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The internet was bustling with activity.

In reality, it did not stop either.

When Mo Chus fans heard the good news, they began to send her gifts one after another.

All kinds of latest jewelry, all kinds of Drive Machines… There were all kinds of variety, and they were full of new ideas.

When they were all piled up, they could almost fill up a room!

However, the ones that Mo Chu liked the most were the few special magical plants and magical beasts.

The Spirit Food that was made from them was so delicious that she wished she could swallow her tongue!

Originally, Mo Chu wanted to make it herself.

However, the moment she stepped into the kitchen and picked up the spatula, the medical experts beside her stared at her with pitiful expressions.

In the end, Mo Chuyi had no choice but to back out.

As soon as Mo Chuyi backed out, Ning Yiyuan naturally stepped forward.

At most, Mo Chu would only give a few hints and move her mouth!

However, Ning Yiyuans cooking skills were really getting better and better!

He had a perfect grasp of the freshness of the food.

After cooking a few dishes, the freshness of the food was full of flavor! During the cooking process, the taste of the food was preserved to a great extent.

As a result, Mo Chus appetite opened up and he ate up three large plates of dishes and a bowl of rice!

This was really something!

Even Ning Yiyuan, who was beside him, was shocked!

Although Little Chus appetite was not bad in the past, it was not as scary as this! Where did all the food go

Meeting Ning Yiyuans surprised gaze, Mo Chu finally recovered.

Looking at the food that had been ransacked on the table, she could not help but smile in embarrassment.

“That… Its not that I want to eat… Its that the child wants to eat…”

Ning Yiyuan had not said anything yet!

Elder Ning interrupted him first and waved at Mo Chu straightforwardly.

“Eat! Just eat as much as you want.

We dont lack food, alright”

“Really” Mo Chu looked over in surprise and immediately handed the rice bowl to Ning Yiyuan after he received the Elders approval.

“Then give me another bowl!”

What This time, even Elder Ning was dumbfounded…

“We shouldnt eat anymore!” Elder Liu saw that Mo Chus posture was not right and quickly tried to dissuade him.

“Right, right!” As soon as the expert spoke, Ning Yiyuan immediately found the evidence and quickly pushed the bowl in Mo Chus hand far away.

“If you eat now, you wont be able to eat tonight.”

She looked at the fragrant rice with her mouth drooling and smacked her lips.

Mo Chu lingered for a long time before nodding.

“… Okay.”

“Okay.”Ning Yiyuan pulled Little Chu up.

“Then lets go out and take a walk.”

Not long ago, elder Liu, Zhong Wen, and the others had already made apregnancy schedule for Mo Chu based on her specific situation.

The contents could be adjusted according to the actual situation and executed at any time.

Taking a walk after dinner was one of them.

The two of them walked around the old house a few times.

Not long after, Mo Chus sleepiness surfaced and she yawned repeatedly.

“Do you want to sleep” Ning Yiyuan held her hand and asked gently.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded obediently.

She did not know why, but when she did not realize that she was pregnant before, she was still normal.

Now that the results of the examination were confirmed, her various pregnancy reactions immediately came back.

“Alright, then lets go back and rest.”

Usually, when Ning Yiyuan was facing Little Chu, he could be said to be as gentle as water.

At this moment, Little Chu had a child in her belly, So Ning Yiyuan was even more fond of her…

After Mo Chu lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep, Ning Yiyuan got up and rushed to the headquarters.

A few of the higher-ups of the Federation were already waiting for him there.

The moment they met, they could not wait to ask about Mo Chus condition.

“How is it is Little Chus condition alright”

“Shes fine.” Ning Yiyuan nodded his head.

After saying these two words, his expression returned to his usual cold expression.

A few higher-ups exchanged glances, and a hint of awkwardness flashed across their eyes.

Thats right!

Previously, the higher-ups were stillshouting at Ning Yiyuan, saying that they wanted to use this opportunity to properly vent his anger.

In the end, it had only been a short while before their attitudes changed!

However, there was nothing they could do about it.

Who asked Ning Yiyuans wife to be so awesome!

It had been so many years since the government had been hesitant in the area ofnormal pregnancy techniques.

However, Mo Chu had revealed that she was pregnant after being married for such a short period of time!

If you were to talk about his luck, he could not help but be convinced!

“Oh right… how about this, Ning Yiyuan.” The leader of the higher-ups cleared his throat and broke the deadlock.

“During this period of time, you should take care of the work at hand as soon as possible and try to stay by Mo Chus side as much as possible.”

The news of Mo Chus pregnancy must have spread throughout the other galaxies, and countless people were jealous of them!

Therefore, at this time, Mo Chus safety was the most important thing! Although they had arranged for relevant security personnel, with Ning Yiyuan, she would also have an extra layer of protection, right They would also be able to feel more at ease!

“Yes.” Upon mentioning this, Ning Yiyuans expression turned much better, and his tone became gentler.

“Thats Wwhat I was thinking as well.

After this period of time is over, Ill spend more time with Little Chu.”

If this was the Federation, then in the 21st century, there was no need to even think about it!

This wife was pregnant, and the higher-ups even took the initiative to give her husband a break to spend more time with his wife and children… Only in the Federation, where fertility was low, would there be such a possibility!

The few of them happily came to an agreement, and the few higher-ups also left in satisfaction.

Only then did Ning Yiyuan turn around and walk toward the office.

“Congratulations, Boss! Congratulations, Boss!”

Ning Yiyuan had just pushed the door open and entered when there was a burst of applause!

With Zuo Lin as the leader, the rest of the staff also stood in a long line, unable to hide their happiness.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

“Well done, all of you are quite well-informed!”

That was true!

It had only been a few hours since it was posted on the Starnet! Everyone already knew about Mo Chus pregnancy! They were no exception!

“Thank you, everyone.” As expected of a father-to-be, Ning Yiyuans expression was much gentler than before.

“How about this, everyone get an extra months salary this month.

Consider it a bonus for everyone.”

As soon as these words were said, everyones cheers became even louder! The entire office descended into a joyous atmosphere.

Of course, at this moment, they still did not know what the intensity of their work would be like in the future.

At that time, they would feel that this bonus was simply not worth it…

“Yo! Boss, youre really generous this time! This is all from your private accounts!” Zuo Lin teased with a chuckle as he followed behind Ning Yiyuan.

The two of them walked to the office together.

This fellow immediately sat down on a chair and said in a seemingly serious manner, “But Ill let it go this time.

You have to be more frugal in the future.

Raising a child isnt an easy task.

Dont let my little nephew suffer in the future!”

Tsk! Little nephew!

“Alright, stop being so petty.” Ning Yiyuan rolled his eyes at him and turned serious.

He started to talk about official business.

“We have to quickly deal with the matters at hand, especially the Song Family… hows the investigation going”

When he said this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but frown!

The Song Family was definitely involved in the kidnapping of Little Chu.

Otherwise, how could Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people be hidden among them He would not believe it even if he was beaten to death!

“Dont worry, Boss!” Zuo Lin nodded.

“The evidence weve found is enough for the Song Family to spend the rest of their lives in prison!”

“Are you sure” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“How could I lie to you about such an important matter” Zuo Lin nodded cautiously.

“Dont Worry!”

“Okay, if thats the case…” Ning Yiyuan curled his thin lips and his eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

“Then lets go to the Song Family!”

“Huh” Zuo Lin was slightly stunned and didnt quite understand.

“Why are we going there”

“Hmph!” With a sneer, Ning Yiyuans line of sight drifted slightly into the distance.

“Isnt it interesting to go and see how they struggle before death”

To put it bluntly, he, Ning Yiyuan, was a person who bore grudges!

The Song Family had targeted him time and time again, so he could let it go for now.

However, they actually dared to make a move on Mo Chu this time, so dont blame him for poking their sore spot!

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