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The few disciples left in a daze.

Ning Yiyuan took a few steps upstairs and continued to enjoy the beauty of the soft jade in his arms.

He stared at Little Chus blushing face.

Damn, this feeling could not be any better!

In the end, Ning Yiyuan had to rely on his strong self-control to get up and leave.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that there seemed to be an ancient saying he had read before:The night of spring is bitter and the sun is short.

From now on, the king will not go to court early.

To be honest, when Ning Yiyuan first came into contact with this saying, he was rather disdainful.

In his opinion, the most important thing for a man was to have strong self-control!

And for a guy who chose to indulge in women, his future would probably not going to be good in the long-term!

But it was only until today that Ning Yiyuan suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

If he really had a delicate girl like Mo Chu by his side, how could he bear to leave so suddenly

If it was not for the heavy burden on his shoulders, he might really choose to be a ruffian for a day.

It would be best if he could stay on this big bed with Little Chu for an entire day!

If it was not for the fact that Mo Chu was still sleeping soundly at this moment, once she knew what he was thinking, she would roll her eyes.

She would say, “Ning Yiyuan, you big-tailed wolf, get lost!”!

An hour later.

Mo Chu finally regained her energy and woke up.

The blanket was still warm, as though it had a taste that belonged solely to Ning Yiyuan.

When she turned her head, he saw that the person had already left.

On the pillow beside him, there was a note.

Mo Chu picked it up and took a look.

On it, Ning Yiyuans domineering and arrogant handwriting instantly rushed toward her:Ill go to the headquarters first.

Breakfast is downstairs.

Remember to eat.

It was a simple sentence.

However, it faintly revealed a gentleness and thoughtfulness that did not match Ning Yiyuans overall style… Mo Chus heart instantly warmed up.

Her legs were still somewhat sore, but compared to before, they were much better.

Mo Chu turned over and got out of bed.

In less than ten minutes, she had already taken care of herself.


It was rare for Roundy to wake up early.

At this moment, it was having a lot of fun playing with the domestic robot next to it.

To be more accurate, it was playing with this domestic robotUnilaterally!

If you dont believe me, Look

“Aooo –”

No one knew what was going on with Roundy, but it had its eyes fixed on the ears of this domestic robot the moment it arrived.

Just like that, his two claws accurately landed on the sharp cat-shaped ears of the robot, pulling it out with all its might.

He was so excited that he was howling, and his pair of red eyes were even shimmering!

Mo Chu, who was watching from the side, felt herself tremble a little.

F*ck, these were artificial ears made of solid metal! In the end, after being ravaged by Roundy for less than half a day, the sharp ears had been pulled out of shape!

“Master, save me.

Save me.” As if sensing the infrared light and heat effect of Mo Chu, the housekeeping robot, which had been bullied, immediately began to cry for help.

Even the usually calm and monotonous mechanical voice had a hint of sadness.

“Enough, Roundy, hurry over and have breakfast.” Mo Chu helplessly stroked her forehead and waved at the little guy.

Hearing the wordbreakfast, Roundys bully-like actions instantly stopped as if she had pressed the pause button.

It turned its head and stared at Mo Chu with a look of anticipation: Theres breakfast, what is it

Mo Chu was speechless… Dear! You eat more food every day than the entire family put together, yet you still act like you havent eaten your fill.

What are you planning to do

“Mantis Shrimp.

Go and bring the breakfast over,” Mo Chu said to the housekeeping robot beside her.

“Yes,” the robot replied and immediately took action.

Very quickly, it heated up the breakfast that Ning Yiyuan had prepared before and brought it over steadily.

This latest domestic robot was sent over by Qin Yue yesterday.

He said that it was to compensate her for not being able to visit Mo Yang in the hospital.

Mo Chu named itMantis Shrimp.

Obviously, with this name, Roundys interest and love for it had increased to a whole new level.

Hmm… I only hit it because I love it… it could be understood in this way.

However, it had to be said that with the appearance of theMantis Shrimp, almost all the household chores were taken care of by it.

There was almost no room for Mo Chu to interfere, as expected of the new robot that was currently ranked number one on the intelligence and action rankings.

Previously, Mo Chu had been planning to open a few Spirit Food restaurants.

After all, with her strength alone, no matter how capable she was, she would not be able to expand the influence of Spirit Food to the extreme.

However, it was different with Spirit Food restaurants.

Once a restaurant was opened, there would always be a second or third restaurant… Just like a chain restaurant in the 21st century, wanting to dominate the entire galaxy was not a dream at all, right

Although the skills of his disciples could not be considered to be perfect, as long as they trained for a period of time, it would not be a problem for them to finish their apprenticeship.

After all, no matter how good their skills were, they still needed to go through day and night of actual combat practice in order to have a chance of success.

Now that the problem of the head chef had been solved, the next aspect was the shop and the renovation.

In this aspect, Will was the top talent.

Mo Chu did not give him any thought at all and directly sent him a video message.

“Little Chu.” As will was in charge of the external sales of most of Mo Chus Spirit Food, the two of them would contact each other a few times from time to time.

There was no need to be unfamiliar with each other.

However, this was the first time he had received a call from Mo Chu!

Will smiled as he put down the documents in his hands and asked directly, “Why, is there something you need me for”


Mo Chu laughed twice.

For some reason, looking at the large amount of documents on Wills table, she suddenly felt a little guilty… Damn! From the looks of it, she was completely a hands-off manager!

Moreover, it was the typical type of exploiters who did not care about anything and only cared about getting money!

Hmm… Mo Chu pursed her lips.

She kept feeling that giving Will 20 percent of the shares was a little too little… why not give him a raise

“Little Chu, its time to come back to life!” Will chuckled, his eyes carrying a hint of teasing.

Only then did Mo Chu get down to business.

“Didnt I tell you before that I want to open a few Spirit Food restaurants”

“The kind that specializes in selling Spirit Food” Once this topic was brought up, Will immediately became excited.

He did not know if it was because he had worked for Mo Chu for a long time, but the business elite style that belonged to the Mike Family in his bones had also successfully emerged.

Especially when it came to this kind of lucrative business, he liked it even more!

“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded and added, “Its not just Spirit Food.

Other Spirit Wines or suitable pastries can be sold together.”

Mo Chus words instantly made Wills eyes light up a lot! It felt like a new door had been opened!

“Im already gradually training the staff of the head chef.” Mo Chu was secretly planning the next plan in her heart.

“Help me find some suitable locations, shops, and staff over there!”

“Oh right,” Mo Chu added, “Its best if its someone who has been trained under us.”

Ever since the last time shewent undercover in the supermarket, Mo Chu had raised the level of humane service to a first-class position.

Now, holding regular employee training sessions had become a symbol of their companys uniqueness!

Originally, their various products had a broad mass base in the market.

Now that the quality of their employees had improved, their sales had also skyrocketed.

Will quickly realized the value of this, he made a prompt decision to set up anew employee training center.

Now, it was also in full swing, attracting a large number of companies to follow suit.

“No problem.” Will nodded, taking this matter of Mo Chu seriously.

“Dont worry, I will definitely give the order.

The results will be out in a few days.”

“Okay!” Mo Chu smiled and agreed.

She was also quite convinced of Wills ability.

“Wait a minute.” Will gestured to Mo Chu and smiled embarrassedly.

“I have a video call.”

“Its fine, you can take it first.” Mo Chu nodded in understanding.

Although she was the first to start the Spirit Food business, Mo Chu was not a person who specialized in business management.

To be able to build a business as big as today, Wills hard work could not be ignored.

As busy as he was, it was completely understandable!

After a long while, Wills other video call ended, and his face was slightly gloomy.

Seeing his expression, Mo Chu could not help but ask, “Whats wrong Why do you have such an ugly expression”

“… I just received the news.” After a few seconds of silence, Will finally spoke, his tone carrying a hint of suppressed anger.

“They say that someone has imitated our Spirit Food pastries! Theyre selling them at a low price!”

… F*ck!

This was outright plagiarism!

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