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“Really… really pregnant”

Hearing Zhong Wens words, Ning Yiyuan turned around in a daze.

He stared at Little Chu with a dull gaze, and his mind went blank…

“Thats right!”

Zhong Wen could not hide his excitement as he patted his Boss on the shoulder.

Then, he walked in circles on the spot, his face beaming with excitement!

He could not stop muttering to himself, “Aiya, I cant do it.

I have to get the other medical experts to come over for a consultation.

Im afraid I cant do it alone… Also, I have to report this news to the government immediately and ask them to send people over to protect Little Chus safety…”

The more Zhong Wen spoke, the more excited he became.

If those who were not in the know saw this scene, they would probably think that he was the one who was going to be the father!

“Ah!” At this moment, Ning Yiyuan, who had been stunned for more than ten minutes, suddenly let out a scream.

This person finally reacted, and his face was filled with excitement!

“Little Chu is pregnant! Then… then wont I be a father!”

“Ah, Im going to be a father!”

Yo! Its been so long, and Ning Yiyuan finally reacted! His reaction took too long!

Looking at this guy now, he was no longer as cold and sinister as before.

He was completely happy as a fool, okay!

The corners of his mouth were wide open, as if he was afraid that others would not be able to see his pride!

Seeing his Bosss smug look, Zhong Wen couldnt help but shake his head.

His face was full of disdain, but he couldnt block it.

Sigh! His Boss was usually a wise and mighty person, but now he was also extremely stupid!

“Tsk tsk!” Zhong Wen could not help but sigh.

He turned his head and looked at Mo Chu.

After carefully sizing him up, he immediately exclaimed, “Aiyo! This sleeping bed was built temporarily, right”

“No, no! This thing is too dangerous.

What if we accidentally drop Little Chu again Forget it, lets hurry up and bring Little Chu back!”

Actually, this sleeping bed was built by Ning Yiyuan himself.

How could his craftsmanship be a problem

If it was in the past, Ning Yiyuan would definitely stab him with a knife! You dare to say that the thing I built isnt good Youre courting death!

However, when he thought about the soft and tender baby in Little Chus stomach, Ning Yiyuan immediately lost his persistence and nodded in agreement, “Yes, thats right! Its too dangerous here… Wait here, Ill report to the higher-ups first and have them send someone over immediately.

Once Little Chu wakes up, well leave!”

Thus, when Mo Chu woke up and opened his eyes, he was immediately frightened by the room full of people in front of him!

Damn! What was going on

Why were there so many people

Ning Yiyuan reacted quickly.

She squatted down beside Mo chu and asked gently, “Are you done sleeping”

“Yes!” Mo Chu nodded and was about to sit up, but her movements were too big.

Zhong Wen, who was beside her, was so frightened that his face turned pale.

He rushed over and carefully supported her, “Dont! Little Chu… Slow down.

Yes, just like that…”

She slowly sat up in a turtle-like manner.

At this moment, Mo Chu was completely at a loss.

She was completely confused!

In the end, she could only look at Ning Yiyuan and ask in a low voice, “Um… did something happen”

Otherwise, why would he make such a big scene Even when she stood up, Zhong Wen and the other medical experts wanted to do it for her!

Weird! This was really too weird!

“Are you stupid What else could happen” Ning Yiyuan reached out and gently rubbed Mo Chus head.

His face was solemn and could not hide her joy.

His handsome face seemed to be in a bit of a dilemma.

“Youre pregnant.

Cant you be more careful!”

“You dont have to be so cautious, do you” Looking at her style, she was even more cautious than the president of the 21st century!

Although it was understandable that the Ning Family had a thin line of children and especially favored her, was this not a little too much

“What is this Its nothing!” Seeing Mo Chus uneasiness, Zhong Wen waved his hand and said with a domineering look, “There are still waves of people opening the way for you outside!”


Someone even opened the way for her

Upon hearing these words, Mo Chu could not help but widen her eyes in surprise!

Her mind immediately went blank.

Could it be… that she had unknowingly done something extraordinary Otherwise, why would she receive such a grand treatment

However, her mind was about to explode, and she could not think of an answer! Mo Chu could not help but frown slightly.

There was no reason that she did it herself and did not know!

“Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

Mo Chu did not know that her slight frown had frightened half of the medical experts in the room!

This was especially so for the medical expert standing at the very front.

His temples were already graying, and his face was old yet amiable.

At this moment, he was nervously staring at Mo Chu, afraid that she would feel unwell!

Elder Liu had spent most of his life researching thenormal pregnancy technique.

Of course, he was currently the leader of this research in the Federation.

As soon as he heard the news of Mo Chus pregnancy, he immediately put down the research in his hands and rushed over without stopping.

At this moment, his attitude towards Little Chu could not be any more cautious.

“Little Lass, if you feel uncomfortable, just tell me directly.

Dont hold it in.”

Under everyones burning gazes, even though Mo Chu was usually calm, she felt a little uncomfortable now.

“That… Im really fine.”

After carefully sizing up Mo Chu for a while and making sure that she wasnt forcing herself, Elder Liu nodded and let out a long sigh.

“Thats good.”

“Alright, since youre awake, lets hurry back.” As she said this, Ning Yiyuan carefully helped Little Chu up and led Mo Chu out of the room under a white ribbon that everyone had purposely left behind.

Mo Chu was speechless.

She was only pregnant, she did not have a broken arm or leg.

Was there a need to be like this

As soon as they walked out of the lounge, there was a burst of cheers and heated discussion.

“Look, Little Chu is out! Shes out!”

“Wow, look at the commotion.

The news of Little Chus pregnancy must be true!”

“Thats for sure!” Mo Chus fans raised their tails again, looking very proud.

“Our Little Chu is so powerful.

Isnt she lucky”

“Quiet!” Hearing the commotion, Elder Liu furrowed his brows and shout in a deep voice.

Coupled with the solemn look of the security personnel, everyone did not dare to speak carelessly.

They could only watch as Mo Chu left with pursed lips…

At a corner not far away, Song Tiancheng, who was previously imposing, was now half-squatting on the ground.

He looked like a dirty-faced rat, his face full of dispirited despair..

Weve failed! Our Song Family has really failed this time!

Who would have thought that Mo Chu would actually be pregnant

It had already been a few hundred years, and no one had been able to successfully conceive.

Yet, this happened to Mo Chu.

This was simply inconceivable, alright

The originally good situation had now completely changed!

Thats right!

Ning Yiyuan had blown up the matter of Mo Chus disappearance, which had greatly damaged the reputation of the Federation government.

He had already received a huge punishment on his back!

After that, he disregarded the orders of his superiors and investigated the military families without authorization.

This was yet another huge mistake!

If the superiors were really ruthless, Ning Yiyuans position as the commander might really become unstable!

So what if he had found out about Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people in the Song Familys team

As long as the Song Family refused to admit it, and Ning Yiyuan did not have any concrete evidence, there would not be any big problems.

At least, for the Song Family, there would not be any possibility of them being injured…

But now, the situation was completely different!

Mo Chu was actually pregnant!

The weight on her body instantly increased by a few hundred times!

If Wisdom Cloud Galaxy really succeeded this time, would the Federation noot be extremely vexed Giving such a national treasure to the other party for nothing Just thinking about it made him vomit out a mouthful of blood!

In other words, Ning Yiyuans actions this time had hit the nail on the head!

If he had not insisted on doing things his own way, how could he have saved Mo Chu How could he have saved this seedling of hope

With this, not to mention punishing Ning Yiyuan, even if he wanted to use this matter to advance further, it would not be a problem at all!

And all of this toppling of the situation was due to Mo Chu!

“Lucky Star… Lucky Star…” Song Tiancheng muttered these words softly, but he could not describe the feeling in his heart!

For the first time, he felt that perhaps Mo Chus title wasnt groundless..

On the other side, Mo Chu sat on the Drive Machine.

Qin Yue, Song Qingsong, and Mo Yang also followed him.

Previously, there were too many people in the lounge, so none of them had the chance to speak.

Now, they finally had a chance!

The first to make a scene was Qin Yue.

He looked at Mo Chu with a fresh face for a long time.

In the end, he even took out a notebook from the terminal, his face full of flattery.

“Little Chu, come, quickly sign for me!”

“What are you doing” Mo Chu could not help but laugh.

“Am I that amazing”

“Thats for sure!” Qin Yue said seriously.

“Youre the first person in our Federation to get pregnant in over a hundred years! How can I not treasure you”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu was stunned..

What the Hell

She was… the first person in the Federation to get pregnant in over a hundred years

Mo Chu opened his mouth wide in surprise and could not believe her ears!

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