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A few minutes later, it was already time.

Mo Chu had yet to appear.

The fans who had been waiting impatiently for a long time gradually became anxious.

The long line of fans also clearly caused some commotion.

“Whats going on Isnt it already time Wheres Little Chu”

“Damn! Dont tell me that Little Chu coming to cut the ribbon is just fake news.

Ill definitely vomit blood!”

“Heh! Maybe its true.

She put up such a pretense just to gain popularity!”

“How is that possible”

Some rational fans were present and immediately voiced out their support.

“This is Little Chus first spirit food restaurant.

As long as nothing unexpected happens, she will definitely come!”

“Nothing unexpected Oh no… Little Chu shouldnt be in trouble, right” Some sharp fans already vaguely guessed the truth of the matter, but in the end, they were refuted by the other fans!

“Bah, you jinx! Cant you think better of Little Chu”

“Thats right, Lucky Stars luck is so good! What could happen to her”

The fans who were attacked by the group because they were careless with their words instantly had tears streaming down their faces.

I only said one sentence, do you have to be like this

“Alright, stop arguing! Someones coming out !”

Once these words were said, the uproar was instantly suppressed.

Everyone turned their heads in unison, and their gazes all turned towards the main entrance of the Spirit Food Restaurant!

“Cough cough!”

Being stared at by everyones fiery gazes, Qin Yues heart was really beating a little.

He could not help but cough lightly twice, and his ears were also slightly red.

After holding it in for a long time, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Umm… Hello everyone, Im Qin Yue!”

Can you imagine such a scene

Qin Yue, a stocky seven-foot-tall man, was unable to utter a complete sentence under everyones fiery gazes!

His appearance was bashful and embarrassed, and his face was also forced to reveal a touch of crimson! If it was a delicate and handsome young man, his appearance and aura would still be able to withstand it.

However, Qin Yues appearance was burly, and it was barely enough to make him look like a man!

The contrast was huge!

He looked like that huge husky.

On the surface, he looked mighty, but in reality, he was a goof and an idiot! As long as there were a few more people, he would immediately look like a coward!

Initially, everyone was quite anxious.

However, when they saw Qin Yue like this, they miraculously calmed down quite a bit.

When they participated in the reality show, Qin Yues popularity was not low.

Although he did not enter the entertainment circle after that, there were many fans who recognized him now!

“Aiya! Isnt this Qin Erque”

One of the fans exclaimed and woke up everyones memories.

Everyones eyes could not help but light up!

“Thats right, thats right, I still remember him!”

“This young man is so funny, hes totally the joke of the show!”

“Look at him, we havent seen each other for a few years, and he looks even more… its hard to explain!”

When Qin Yue heard this, he almost vomited blood!

Qin Erque!


After so many years, how could so many people still remember this title This was simply the shame of his life!

Second deficiency — lack of emotional intelligence, lack of intelligence!

How could he, Qin Yue, be like this in everyones eyes

Also, what did he mean by he looked complicated! That fan who said this, dont hide! Lets come out and have a good chat!

“Hmph!” Will, who was behind him, could not stand it anymore.

He quickly covered his mouth and snorted a few times to remind Qin Yue to grasp the main point!

Damn it!

This guys style was not right the moment he came out.

was this the time to joke around Hurry up and get down to business!

After receiving Wills reminder, Qin Yue finally reacted.

He quickly stuffed those messy thoughts into the depths of his mind and returned to a serious expression!

“Everyone knows that today is the grand opening of the Spirit Food Restaurant.

Of course, Little Chu has to come…”

Upon hearing this, the fans below immediately felt relieved.

They whispered to each other, “See, I told you, Little Chu will definitely attend!”

“But…” Damn! Qin Yues twist was taking too long!

Upon hearing these two words, everyone knew that something was wrong!

“But… but what”

Upon hearing this, Qin Yue could not help but let out a sigh.

His eyes could not help but reveal some anxiety, worry, and resentment!

To be honest, Qin Yue could actually express such complicated feelings through a single look.

It was such a pity that he did not enter the entertainment industry!

Everyone was still lamenting! They were stunned on the spot by Qin Yues next words…

“But just ten minutes before we left, Little Chu… was kidnapped and is now missing!”


What did you just say

After hearing this, the fans collectively lost their voices for a minute.

They stared at Qin Yue in disbelief!

… Little Chu had been kidnapped

In the territory of their Federation On the land of their District 3


The other party was really bold!

“So Im very sorry.” Qin Yue was silent for a moment before continuing, “Little Chu might not be able to attend todays ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Ive made everyone wait for so long for nothing.

Its really…”

Before Qin Yue could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the fans below.


Hmm Who

Qin Yue did not react for a moment.

“Speak! Whoever dares to kidnap Little Chu, Ill kill him!” Obviously, this fan of Mo Chu was a little violent, and his few words were filled with a hint of blood.

To be honest, Qin Yue really wanted to tell them their speculations, but there was no actual evidence yet, okay Once Wisdom Cloud Galaxys name was revealed, it would really become a foreign issue for the two galaxies!

Furthermore, under such an emotional situation, he did not dare to!

In the end, he could only weakly add, “Umm… for the time being, we dont have enough evidence.

We can only know that they want to bring Little Chu out of the Federation, so we hope that everyone can inform each other.

Once they discover that something is amiss, please inform us immediately! Sorry to trouble everyone!”

Wow… does that mean that Little Chus safety depends on them

Once they understood what she meant, the fans were all stirred up.

They looked as if they were duty-bound.

Some of them even rolled up their sleeves and prepared to go all out!

Heh! They even dared to kidnap their national idol.

They were just waiting to suffer the consequences!

One should never underestimate the power of the people.

These words were always the truth.

Qin Yue had only just announced the news.

Within a few minutes, all sorts of posts had exploded on the Starnet!

The contents of the posts were all about this matter.

With such an overwhelming stance, it quickly spread throughout the entire Federation.

Not to mention the people from District 3, even the people from District 12 were aware of this matter!

There was an uproar on the Internet!

Mo Chus diehard fans were immediately organized.

The first thing they did was to divide the tasks into categories.

Those who were proficient in Internet technology would automatically take care of the electronic surveillance.

Those with a wide social circle would be in charge of communications, while those with strong mobility would take the initiative to attack, they formed a large search team and went to search the ground one by one!

Looking at their attitude, they are not any worse than professionals!

Of course, not everyone could be so positive.

The Internet could not help but have some noise:

“Damn! Our government only takes money and does nothing It seems that the safety of our citizens is not guaranteed at all!”

After all, if a person with a status like Mo Chu could be kidnapped under such circumstances, then the safety of ordinary people like them would be even more at risk, right

When this topic was brought up, it instantly resonated with most people! The topic was directed at the governments inaction!

“Thats right! We pay so much tax every year.

Are we giving it to you for nothing”

“If we cant even guarantee our most basic personal safety, what else can we talk about”

Some people linked this matter to Mo Chus fans.

They spoke with an awe-inspiring sense of justice, “Take a look for yourselves.

This Mo Chu is in trouble.

Not only did the government not find anyone, they even asked us citizens to help.

Heh! This is really interesting! So our safety isnt important”

Oh my God! When he said that, he had stirred up a hornets nest!

The combat strength of Mo Chus fans was well-known! Could they allow others to tarnish little Chus reputation at this moment

They definitely could not!

Right now, the people belonging to the liaison group directly fired at the other party, “What are you guys barking about Were volunteering to help the government and participate in the rescue operation.

Its fine if you guys are cowards, but you still have the cheek to criticize others! Hmph! You guys are really shameless!”

As such, an intense scolding war started once again…

No one had expected that just the disappearance of Mo Chu would turn the entire Federation upside down!

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