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Half an hour later.

After Mo Chu learned about the current state of fertility in the Federation from the terminal, she had a new and profound understanding of her status as apregnant mother!

Look, she was the only pregnant mother in the entire galaxy.

How could she not be treated as a national treasure

It was no wonder that the Federation had made such a big fuss and guarded her tightly, afraid that something would happen to her!

“Oh, right.” Zhong Wen Thought for a moment before taking out an ultrasound image and handing it to Ning Yiyuan.

He said gently, “This is the image of the child that was taken during the previous examination.

Take a look too.”

Speaking of which, the Federations examination methods were much more advanced than those of the 21st century!

Mo Chu still remembered that there was once when she accompanied her colleagues to undergo a pregnancy test.

It was only two to three months old, and the fetus had yet to take shape.

The sonograms they received were all pitch black.

If it was not for the doctor specifically pointing it out, they would not have been able to differentiate it at all!

However, things were different now.

Zhong Wens product was definitely a high-definition version! Although it was only an embryo at the moment, it couldnt help but soften ones heart upon seeing it…

“Its so small!” Ning Yiyuans eyes lit up, and he reached out to touch it.

This little guy that was not even the size of a peanut was his and Little Chus child

After looking back and forth for a long time, Ning Yiyuan did not get tired of it.

In the end, he stuffed it into the terminal and wanted to keep it for himself!

“Sigh… this wont do!” Zhong Wen quickly shook his head and snatched back the sonogram that Ning Yiyuan wanted to keep for himself.

“This is the original information of Little Chus pregnancy.

It needs to be filed and recorded.

How can I give it to you without permission”

When he heard this, Ning Yiyuans expression immediately darkened.

He did not say anything and just stared coldly at Zhong Wen… This was his babys picture.

Why could he not keep it

After being stared at by Ning Yiyuan for a long time, Zhong Wen felt goosebumps all over his body.

In the end, he finally compromised.

“Alright, you can keep this.

Ill print out a copy later.”

As he said this, he helplessly stuffed the sonogram into his Bosss hands.

Look, this sonogram had just been obtained, and Ning Yiyuans expression instantly changed from gloomy to sunny.

He was like a stingy rich man who saw a piece of shiny gold and turned around to hide, he stuffed the sonogram directly into his terminal.


Zuo Lin felt his teeth ache as he watched from the side.

Boss, where did your grace go! Your image has completely disappeared, okay!

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After chatting and laughing for a while, they arrived at the Ning familys old mansion.

“Why are you here” Mo Chu was a little curious.

She thought they would go back to the Mo Family directly!

“Well stay here for the time being.” Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand and explained softly, “First of all, the security here is much higher than the Mo Familys.

Besides, even if we want to temporarily strengthen the defense facilities, itll be easier to operate.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu instantly felt that she was not pregnant with a child.

She was pregnant with a bomb! Look, they even took out their defensive measures!

“Dont worry, this place is just like home.

Mo Yang and I will stay here with you.” Ning Yiyuan carefully protected Mo Chus head as the two of them walked in together.

“Also, the environment here has been modified.

Anything dangerous has already been taken away.”

Mo Chu entered the house and saw that it was indeed so!

Previously, this old house had always been low-key and luxurious.

Now that it had been renovated, the style had become a little… complicated!

The originally sharp furniture such as tables, chairs, and coffee tables had all been removed.

The ones that were replaced were of a more rounded shape.

The entire piece of furry carpet on the ground was especially eye-catching!

To ruin such a nice house… The old man must be quite upset, right

Just as Mo Chu thought of this, he saw Elder Ning walk out of the room…

Hmm How should she describe it

He was smiling like a big, bright daisy! His eyes were almost narrowed into slits!

“Yo, Little Chu is back! Quick, sit down!”

It was not Mo Chus expected attitude at all.

The old man was very attentive at this moment.

If it were not for his status, he might have directly come over to help Little Chu up!

“Alright, put away that smug face of yours.” Elder Qin was also beside him and could not help but roll his eyes at him.

“Youre not the one whos pregnant!”

“So what if its not me” Elder Ning raised his chin slightly and said in high spirits, “The one whos pregnant is my granddaughter-in-law, not your granddaughter-in-law!”

Elder Qin was really speechless!

Tell me, how could such a good granddaughter-in-law be bumped into by Elder Nings family

Look, this old man is so smug! Even back when he was promoted to the highest leader of the military region, he probably was not this happy!

However, he should be proud of himself!

Thinking back, when the results of Little Chus gene rank came out, everyone was in an uproar!

Many people were mocking Mo Chu behind her back, saying that no matter how capable she was, so what if she could produce Spirit Food She still did not even have a G rank!

Although at the beginning, Elder Ning felt awkward for a while, in the end, he still allowed these two little fellows to be together, right

At that time, many families were waiting to laugh at him in private!

After all, based on Little Chus situation at that time, coupled with the boost from public opinion, 99 percent of the people felt that it was impossible for Mo Chu to have fertility!

In other words, it was very likely that the Ning Family would end up in this generation!

It was not that Elder Ning did not know about this situation.

To be honest, the pressure he was under was not small either.

His hair was a few more strands of white than before!

But that was in the past!

Now look at the entire galaxy.

How many women could successfully get pregnant

He flipped it over and counted with his fingers.

There was only Little Chu!

This reversal was too dramatic! Those who wanted to see a joke before must have their faces swollen from the slap

On the other side, Mo Chu had just left under the support of the crowd when the crowd that had been holding back for a long time impatiently turned on the terminal network one after another.

After uploading this first-hand information onto the starnet, various eye-popping headlines appeared, quickly attracting the attention of many netizens!

“Shocking news! Mo Chu is pregnant!”

“The firstpregnant mother in hundreds of years has officially appeared!”

“A normal pregnancy in the Federation is just around the corner…”

At the start of the news, the netizens were still in disbelief.

Could it be that someone was making this up

Was Little Chu not kidnapped Why did she suddenly reveal that she was pregnant Even if she wanted to take advantage of the situation, this was not the way to do it!

However, not long after that, this news spread through the entire Starnet.

Some people even said that there was a nose and an eye.

As such, everyones hearts could not help but waver.

When the official news was released, Great! It completely confirmed the news that Mo Chu was pregnant!

This time, not to mention the ordinary netizens, even the friends who were used to diving were all blown up by this news!

Wow Little Chu was pregnant!

Did this mean that the solution to their fertility problem had a straight and bright path In the future, would they not have to watch their children suffer and die young

When they thought of this, everyone could not help but become excited!

Those who were not Mo Chus fans also started paying attention to her!

Needless to say, Mo Chus original hardcore fans were now pleasantly surprised!

“See who still dares to say that our little Chus gene rank is not even G rank Its clearly because Little Chus level is too high that the instrument can not detect it at all!”

“Thats right, you still dont believe what we said back then Now, the truth has finally been revealed, right”

The moment these few words were said, it instantly attracted the attention of the majority of the netizens in another direction.

What was little Chus gene rank exactly

Once this topic was brought up, everyones interest immediately soared!

“No matter what, Little Chus level should be higher than SS! She might even be SSS!”

“Tch! Youre underestimating our Lucky Star too much.

Theres no need to explain why shes SSSSS!”

There were even people who directly started a bet for this.

“Come, come, come, the bet is off!”

“Ill bet 100 Federation Coins that Little Chu is 5S!”

“Im in!”

“Ill bet 200 Federation Coins! Ill bet that Little Chu is a 6S!”


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