he saw Mo Chus dazed look, how could he still restrain himself

The ferocious beast in his heart quickly broke through the layers of barriers and started to howl ferociously! In addition, men were usually more excited in the morning.

When the two were combined, they became what they looked like now…


Ning Yiyuans explanation really stunned Mo Chu for a few seconds.

Before he could react, he heard the doorbell downstairs suddenly ring.

“Oh, right!” Mo Chu suddenly remembered.

“Yesterday, I sent a video message to my three disciples, asking them to come and learn! They should be here by now!”

Thinking of this, Mo Chu glared at Ning Yiyuan!

If it were her usual schedule, she would have already packed up by now.

However, because of Ning Yiyuans estrus early in the morning, she could not even get out of bed at this time, let alone guide them.

“Alright, Ill go down and tell them.” Being glared at by Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan felt a little guilty.

He took this opportunity to escape, “Ahem, um… tell them to come back tomorrow at this time.”

Downstairs, the door opened.

The three disciples were about to call for help, but when they looked up, they saw Ning Yiyuans cold face.

They turned their eyes and felt as if their throats were stuck, unable to speak…

Damn it!

Ning Yiyuans current appearance was completely different from his usual appearance.

He was simply wrapped in clothes and pants.

It was obvious that he had put them on in a hurry, because half of his firm chest was faintly exposed…

But even so, Ning Yiyuan was still so handsome that they could not help but hold their breaths.

This messy feeling not only did not make him look sloppy, but it also made him more casual and at ease!


As expected, it was the good-looking people! Just by wearing a piece of linen on his body, he already looked dashing!

How could they, a group of ordinary people, endure it

What was more shocking was that there were a few obvious light red scratches on Ning Yiyuans half-naked chest!

The few of them tried their best not to look up…

“Little Chu is still feeling a little unwell, so todays class will be canceled.” Ning Yiyuan did not care about their dull gazes at all and said straightforwardly, “You guys can come back at this time tomorrow!”

Mo Chu was still… feeling unwell

Hearing this, the few of them instantly widened their eyes!


There was so much information in these words, could they just take it easy

Seeing that these people were still in a daze, Ning Yiyuan twisted his brows.

“Do you understand Reply!”

“Yes! We understand!” The few of them subconsciously nodded, just short of saluting!

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan nodded in satisfaction.

Then, in the next second, the door closed with a bang!

The few people outside the door still could not recover from their shock, and looked at each other.

Oh my God!

Suddenly felt that they got to know some things that she should not know about… What the hell!

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