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The Song Family.

Song Tiancheng was sitting in the upper position in the living room.

He was frowning so hard that he could squeeze a mosquito to death!

The leaders of the Song Family were also sitting on the couches on both sides.

Song Tiancheng did not speak, and the others did not dare to speak either.

The room was filled with a solemn and deep aura…

After a full quarter of an hour, Song Tiancheng let out a long sigh.

“Im afraid that our Song Family… will face an unprecedented crisis this time!”

“Everyone here is also the backbone of our Song Family.

Everyone should think of a way.

Lets see if we can come up with any ideas.”

“Family Head…” A man sitting at the bottom of the row frowned slightly, “Is this matter that serious Didnt we just find Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people from our Song Familys military relatives We can completely pretend that we dont know!”

“Heh! Thats right,” Song Tiancheng sneered, “If Mo Chu wasnt pregnant, this matter wouldnt be a big deal, but the situation now is different in an instant! That girl has a priceless treasure in her stomach.

If we run into her here, well just be admitting our bad luck!”

“Think about it yourself…” Song Tiancheng took a deep breath and his appearance suddenly became much older.

“Mo Chu is pregnant, and the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy people hiding among the Song Familys military families want to take her away.

What do you think other people will think Will they think that we colluded with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and want to send her over”

Having said that, what else could the others not understand

Regardless of whether they had such thoughts in the beginning, now that Mo Chu was holding her belly, she naturally stood on the moral high ground, and their Song Family would only become the object of ridicule!

What good future could such a family have It was no wonder Song Tiancheng was so worried!

For a moment, the living room returned to silence…

“Then…” Suddenly, someone spoke with uncertainty in his voice, “What if Mo Chus child… cant be conceived”

“You want to… ” Hearing this, Song Tianchengs eyes suddenly widened, and his eyes shone.

“No, no, thats not what I meant!” The man hurriedly waved his hand, indicating that he was not thinking of anything funny.

One had to know that Mo Chus fetus was the center of attention of the entire Federation! How could he be so foolish as to cause such a misfortune Once he was discovered, a single mouthful of saliva from everyone would be enough to drown them!

“I just feel that…” The man pursed his lips and continued, “Although Mo Chu is currently pregnant, its not certain if hell be able to have a stable pregnancy or if hell be able to give birth smoothly!”

After all, everyone knew about the state of fertility in the Federation.

If Mo Chu had not been pregnant, it would have been fine.

After all, everyone was already used to the technology of giving birth.

However, things were different now.

Mo Chu had given everyone strong hope.

If she did not give birth successfully in the future, this hope would automatically turn into disappointment.

At that time, the Song Family would no longer be the focus of everyones criticism..

When the man said that, the rest of the Song Family instantly came back to their senses!

That was not the case!

It was a good thing that Mo Chu was pregnant now, but once something unexpected happened, this good thing would immediately turn into a bad thing! The Song Family would naturally be able to escape from it.

“Good! Well said!”

Song Tiancheng was also stunned by the news of Mo Chus pregnancy.

He did not expect this to happen.

Now that he was reminded of it, he instantly reacted!

His eyes suddenly lit up, and even the wrinkles on his face were smoothed out.

“Thats right! If anything happens to Mo Chus fetus… then our Song Family…”

“What kind of accident will happen to Little Chu!”

Suddenly, a stern shout sounded outside the living room!

The people from the Song Family who were in the middle of a fierce discussion were instantly silenced.

This voice… seemed to be…

Thud, thud.

The sound of the military boots stepping on the ground was particularly obvious in the silence.

Looking up, a pair of long legs stepped in first.

Looking up, Ning Yiyuan walked in with a dark expression on his face!

Zuo Lin, who was behind him, took a slight step back and maintained a suitable distance from Ning Yiyuan.

Damn it! This f*cking dog! This was probably the thought of all the people from the Song Family present!

Why did he happen to run into Ning Yiyuan when he said this His luck was a little too bad, right

“Commander Ning… Is here” No matter how awkward the situation was, Song Tiancheng still had to act as if nothing had happened.

He forced a smile at Ning Yiyuan and said politely, “Come, come and sit.”

“No!” Ning Yiyuan did not want to be polite with him at all.

He sneered and said, “I dont dare to sit in your Song Familys place.

Ill just stand!”

Song Tianchengs face turned ugly when he saw Ning Yiyuan! This guy was fat, but he was really panting Whose territory was this

The Butler hurried to catch up with him and reported while panting, “Master, Commander Ning brought some people and barged in.

We couldnt stop him…”

Exactly! With Ning Yiyuans skills, he could go anywhere he wanted!

“Thats enough!” Song Tiancheng waved at the butler impatiently.

What was the use of saying this at this time Hindsight!

They were all useless people!

“By the way, I didnt hear Master Songs words clearly.” Ning Yiyuans expression instantly turned serious.

Every word in the painting was as sharp as a blade.

“Could you please say it again!”

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