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Upon hearing Mo Chus voice, Ning Yiyuan immediately turned his head and asked gently, “Are you awake Why didnt you wake me up”

Originally, there was only a bedroom on the second floor of the Ning Familys old mansion.

However, in order to make it more convenient for Little Chu to travel, Elder Ning had the few rooms below changed into bedrooms for Little Chu to choose from! There were rooms that faced the south, as well as those that faced the sun.

As long as Mo Chu liked one, she could immediately move in!

Even so, Ning Yiyuan was still worried.

To be honest, he wished that he could tie Little Chu to his belt at all times!

“The bedroom is not far from the living room.

I can walk over myself,” Mo Chu said with a smile.

Previously, she had a good sleep, and now she felt much better.

Her somewhat pale face could not help but be suffused with warmth, causing Ning Yiyuans heart to soften even more.

He pinched her face, feeling proud!

See This is my wife! Shes so cute and obedient!

“By the way, why are you all surrounding this normal plant with a sad face” Mo Chu asked curiously, changing the topic back to the main topic.

“You know about it” From Little Chus tone, Ning Yiyuan knew that she should know about the inside story.

“Yes.” The commotion on the internet was so big, how could she not know

Mo Chu nodded, a smile hanging on the corner of her mouth.

She reached out to pat Ning Yiyuan on the shoulder and said mischievously, “Young man, you did well.

You deserve praise!”

“Just verbal praise” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

After all, ever since they found out that Little Chu was pregnant, the two of them had never been intimate! At this moment, when Ning Yiyuan saw Little Chus obedient and tender appearance, he could not help it…

Hearing this, Mo Chu was not stingy.

She immediately tiptoed and planted a light kiss on Ning Yiyuans cheek.

In the end, before his feet even landed on the ground, he was hugged by Ning Yiyuan on the waist! He lowered his head and kissed her red lips several times before letting her go!

Then, that slightly husky sexy voice sounded by her ear, with a hint of seduction, “Silly girl, this is the reward!”

That light kiss just now was too perfunctory!

This guy!

Mo Chus ears were already a little red! She glared at Ning Yiyuan!

Speaking of which, they could be considered an old married couple.

Now that they even had a child, there was no question of whether they were shy or not.

But the key point was that this was not their bedroom, but an open living room!

Behind them, Zhong Wen, Zuo Lin, and the others were staring at them without blinking.

Their expressions were ambiguous, and they even winked at them from time to time!


This situation could not be any more awkward!

How good was Ning Yiyuan at reading peoples thoughts

He immediately understood Mo Chus little awkwardness.

He pulled her to his side and said in a considerate manner, “Dont be shy! If we dont give them some stimulation, these two single dogs might have to rely on each other for a long time! Were doing a good deed! So, dont be shy!”


When they heard Ning Yiyuans words, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin were stunned, and they almost spat out a mouthful of saliva!


Boss, youre not allowed to play around like this!

Not only did you and Little Chu openly show off your love, you even put on such a dignified appearance.

How innocent were the two of them!

Ning Yiyuan was speaking nonsense with a straight face!

Initially, they had hoped that Little Chu would be able to distinguish right from wrong so that he could refute them.

In the end, the little girl tilted her head and thought for a moment before actually agreeing.

“Yes, youre right!”

Right about what!

At this moment, Zhong Wen and Ning Yiyuan were truly filled with grief and indignation!

How could this… Little Chu had only been pregnant for a short while, and her IQ had already deteriorated How could she not be able to distinguish such a simple fact

“Enough.” Seeing that the two of them were about to go berserk, Ning Yiyuan immediately changed the topic.

“Didnt we guess that the Spirit Food made from normal plants could alleviate your morning sickness In the end, we bought the items and shipped them back…”

“In the end, everyone realized that we had no way to start!” Zuo Lin could not help but continue, feeling miserable in his heart!

Thats right!

Previously, Ning Yiyuan could skillfully make Spirit Food on the premise that the ingredients provided by Mo Chu were all processed and no longer poisonous.

But now, the situation was different!

Once this normal plant was brought over, it would become the most primitive ingredient!

Everyone stared at each other, confused.

They could not even figure out which parts could be used and which parts could not be used…

“Is that it” Mo Chu chuckled, not taking it seriously at all.

“Yes.” Seeing the smile on Mo Chus face, Zuo Lin instantly reacted.

“Little Chu, can you handle it”

“Of course!” Mo Chu nodded proudly.

“Just wait and see!”

As she said this, Mo Chu prepared to crouch down to deal with this normal plant.

Damn it!

This action gave Ning Yiyuan a huge fright.

He quickly reached out to stop her.

“Dont be rash, let me do it! Ill do whatever you say!”

Little Chu was still pregnant!

If she squatted down, would she be under pressure and stress

“Its fine, I know what to do, so itll be faster.” Mo Chu smiled and waved her hand.

How could she be so weak

Besides, in the 21st century, there were many working girls who went to work pregnant.

Some of them even took the bus!

“Little Chu, as long as I can do it, you dont have to worry.” Ning Yiyuan looked at her sternly and firmly held her hand, asking her to sit on the sofa.

Although Ning Yiyuans action was a little male chauvinistic, Mo Chu could not help but feel a sense of warmth in her heart… To be honest, if a man was really considerate to Ning Yiyuans level, which woman would be willing to bear the sun and toil

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