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Unfortunately, Ning Yiyuan did not care about their anger at all.

He thought very clearly that if they allowed Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people to take Little Chu away, it would be even more difficult for them to find her again!

So… He could not let them leave!

Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuans expression became resolute.

He walked quickly to the place they had designated with his long and sturdy legs.

Every entrance and exit here was guarded by their men.

Anyone who wanted to leave would have to go through a few strict checks before they were allowed to leave.

Under such strict checks, even if the other party had wings, they would not be able to escape easily!

Half an hour later.

Just as it was time for the shift change, a large group of people suddenly walked over in a grandiose manner, attracting the attention of many people.

“Hello, we are the military families of the Song Familys Military District.

We are preparing to go to District 12 right now.” The leading man calmly took out a pass and handed it to the staff in front.

“Sorry to trouble you, we are in a hurry!”


The staff nodded and reached out to take the pass.

After confirming its authenticity, they were about to let them pass when the soldier beside them reached out to stop them.

“Sorry, we still have to confirm your personal identities.”

Hearing this, the leading man frowned.

“But we have a pass here…”

“No!” The soldier said in a deep voice.

“You must accept the inspection, or else you cant pass!”

Normally, as long as they had this pass, they could skip all the inspection procedures and open agreen passage without any obstacles.

However, since Commander Ning had given the order, they must obey unconditionally, there were no exceptions!

“… Alright, if you want to inspect, then go ahead.” Seeing the determined look on the soldiers faces, the leading man could only take a step back unwillingly.

“However, you have to hurry up.

Dont delay our work!”

The few soldiers with serious expressions completely ignored him.

Each of them held a professional inspection machine in their hands and checked their personal identities and information.

A few minutes later, after the inspection was done and there was no problem, the few of them looked at each other and nodded, allowing them to pass.

“See, I told you that this was unnecessary!” The leading man snorted casually, waved his hand to the back, and led a large group of people straight inside.


Along with the sound of footsteps, Ning Yiyuans handsome figure appeared in front of everyone.

“Youre from the Song Familys Military District”

Hearing Ning Yiyuans voice, the leading mans body suddenly froze!

However, he quickly returned to normal.

He turned around and teased, “Hey, isnt this our Commander Ning Whats the matter”

“Its just a routine inspection.” As he said this, Ning Yiyuan turned his head and looked at the few soldiers who were responsible for the inspection.

He asked softly, “Youve already looked at it Is there no problem”

“Reporting, Commander!” The few soldiers saluted in unison.

“Weve already checked, and theres no problem.”

“Tsk, what problem could there be” The leading man chuckled.

“Were all good citizens here!”

Ning Yiyuan did not respond to his words.

His gaze swept over every one of them carefully, like a sharp dagger that wanted to pierce through their skin and see the deepest part of their hearts!

“What… is inside this” Ning Yiyuan squatted down slightly and knocked on the big boxes that they were traveling with.

“I brought a few pets along the way,” The man spread his hands and explained helplessly, “These things cant be put into the terminal, so I can only bring a few boxes to hold them!”

Carefully sizing up the size of these boxes, Ning Yiyuan could not help but mutter, “Open them.”

“Umm… weve already checked them just now, why are we still checking them” Hearing this, the leading man could not help but frown, “If we delay any longer, well really be late!”

“Open them!” Ning Yiyuan did not say much.

Just these two words gave them a huge pressure.

“Okay, okay, okay.” The man gave in.

He frowned slightly and pretended to be impatient, “Open them for our Commander Ning quickly, or else who knows how many things will happen!”

The boxes were opened smoothly.

Sure enough, there were a few kinds of pets that were unique to District 3.

Each of them was staring at them with wide eyes and a little fear.

“Are you done, Commander Ning Can we go now” The man pursed his lips slightly and asked as if he did not care.

However, his hands in his pockets were clenched into fists.

Ning Yiyuan squatted down again.

He put his fingers on the boxes and hit them one by one, listening carefully to the sounds inside.

When he knocked on the second last one, his expression suddenly froze!

Then, he immediately took out the pet inside and threw it aside!

Seeing this, the man could not help but shiver.

He quickly went up to stop him, “Commander Ning, what are you doing Ive finally collected all the pets, you give me…”

The few soldiers next to him reacted quickly.

Before Ning Yiyuan could say anything, they pulled this man to the side.

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head, his fingers searching inside.

Not long after, he heard a thud.

The partition on the box was pushed open, revealing another space below!

This space was enough to hold an adult!

Holding his breath, Ning Yiyuan looked inside… It was empty!

It was actually empty inside!

Ning Yiyuans pupils dilated! He could not believe his own eyes!

The leader of the men was stunned for a second when he saw this.

He only reacted when the two soldiers let go of him, “Then… Commander Ning, you see that the inspection is almost done.

Can we go now”

Ning Yiyuan didnt say anything, but his eyes were still fixed on the lower compartment…

“Alright, alright.” The man waved his hand at the others and said loudly, “Hurry up and put away your things.

Were ready to leave.”

Just as a person walked over and wanted to put away the layer, a light suddenly flashed and shone on Ning Yiyuans eyes!

That was…

Ning Yiyuans eyes suddenly widened!

His finger touched the corner of the layer, and a small piece of cloth appeared in his hand!

“…Wheres Little Chu” Ning Yiyuans voice was like thunder as he pressed down on the man!

“Commander Ning, what are you talking about” The man was stunned.

“Just this small piece of cloth and youre looking for Mo Chu Are you trying to frame me”

“This is the cloth from Little Chus dress.

I picked it out for her myself last night!”

Hearing this, the smile on the mans face became even more forced.

“This kind of material can be found anywhere, right Maybe it was accidentally picked up somewhere else!”

“Ha!” Ning Yiyuan sneered.

“Song Qingsong personally made this for Little Chu.

From weaving to tailoring, this is the only one in the entire galaxy!”

Hearing this, the smile on the mans face completely disappeared.

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