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Will had already chosen a location and a shop.

A few of her disciples had also been informed and were currently training in high spirits!

After all, this was the first restaurant that Mo Chu was going to open.

Although she did not say that she had to personally handle everything, she had to at least go and take a look at the specific situation.

Wills choice of location was very ingenious.

It was located at a corner of District 3 city center.

Under the condition that there was sufficient human traffic, it was also mixed with a bit of tranquility and tranquility.

This place was originally a machinery shop.

Later, because the business could not continue, it was sublet.

“How is it The location is not bad, right”

Will was wearing a pair of sunglasses that covered his deep and blue eyes.

At this moment, he also had some free time.

He put down his work and walked along the street with Mo Chu.

Looking at the crowd around him, he could not help but feel happy!

Mo Chu was not stingy with his praise.

“Well, not bad.

You have a good eye!”

She carefully looked at the shop.

In terms of size, it was about 90 square meters.

It was two stories high and two stories low.

There was also a revolving escalator, which was the kind with a shavings roll.

“I took a fancy to it in the beginning.” Will walked in and gently knocked on the escalators handrail.

His tone was somewhat emotional, “Look at this, how retro-chic! Ive heard that the previous designers had done quite a bit of research on this.

Indeed, the effects are different!”

Thats right!

Mo Chu silently stroked her twitching forehead.

This escalator, which was extremely common in the 21st century, had become a retro fashion here!

One had to know that due to the Federations advanced technology, things like escalators, which were inefficient, had long been eliminated.

What replaced them was a stable and fast Rising Device.

A Rising Device could cover the distance of a few hundred meters in less than a second.

Moreover, its stability was extremely high.

Even the most sensitive person would not feel the slightest bit of weightlessness or dizziness.

However, just like the trend, everyones level of appreciation would always be reincarnated.

This was why the Federation now especially worshipped ancient things.

Even this Rising Device had to be copied from all the information.

Although from their point of view, the speed of this escalator was no different from a tortoises speed.

Its design was extremely unique and beautiful, possessing an indescribable rhythm and beauty…

“Oh right.” Wills appreciative gaze shifted back from the escalator, before reaching out to take out a design from the terminal and handing it over to Mo Chu.

“This is the first draft of the restaurant that Ive asked someone to make.

Take a look, is there anything that needs to be changed”

Thanks to her luck of working in restaurants in the 21st century, Mo Chu had some understanding of the restaurants structure design.

Now, she was looking at the design with great interest.

“This part can be used as a kitchen, and then a transparent glass door can be used as a partition.

This way, not only can we ensure that everyone can see the Spirit Foods safe production process, but we can also prevent the oil smoke from seeping into the dining area.” It was killing two birds with one stone!

Mo Chu described the restaurant in her mind, and the more she talked, the more excited she became.

In the end, she directly took a pen and started to draw on the first draft.

“But, if this is the case,” Will frowned slightly and asked hesitantly, “Isnt the production process of the Spirit Food… all leaked out”

He thought that Little Chu would focus on protecting the kitchen, but he never expected that she would actually choose to show it to everyone in public… This decision was too bold!

“Its fine.” Mo Chu chuckled nonchalantly.

“If someone can learn it, we wont have to worry about running out of manpower when we open a branch in the future!”

Right now, she only had three disciples that she could use.

It was still far from enough to achieve her ambitious goal of opening a Spirit Food restaurant all over the galaxy!

However, it was just the right opportunity to recruit more people who were interested in Spirit Food and had talent.

Hearing these words, Will also guessed what Mo Chu was thinking, and his eyes could not help but light up!

Thats right!

Their vision could not be limited to the Federation, but the entire starry skies and the entire galaxy!

Thinking about how in the future, wherever they went, there would be their Spirit Food restaurant, and they would be able to eat a mouthful of warm and delicious food.

Will could not help but become excited!

“What else Do you need to change the other places”

“Yes… and here.” Mo Chu pointed at the hall.

“We can set up a few private rooms at the back.

This way, not only can we accommodate more guests, but the privacy will also be better.”

“Yes, yes!” As he listened, will could not help but exclaim in admiration.

He did not expect Little Chu to have such an original understanding of design.

It was really awesome!

With this topic in mind, the two sat in the empty shop and discussed intensely… At the end of their discussion, they conveniently took off the veil and sunglasses that covered their faces.

In the bustling city, only this corner was very quiet.

The passers-by could not help but cast a few surprised glances at them..

Then… Huh

Thats not right!

When they saw a familiar and exquisite side profile, the passersby stopped in their tracks, and their eyes that had just glanced over instantly focused!


This person… looked like Little Chu!

Look, this small nose and small eyes were exactly like Little Chus.

When they took a closer look, the calm passersby instantly became extremely excited! Her eyes were shining!

Oh my God!

What do you mean by look alike This was clearly Little Chu in person!

One had to know that other than the Food Show, Mo Chu rarely appeared in the entertainment industry anymore.

Even so, the extensive public foundation that she had laid down earlier was not just for show.

She guaranteed that if she casually shouted out on the road, she would be able to get a large number of people to agree with her!

This time, the woman who was originally an elite in the workplace instantly turned into an obsessed fan.

Her face was directly pressed against the glass outside, and she was admiring her idol up close!

She probably knew that Little Chu was talking about serious business, so she did not rush in rashly.

On the contrary, she just stood outside and watched silently… Her heart was already extremely satisfied!

To be honest, this gecko-like action was quite eye-catching in this busy city.

As a result, the people who did not notice this shop could not help but cast curious gazes over.

But when they looked, aiyo… It was amazing!

It was their goddess, right

In the past, they could only see her on a video, but now, she suddenly appeared in person!

The primal power in everyones bodies could not be suppressed any longer.

They took two steps forward and imitated the posture ofsister gecko as they lay on the glass, admiring Little Chus beauty with a face full of infatuation..

Sigh, look!

Our foodie is still without makeup! Shes still as beautiful as ever!

Moreover, her skin was so delicate that not even a single pore could be seen!

No, I must ask her about her skin-care tips later!

One after another, not long after, this large piece of glass was filled with people, and it became a wonder of this area!

The other people who heard the news were a step too late, and there was no extra space for them, so they could only stand on tiptoe and look inside, stomping their feet in frustration!

Tell me, why are they so slow at this moment They really dont know how to pick the right time!

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Therefore, when Mo Chu and will were almost done discussing, they turned around and looked outside.


The two of them were shocked by the densely packed crowd in front of them!

When… When did so many people come

Actually, the main reason was that the soundproof effect of the glass was good.

In addition, the seats that the two of them were sitting in were closer to each other, and they were discussing enthusiastically.

They almost did not have time to pay attention to the outside.

Then, at first glance, that was why they were shocked by so many people!

“Um… Little Chu.” Will swallowed his saliva slightly, feeling as if the entire shop was surrounded.

“Tell me, if I send security personnel over now, will it still be in time”

Seeing the sea of fans outside, Mo Chu could not help but grab the scarf and sunglasses on the table beside her in frustration.

How could she have forgotten about these things

With the current density of the crowd, it had long exceeded the safety limit! If anything were to happen, it would be very easy for a stampede to occur… Mo Chu had seen this kind of thing many times in the 21st century!

However, there were not many people in the Federation right now, and it was very rare for large-scale gatherings to occur.

As such, such a thing had never happened before, and naturally did not arouse Wills vigilance.

“Alright, stop joking around.

Hurry up and get someone over here!” Mo Chus expression was somewhat solemn.

When she mentioned the stampede incident to Will, he immediately realized the seriousness of the matter and did not dare to tease her any further.

He immediately contacted the relevant personnel.

The fans outside also noticed that Mo Chu had ended her conversation and were looking up at them.

In an instant, they started screaming in excitement!

“Little Chu! Look here!”

“Lucky Star, we will always support you!”

“Awoo! Goddess!”


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