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Looking at the fans who were all abnormally excited, and there were even people who were pushing each other, Mo Chus eyes could not help but become solemn…

She could not wait for the arrival of the security personnel.

If this continued, something might really happen!

Taking a deep breath, Mo Chu suddenly stood up and strode out…

“What are you doing” Will, who was beside her, was anxious because of the situation in front of him! Sensing Mo Chus movements, he was given a big fright and hurriedly reached out to stop her.

“How dare you walk out in such a dangerous situation”

To put it bluntly, as long as Mo Chu went out now, she would become the target of everyone at any time.

If there was really a stampede, she would definitely be the first to be injured!

“Wait a little longer.” Will looked at the terminal and advised her in a low voice, “There are about 20 minutes left before the security personnel arrive.”

20 minutes…

Mo Chu pursed her lips…


It was too late!

“Take a look for yourself.” Mo Chus gaze swept outside and his voice was slightly deep.

“Do you think that they can still wait for 20 minutes”

Will looked outside and his expression instantly turned solemn!

Thats right!

Just as Mo Chu had said, the fans outside were no longer as quiet as before.

Almost everyones faces were filled with anxiety and surprise as they shouted Mo Chus name at the top of their lungs!

What was even more frightening was that the crowd behind them might not be able to see what was happening in front of them, and they were already starting to bump into each other!

When he thought about how Mo Chu described the trampling, Wills expression instantly darkened.

The hand that was originally blocking Mo Chus Way also slowly withdrew…

“Alright, lets go.

The two of us will go out together.” Standing in front of Mo Chu, Will strode out.

The door opened.

When they saw Mo Chu walking out, the screams of the fans instantly became passionate.

The eyes that were staring at her were also faintly glowing!

“Little Chu, Im your diehard fan.

Ill always support you!”

“Right, and me!”

“Lucky Star, look over here, look over here!”

Following Mo Chus appearance, the originally slightly crowded crowd suddenly became restless, and all kinds of shouts rose into the air!

The stream of people behind them was like a tide, squeezing forward one after another.

“Hello, everyone!” Upon seeing this, Mo Chu immediately took a step forward, the corners of her mouth curling into a smile as she nodded towards the crowd.

She used a little bit of her special ability to allow her voice to smoothly suppress the other noises.

“Now, everyone, please stand where you are.

Dont move, and dont push forward!”

Those who had the experience of chasing after celebrities knew that when fans saw their idol in person, it was extremely difficult for them to suppress the ecstasy and excitement in their hearts!

It was normal for them to desperately want to get close to and touch their idol.

In addition, their companions were cheering and crowding around them, so it was very easy for them to forget their emotions and follow the crowd… This was also how stampedes usually happened..

And the passion of the Federation fans was even greater than that of the 21st century!

At this moment, there were many people who were so excited that their faces were flushed red.

There were even some who were crying profusely…

If it was any other celebrity, they might really not be able to control this scene!

However, Mo Chus credibility was higher!

At this moment, the fans immediately followed the order as if they were soldiers who had received an order from their superior.

All of them stood obediently on the spot.

The situation where they swarmed forward earlier also did not appear anymore…

Seeing this, Mo Chu let out a soft sigh.

However, she also knew that this was only a temporary situation.

As time passed, everyone would still become restless…

“Little Chu, are you here to discuss something”

Half a minute later, the white-collar worker who first noticed Mo Chu was standing at the front could not help but ask curiously, “You… are you planning to open a restaurant”

She did not expect this fan to be so sharp and immediately guessed correctly.

Mo Chu chuckled and nodded.

“Thats right, Im planning to open a Spirit Food restaurant here.”

Mo Chu did not intend to hide the news.

After all, they were all saying the same thing at the same time!


Spirit Food restaurant

The unfamiliar words immediately aroused everyones curiosity.

Everyone could not help but start whispering to each other.

“I know about Spirit Food.

What is this restaurant”

“Mm… Theres always a feeling of grandeur!”

“Me too.

Im looking forward to it for some reason!”

Perhaps this unfamiliar term had diverted everyones attention.

Their previously excited emotions could not help but subside a little.

How much longer Mo Chu silently gave will a look.

“15 minutes!” Will said in a low voice.

This was the first time he felt that time had passed so slowly!

‘No, I still have to think of a way to reduce the crowd density! Mo Chu frowned slightly, not daring to relax at all!

Oh right!

Looking at the two storeys behind her, Mo Chu suddenly had a flash of inspiration!

She secretly calculated in his heart for a few seconds.

After she felt that it was feasible, she opened said, “How about this Everyone can go in and experience it for a bit.

However, because we havent prepared anything yet, it might be a little crude.”

… Experience it

How to experience it

When Mo Chu said that, everyones interest immediately became intense.

“Lets not rush.

Theres a lot of space inside.

Lets go in one by one first.” Just like that, Mo Chu and will acted as temporary shop assistants.

They stood on the left and right side of the door and let everyone in.

The two-story shop, which was 80 to 90 square meters, could fit nearly a hundred people.

It was not spacious, but it was not crowded to a certain extent… At least, it was much better than the dangerous situation where everyone was gathered together just now!

Mo Chu stood on the high platform at the side, so that everyone could see clearly from a high vantage point.

She first took out all the tools in the terminal.

All the tables, pans, and cookers were ready-made.

All she had to do was to put them in front of her.

When everyone saw Little Chus posture, they were also slightly interested and curious.

When the preparations were almost done, Mo Chu raised her head with a smile and asked, “What do you guys want to eat today You can order whatever you want from the Spirit Food shop earlier!”

Hmm… So good

Everyones eyes lit up!

There was no need to rush to buy or wait for delivery.

Could they obtain it fresh

After a few seconds of silence, someone finally asked, “Then I want… a seafood wonton.

Is that okay”

“No problem.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

She took out the wonton skin that he had prepared earlier from the terminal and placed it aside for backup.

She then took out the fresh prawns and washed them clean.

He removed the prawns shells, peeled off the prawns veins, andhopped them a few times before chopping the prawns into mincemeat.

Then, he chopped a piece of lean pork and aquatic plants into mincemeat.

She placed the chopped prawns, pork, and aquatic plants into a large bowl.

Sje added a suitable amount of salt, sesame oil, white smoke, and pepper before mixing them evenly.

The filling was ready.

Mo Chu took the wonton wrapper from the side and placed a piece on her left palm.

Then, she used her right hand to pick up some of the finished filling and placed it in the middle.

Putting down her chopsticks, she dipped her right index finger into some water and folded the wrapper in half.

She held two opposite corners with both hands and moved his nimble fingers slightly.

In the blink of an eye, a cute little wonton was successfully made!


“Little Chu is so fast!”

“Just smelling the flavor of this filling makes me feel so fragrant!”

It was the first time the fans below had seen Mo Chus dexterity in making wontons.

Their eyes were burning and they could not help but exclaim in surprise!

At this moment, how could they still remember the crowd

It was not enough to just look at the delicious food with their eyes! How could they still have the time

In just a few minutes, Mo Chu had already wrapped 50 to 60 wontons.

The hot water in the pot had already boiled and was boiling.

Mo Chu first threw in a few segments of cut Water Weed, then put in these plump and cute wontons to cook.

During this time, Mo Chu also poured in cold water twice, so that the wontons would appear especially bright.

Taking advantage of the few minutes of cooking, Mo Chu took out a few empty bowls and placed the seasoning and chopped seaweed powder one by one.

After the wontons floated up from the surface of the water and simmered for a few more seconds, he scooped up the water and poured it into the bowl with the seasoning.

Finally, she dripped a few drops of sesame oil and sprinkled some coriander, and it was done!

There was already the faint sound of swallowing!


It smelled so good!

Especially when they saw Little Chus series of smooth movements, it stimulated their appetite even more, okay!

The cute little wonton, quickly come to my arms!

Mo Chu glanced at the terminal and heaved a sigh of relief.

Very good, it had already been more than 20 minutes.

The security personnel should have already been in place, right

Mo Chu looked at will with a slightly doubtful gaze.

Will nodded slightly at her, signaling for Little Chu to be at ease.

Then, he turned around and continued to dispatch the manpower…

Seeing this, Mo Chu finally felt completely at ease!

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