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Song Family.

With a few bangs, the door opened.

Uncle Wang looked outside the door, put down the glass of water in his hand, and nodded slightly at Song Qingsong.

“Young Master, Um… you guys talk first.

Ill go see whos here.”

“Okay.” Song Qingsong nodded with a smile.

There was a hint of elegance and handsomeness in his eyes that made people unable to take their eyes off him.

Outside the door were the uninvited guests from the Song Family.

When Uncle Wang saw these people, he could not help but be stunned.

Then, he immediately frowned and said with a hint of rejection in his voice, “What… is the matter”

Although Uncle Wang could be considered an old servant of the Song Family, he really did not like this group of people from the Song Family!

There was nothing he could do.

When he saw them, Uncle Wang could not help but think of the suffering his Young Master had suffered back then.

He wished that he could throw them all out one by one!

Back then, his Young Master was hailed as a peerless genius and brought great glory to the Song Family!

Who would not mention Song Qingsong when talking about the Song Family

But what happened after that

Ever since his Young Master was confirmed to have suffered from a genetic disease, the attitude of the Song Family changed drastically in an instant!

Previously, they had held his Young Master in high regard.

After that, they wished he could trample him into the ground!

They felt that his Young Master had wasted the resources of the Song Family for nothing.

In the end, they had even chased him out!

Uncle Wang was an old man who accompanied Song Qingsong.

Back then, he had even wiped away his tears several times because of this matter!

It would have been fine if it was just like this.

After all, the Song Family had always been a military family.

If his Young Master could no longer bring glory to the Song Family, he would naturally be ruthlessly kicked away!

He had long known this!

However, he never expected that the Song Family would actually allow these juniors to bully his Young Master.

Insults, beatings… all sorts of things were happening one after another! During that period of time, Uncle Wang could not even remember how he survived! He really could not ask for help.

He could not ask for death!

Fortunately, Song Qingsong entered the entertainment industry later and established his own world.

That was why the Song Family did not dare to go too far.

Later on, his Young Master met Mo Chu and Mo Yang, a pair of good siblings.

After resolving the issue of the genetic collapse, he regained his vitality!

His previous Young Master, who was known asThe Peerless Genius”, had finally returned!

Therefore, Uncle Wang disliked the members of the Song Family, and he did not want to see them!

If he had not maintained his calmness, when he saw them just now, he would have directly kicked them out with a big stick…

“Well… Uncle Wang, long time no see.

Youre still the same as before!”

The people of the Song Family also knew that they had to put up a good front when they asked for help.

Their attitude could be considered good, and they greeted them with a smile.

Unfortunately, Uncle Wang had already seen through their faces and did not want to interact with them at all.

He said, “Okay, stop beating around the bush! Hurry up and tell us what you want to do today.”

To put it bluntly, the Song Family was a classic example of shamelessly taking advantage of the wealthy! How could Uncle Wang not know what kind of character they were

Seeing Uncle Wangs impatient attitude, the Song Familys visitors face could not help but darken.

They cursed in their hearts.

Go to Hell!

This old fellow was just a servant, right How dare he throw show his dark face at them

Did he really think he was someone important Why did he not take a look at his status!

At this moment, they felt humiliated.

Their solicitous attitude immediately relaxed, and their tone carried a hint of impoliteness.

“Uncle Wang, were looking for Song Qingsong.

Ask him to come out for a moment.”

Listening to his tone, they thought he was calling for a dog! He just shouted and ran out

Uncle Wang was so angry that he did not have the mood to deal with them anymore.

“If theres anything, just tell me directly.

Ill pass it on to Young Master.”

Uncle Want did not even plan to mention this to Song Qingsong.

Seeing this, the faces of the Song Family members could not help but sink!

Hey! Old fart!

“Who do you think you are Old geezer, hurry up and get Song Qingsong out for us!”

It had only been a short while, and they had already revealed their true colors.

When they shouted, they were extremely arrogant!

Uncle Wang ignored them and reached out to close the door!

This time, he had thoroughly angered these people!

These people were all famous profligates among the younger generation of the Song Family.

In the past, they liked to bully Song Qingsong for fun.

This time, as soon as they returned home, they heard that the family was looking for someone to persuade Song Qingsong.

As long as they could persuade him to go back, it would be a great merit!

When they heard this, they immediately became excited!

They encouraged each other and ran to Song Qingsongs door.

They thought it was pretty good.

They thought that with Song Qingsongs cowardly appearance, so what if the genetic collapse was resolved He would still be at their mercy, right

As long as they casually threatened him, they would be able to achieve their goal! Once the matter was settled, would they still be able to gain a reputation with the elders of the family Was there anything better than this

But they never expected that they had only just made their move, this old man was blocking them! How could they not be angry

Staring at Uncle Wangs old face, the few of them were extremely furious!

The corners of their mouths drooped, and they suddenly raised their hands, ready to teach this old fellow a lesson.

“Hmph! Ill teach you to properly recognize your own identity!”

The sound of the wind from their palms rustled, and one could tell at a glance how much force they had used.

In the end, before their palms could even reach Uncle Wangs face, they were stopped by someone!

“Where are you all being impudent!”

A cold shout rang in their ears, carrying with it a hint of suppressed anger and viciousness.

They raised their heads and saw that the person who stopped them was Song Qingsong himself!


Initially, they were a little scared, but now that they saw him, they instantly relaxed!

“Oh We havent seen each other for more than ten years, and you, Young Master Song, have grown so powerful You even dare to stop us”

As he said this, the man was about to withdraw his hand, but he was stopped by Song Qingsong!

The mans face stiffened, and he stared at Song Qingsong in disbelief… Since when did this guy dare to resist them like this

The man secretly exerted all his strength, but he still could not get his arm back from Song Qingsong.

Instead, his face turned red!

After a few seconds of awkwardness, he returned to his arrogant look.

“Let go of me now! Do you hear me”

Song Qingsong looked at them with a cold smile and did not say a word.

The man was even more annoyed.

The few friends behind him saw that something was wrong and immediately ran over to help him.

They pulled his body backward with all their strength.

They did not believe that they could not defeat Song Qingsong alone!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just as they were trying their best, Song Qingsong suddenly let go of them unexpectedly.

Then, due to inertia, one, two, and three of them fell backward and fell into a ball!

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