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At the same time, at an abandoned construction site in District 3.

A few men were currently forming a circle and guarding the terminal.

When they saw the news on the terminal, they couldnt help but gloat over their misfortune!

“Aiyo! I didnt expect that by kidnapping Mo Chu, we would actually be able to cause such a huge disturbance to the Federation” This was simply killing two birds with one stone!

“Thats right.” Another man could not help but laugh.

“Back then, Mo Chu had caused our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy to be covered in dust and dirt.

Now, its their turn to bring this upon themselves, right”

As they spoke, the few of them could not help but look at each other and smile, their expressions revealing a sense of complacency…

Behind them, a woman was lying quietly on the ground.

Her light blue dress was already covered in dust, and there were a few faint scars on her fair and small face… What was even more eye-catching was that a pair of rough hands were moving around her face! As the man used the objects in his hands, the appearance of her face began to gradually change…

Her originally fair and jade-like skin had become coarse and lusterless, her eyebrows had been thickened, and her eyes had shrunk… Looking at it alone, each of her facial features did not change much, but when put together, the womans current appearance was obviously different from before!

“Fifth Brother, how is it” The man with a scar on his face turned his head to look over and asked in a low voice.

“Almost…” The man nodded, and the speed of his hands gradually increased.

It was not until he had cleaned up the last few details that he stood up and answered, “Im done!”

Seeing this movement, a few men beside him hurried over.

They lowered their heads and carefully looked at the woman on the ground, and their eyes could not help but light up, “Not bad, Fifth Brother, your craftsmanship is even better than before! If we go out like this, no one will be able to associate her with the nameMo Chu!”

Thats right!

Mo Chus appearance was originally inclined toward delicate and pretty, and the most eye-catching thing was the pure and pure temperament on her body.

In the end, after being dressed up like this by them, well, she directly became a passer-by!

“Oh right, that sleeping drug… youve already given it to her, right” The scarred man cautiously raised his head and asked.

“Brother, dont worry.” The man who was calledFifth Brother confidently waved his hand.

“If we hadnt given her the drug, would this girl be so obedient and let us play with her”

“Thats true.” The scarred man nodded and carefully observed Mo Chu.

He sighed.

“To be honest, if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed that such a frail little girl could actually make our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy suffer!”

“Who says so!” Another man chimed in, “I heard that this little girl has just come of age not too long ago!”

Speaking of which, each and every one of them could be considered one of the top figures in the circle.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were young and talented, but when compared to this little girl in front of him, they were really lacking by quite a bit!

“Alright, lets not talk about this nonsense anymore!”

A bespectacled man in the middle frowned.

As soon as he spoke, he immediately changed the topic to the right path.

“Previously, our idea was to quietly bring Mo Chu out, but I didnt expect that Ning Yiyuan would actually make such a big deal out of this!”

“Now, the spies and security outside have definitely increased greatly.

If we want to successfully bring this woman out, Im afraid it wont be that easy…”

“It wont work if we bring her out like this.

Even if we disguise her, she might be discovered by others.” The scarred man narrowed his eyes, and a glint flashed through his eyes.

“However, dont we still have a good partner in the Federation”

“You mean… them” The bespectacled man turned his head.

Their eyes met, and they quickly understood each others meaning.

“However, will this… work”

“Ha! Dont forget…” the scarred man chuckled and clenched his fists.

“We still have leverage on them.

How can they not be obedient”

“Yes… Thats true!” The bespectacled man quickly reacted, and the two of them nodded in tacit understanding.

“Okay, Ill go out and contact them.”

The bespectacled man nodded and turned to walk out.

The other people also gathered together and began to discuss the following matters.

No one noticed that the woman lying quietly on the ground was slightly moving her fingers.

On the other side.

The exits of District 3 were closely guarded, and the tense atmosphere gradually spread out.

Ning Yiyuan stood at the front line, his sharp eyes constantly scanning the surroundings, not letting go of the slightest abnormality.

Suddenly, the terminal on his wrist vibrated slightly.

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head to take a look.

When he saw clearly, he could not help but frown.

After hesitating for a moment, he stood up and walked to the corner, reaching out to open the video call.

Immediately after, a series of reproachful voices came from inside:

“Ning Yiyuan! Tell me yourself, what have you done!”

“Im telling you, when this matter is over, you will definitely be punished!”

In the clear video, many high-ranking officials were glaring at him with disappointment!

Thats right!

This matter, which could have been settled quietly, was now being stirred up by Ning Yiyuan, causing everyone to know about it and causing a huge uproar!

Dont think that just because Qin Yue was dragged out as a scapegoat, they would not know who the mastermind behind this was!

Obviously, the heated words on the internet had already made the high officials of the Federation extremely angry.

Now, their words carried a hint of impoliteness.

“Ning Yiyuan, do you know that just because of this matter, the credibility of our government has already fallen by quite a few points! All sorts of unfavorable words have appeared on the internet!”

“Tell me, how can you be so impatient”

“Thats right.

We all know how anxious you are to find your wife, but you cant use our governments reputation as a price!” The Song Family finally caught Ning Yiyuans mistake, and they wanted to take this opportunity to bite him hard!

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Before Ning Yiyuan could say anything, Elder Ning, who was sitting opposite Song Tiancheng, was the first to lose his patience.

His face, which had been sullen for a long time, finally exploded.

He stood up abruptly and retorted, “Didnt Ning Yiyuan make this matter public Which part of what he said is not the truth Do you have to be so uptight”

Elder Ning had always been protective of his own shortcomings, so his words were not for nothing.

As soon as he found out that Mo Chu might have been kidnapped by Wisdom Cloud Galaxys men, he had been holding a grudge in his heart!

Although Ning Yiyuans actions were a little loud, there was nothing wrong with his words.

It was all for the sake of finding his granddaughter-in-law in time, right

Could it be that for the sake of the governments reputation, he had to put a persons safety at risk for nothing Not to mention Mo Chu, even if it was any other person, they would not say such a thing!

At the thought of this, the old man could not help but erupt!

If it was not for the old man stopping him by the side, he might have directly abandoned his responsibilities and left!

“You cant say that.” When it came to their own personal interests, even the few officials who had always stood on the neutral side retorted one after another, “This matter involves the image of our Federation government.

If it wasnt for Ning Yiyuan messing around like this, would he have been scolded to such an extent”

Go and take a look on the Starnet now!

The majority of the netizens words were doubt and distrust of the government!

The emergency public relations that they had not used for hundreds of years had been activated at this moment, alright And they still said that it was not a big deal

“Im sorry, are you… done talking”

The quarrel on the screen lasted for almost ten minutes.

Ning Yiyuans expression did not change, but his eyes deepened.

When they were done, he calmly threw out this sentence, “… If youre done talking, then Ill hang up first!”

He was still busy looking for his wife! How could he have the time to listen to them bicker


The crowd, who were already burning with anger, became even angrier when they heard Ning Yiyuans words!

“What kind of attitude is this! Youve done something wrong, and you still have to act so righteously”

Song Tiancheng slammed the table hard, so hard that the cup on top of it trembled! That wrinkled old face had a serious expression on it, but there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Aiyo, it was rare for him to catch Ning Yiyuans mistake, so he definitely couldnt let him escape easily!

The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled, and his expression immediately became gentle.

Initially, everyone thought that he was going to admit his mistake, but this person raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Hehe, this is just how I am…”

As he said that, he immediately stretched out his hand and tapped on the terminal, cutting off the video call!

Heh! Leaving behind a group of high-ranking officials in the meeting room, their faces were red from holding in their anger!

Damn it!

This Ning Yiyuan was too arrogant.

Who gave him the courage

Such a person must definitely be punished.

He must be severely punished!

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