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Time seemed to freeze at this moment!

Ning Yiyuan looked at Little Chu in a daze, her words still echoing in his ears.

Little Chu said…

She… might be… pregnant…

Ning Yiyuan could clearly understand the meaning of these words, but when they were put together, he felt that his brain was not big enough!

After holding it in for a long time, Ning Yiyuans voice trembled like a tape recorder.

“You… you said… pregnant…”

“Pregnant.” After completing Ning Yiyuans unfinished words, Mo Chu calmed down.

She reached out to pat her abdomen and nodded again.

“Yes, I may be pregnant, so hurry up and let Zhong Wen pass… Ugh!”

After saying this, Mo Chu frowned again and suddenly lowered her head to retch!

As soon as this sound was heard, Ning Yiyuans soul was immediately summoned back.

Seeing Little Chus uncomfortable and disgusting look, he completely forgot about the pregnancy and became extremely anxious.

“Why are you still vomiting! Dont be afraid, Ill get Zhong Wen to come over immediately.

You should rest first…”

As they spoke, they carefully escorted Little Chu to the resting room in the inner room…

The rest of the people outside were standing there in a daze!

Gulp —

Someone gulped first and woke everyone up!

Then, the scene quickly exploded!

“Damn! Im still so young, and Im already hearing things I Cant live like this anymore! Otherwise, why would I hear Little Chu say that shes pregnant”

“I heard it too, alright Dont talk to me for now, let me be alone!”

“This wont do.

The amount of information today is simply too much.

Wave after wave, my brain is about to explode!”

“Huh! Pregnant!”

Right at this moment, Song Tiancheng suddenly snorted coldly!

That wrinkled old face of his was slightly distorted.

He tried his best to suppress the shock he felt when he first heard this news.

With a sneer, he mocked, “This Mo Chu doesnt even have a rough idea when shes lying! A woman whose gene level isnt even G rank yet still dares to boast that shes pregnant Hehe, shes really bold!”

Song Tianchengs voice was not loud, but his identity and stance were obvious.

The moment these words were said, many of the people who were hot-blooded gradually calmed down.

A bitter expression appeared on their faces…

Thats right!

No one in their Federation had been able to get pregnant normally for hundreds of years!

If it were a few hundred years later, perhaps even words likepregnancy would become legends!

It was unknown when it started, but the fertility of women gradually became weak.

In the end, no one could even get pregnant anymore…

The current generations were all relying onbaby-rearing technology.

The so-calledbaby-rearing technology was to use high-tech equipment to extract the most energetic sperm and eggs from both parents bodies with the best genetic sequencing.

Then, they would combine them to form a complete fertilized egg.

Then, they would be nurtured in the baby-rearing room.

There was no such process aspregnancy!

This was because the body of a female was no longer suitable to bear a child! Hence, they could only rely on this technique to achieve their goal of producing offspring.

Although this method had solved the problem of expanding the population, it also brought about a huge drawback.

First of all, even if the sperm and eggs of both parents were the best, there was no guarantee that they would be able to form a fertilized egg.

Even if a fertilized egg was formed, the subsequent in vitro cultivation would be even more difficult!

It was because of this that females with higher genetic ranks were especially popular, as their egg survival rate would be higher!

But even so, according to the latest statistics from the Federation, there were less than one in a million children who could grow up normally through the means of child rearing!

This number was simply shocking!

Those children who carried the endless expectations and love of their parents might not even have opened their eyes before they left this world forever…

What made the government even more worried was that even among this group of children who could grow up smoothly, a large portion of them would suffer from various diseases and die young…

Song Singsongs genetic collapse was the best example!

Moreover, this problem did not only exist in the Federation but also spread throughout the entire galaxy.

Every galaxy treated thenormal breeding technology as a first-class research project, and its degree of confidentiality could be said to be national intelligence!

The amount of money and talent invested in it every year was uncountable!

Even so, this technology was still unable to achieve a major breakthrough in research…

Unexpectedly, at this moment, it was actually brought up by Mo Chu!

As for the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy member who was caught by the side, he was completely dumbfounded on the spot, her eyes lifeless…

Oh my God!

If Mo Chu was really pregnant, she would definitely be considered a National Treasure! Perhaps their Wisdom Cloud Galaxy could discover the key to successfully conceiving from her… but such a person actually slipped away from their hands!

Damn it!

Just what kind of person did they let go! Just thinking about it made him want to stab himself a few times…

On the other side, in the waiting room.

After isolating the strong smell of blood, Mo Chus retching symptoms finally improved quite a bit.

Ning Yiyuan instantly became a standard warm man again.

Without saying a word, she helped Mo Chu with the chores.

First, she fed her some warm water, then she personally washed off the modifications on her face.

Then, she temporarily built a small bed so that she could sleep for a while.

Throughout the entire journey, he did not let Mo Chu do anything!

Perhaps it was because of the effects of the sleeping agent, Mo Chu fell into a deep sleep not long after he laid down.

It was only at this moment that Ning Yiyuan got up and called Zhong Wen.

“Boss, whats the matter”

“Hurry up and come over,” Ning Yiyuan said straightforwardly.

“Little Chu has been found!”

“What Found” Hearing this, Zhong Wens face instantly lit up with joy.

“Thats great.

Okay, Ill notify the others immediately.”

“Ill be responsible for notifying them.” Ning Yiyuan tilted her head to look at Little Chu who was sleeping and lowered her voice, afraid that she would wake up the girl.

“Come over immediately.

Little Chu… is a little…”

“Why is something wrong with Little Chus body” Zhong Wen quickly reacted and his expression became serious.

“Yes! She cant smell the blood.

The moment she smells it, she wants to throw up.” Ning Yiyuan frowned.

“And… Little Chu said that she might be pregnant…”

What the Hell!

When he heard this, Zhong Wen was instantly dumbfounded!

After a long while, he finally reacted and stared at Ning Yiyuan.

“Boss, what did you say just now Little Chu said… Shes pregnant”

Its over!

Zhong Wen could not help but wonder if someone had drugged Little Chu with some hallucinogen Otherwise, why would he say such nonsense

“How about this, Boss! Wait here, Ill be right there!”

Zhong Wen did not dare to delay at all, okay

After all, if the hallucinogen was not used well, it might cause irreversible damage to the brain.

It was not impossible for her to become a lunatic and a fool!

As soon as he received the news, Zhong Wen immediately rushed out, sat on the Drive Machine, and rushed towards Ning Yiyuan and the rest.

20 minutes later.

Zhong Wen panted heavily and finally arrived at the lounge.

“Come here quickly.” Ning Yiyuan did not say to let him rest for a while and directly ordered him to go.

“Hurry up and see whats wrong with Little Chu”

“Okay!” Zhong Wen nodded and didnt dare to delay.

He immediately took out a series of professional examination instruments from the terminal and started to get busy..

Ning Yiyuan was not a medical professional, so he could only watch helplessly as Zhong Wen was busy and could not even give him a hand.

He could only force himself to be anxious.

Now, he once again confirmed that he should also learn some medical knowledge!

“Eh” The results of the examination were finally out.

Looking at the various physiological indicators, Zhong Wen couldnt help but frown.

“Thats not right! Theres no hallucinogen in this!”

Then why would Little Chu say such nonsense

He shook his head in confusion.

Zhong Wen looked down and continued to look at the indicators.

Suddenly, his gaze froze!

He shouted in a trembling voice, “This… isnt right! How did the progesterone and estrogen levels in Little Chus body rise so much”

This was clearly a symptom of someone who was pregnant!

Could it be… What Little Chu said earlier was true She… she was really pregnant

When he thought of this, Zhong Wens eyes widened!

He felt his heart beating wildly!

“How is it Is there anything wrong with Little Chus body” Ning Yiyuan asked anxiously.

In the end, Zhong Wen slapped him to the side.

“Dont block me here!”

Ning Yiyuans face instantly turned black.

… was this kid about to ascend to the Heavens

Not having the time to pay attention to his Boss, Zhong Wen immediately began a new round of examinations.

However, this time, the focus was on the pregnancy test!

After another half an hour, Zhong Wen finally stopped.

Holding a thin sheet of examination results in his hand, his entire body was stiff beyond recognition.

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhong Wen uneasily peeked his head out to take a look!

On top of it was a series of Mo Chus data indicators.

Below the results were a few large words — According to the judgement, this woman was already nearly seven weeks pregnant!

Zhong Wens hand that was holding the sheet of paper could not help but tremble.

Looking at this line of large words, he almost cried out in excitement!

“Pregnant… Little Chu is really pregnant!”

Heavens! Their Federations medical experts had been doing relevant research for many years, but they had still not found anything.

Zhong Wen originally thought that he had no hope in this life.

He never expected that he would actually see this miracle in Mo Chu today!

Zhong Wen really could not hold back his sobs!

This time, it was Ning Yiyuans turn to be completely dumbfounded!

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