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Then, the business of Mo Chu Spirit Food Shop once again ushered in a small peak!

The people of the Federation expressed through the comments one after another.

“Mmm! Thats right, we gloat at Wisdom Cloud Galaxys misfortune while we eat!”

“What braised pork, braised pork with soy sauce, crayfish… Give me anything! If its not enough, well buy it again!”

“Therefore, while Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was busy, the people of the Federation enjoyed an exceptionally delicious night…”

Adding insult to injury, these four words were never empty talk.

At this moment, the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy government truly experienced the bitter taste of it.

While the problem with the medical center had yet to be completely solved, on the other side, something went wrong with the Illusion Tree again! It was simply a typical example of a house falling into a storm!

“What do you mean that the medicine might not work”

“Explain it to us clearly!”

After being mentally and physically exhausted for more than a week, the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were all pale-faced.

Their eyes were black and blue, but their aura was still there.

Their deep, angry words made peoples hearts tremble!

“This…” The researchers in charge of this matter could not help but cry.

They did not expect such a thing to happen!

“Perhaps the Illusion Tree has developed resistance to the medicine… from the monitoring data over the past two days, the suppressive effect of the medicine has gradually weakened.

At this rate, in another ten or so days, the medicine… Im afraid it wont have too obvious an effect anymore.”


Hearing this, the higher-ups fell silent.

Their expressions were even more unsightly, as if they had forcefully swallowed a pile of sh*t!

After a long while, one of them finally spoke, his tone somewhat gnashing his teeth, “So, youre telling me that weve spent decades of resources for your research, and youve created this thing”

It had only been a short while, and the few vials of medicine that had been thrown in had lost their effectiveness… That was a lot of money! Now, all their efforts had been for naught!

Hearing the anger in the mans tone, the leading researcher hurriedly explained as if to remedy the situation, “Im sorry, its mainly because we made a mistake earlier.

We didnt expect that the Illusion Trees resistance to medicine would be so strong.

This time, well improve the composition of the medicine again and strive for…”

“Shut up!” The man roared, his eyes showing a hint of fierceness.

“You mean to say that we will spend decades of resources to develop a potion that is likely to fail again”

“No…” How could the researcher dare to agree to that The cold sweat on his head kept dripping down, and his face was as pale as a ghost!

“Thats enough!” The man did not want to listen to their explanations anymore.

He waved his hand at them.

“Go down.

Explain the rest to the person who took over!”

The person who took over… Hearing this, the leading researchers face could not help but turn pale.

So, was he fired

“Minister, listen to my explanation!”

“We already have experience before.

As long as you give us some more time, we will definitely be able to…”

After these researchers were forcefully dragged out by the security personnel, the meeting room returned to silence.

A few of the higher-ups looked at each other with embarrassed expressions on their faces!

They had never expected that in such a short period of time, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy would actually fall into such a dilemma.

“Then… Do we really have to purchase normal plants from the Federation”

To be honest, everyone could not help but feel indignant at the thought of them bowing down to the Federation, not to mention that they had to hand over several hundred years worth of resources!

Damn it! Just thinking about it made their hearts ache!

“What else” Another high-ranking official could not help but sigh, “Who asked them to be so lucky to produce a genius like Mo Chu!”

Not only did she produce something like Spirit Food, she even managed to cultivate normal plants together with Exalted Chen Bai!

Just based on these two moves, the Federation had already firmly suppressed them.

Otherwise, would they have to hesitate like today

“But…” There were still some people who were somewhat unwilling!

One had to know that the high-ranking officials of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had always prided themselves as theNumber one galaxy.

Now that they had to shed all pretenses and learn to lick the Federations boots, how could they be willing to do so

“Forget it, lets at least get through this first! As for other things, well talk about it in the future!” Dont wait for the Illusion Tree to really occupy their entire galaxy.

At that time, it would be too late to regret it!

“No!” Suddenly, one of them narrowed his eyes and said in a chilly voice, “How about… We just bring that lass Mo Chu back quietly”

She knew how to cultivate normal plants, right Moreover, she definitely knew how to solve the problem of the Spirit Food! As long as they brought this girl back, it would be killing two birds with one stone.

All problems would be solved!

Hearing this, the eyes of the others lit up.

They were all tempted by this proposal!

To be honest, the huge benefits brought by Mo Chus Spirit Food were really too tempting.

They had already tasted the sweetness of it.

They really could not bear to let go of it so easily!

“But… Once this matter is discovered by the Federation…” Some people still retained some of their rationality.

They could not help but frown slightly as they raised their objections, “Then the peace that we maintained on the surface will probably be torn apart in an instant! No, we still have to consider this idea again!”

Not to mention the reaction from the Federation, just that brat Ning Yiyuan alone was enough to choke them!

Although he was young, that brat was truly vicious! Once he bit down, he would let go unless a piece of their flesh was ripped off!

“Whats there to consider As long as we dont get discovered, wouldnt it be fine” The man who first proposed this suggestion waved his hand slightly, his eyes astonishingly bright.

“Could it be that you guys are really willing to submit to the Federation”

The moment these words were said, everyones expressions changed!

The disdain and arrogance that had always been engraved in their bones, how could it be so easy to change

To make them bow down to the Federation, hehe! This was simply too wishful thinking!

“Alright!” Finally, everyone unified their voices and looked at each other.

In just a breaths time, they had already set the tone for this matter.

“However, we have to plan thoroughly and absolutely not get discovered!”

“Of course!”

Speaking of which, even though this matter was rather risky, as long as it was done, all of their current problems would be easily solved! Even if the Federation were to discover something after this matter, as long as they stubbornly refused to admit it, would they still be able to force their way in, right

After carefully weighing this matter, everyone still felt that it was worth it! Lets do it!

At this moment, Mo Chu, who was far away in the Federation, did not have any premonitions.

She was currently busy dealing with the matter of opening a Spirit Food restaurant…

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