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“What… two embryos!”

Before Ning Yiyuan could say anything, Elder Liu, who was standing next to him started howling!

The commotion was so big that it could be described as earth-shattering!

With his eyes wide open, Elder Liu pulled Zhong Wen away ferociously and stared at the image on the screen…

After staring at it for a long time and confirming that it was two embryos, Elder Liu suddenly laughed out loud.

Then, he fell into the cycle of giggling and could not stop at all…

“Thats right! Two! Its two embryos!”

Perhaps they did not notice the problem because of the lack of early months and the small size of the embryos…

Of course, more importantly, they did not dare to think about twins at all!

One had to know that in this day and age, being able to conceive a child was already a unique existence.

It was worthy of the entire federal government to hold you in their hands!

But mow

Little Chu was actually pregnant with twins!

This time, she had two tender children… Even Elder Liu, who had always been engrossed in research, could not help but look at Ning Yiyuan with jealousy!

This kids luck was too good!

Looking at Ning Yiyuan again, he was completely dumbfounded!

After being stunned for a long time, he finally spat out two or three words.

Just like that, his voice was still trembling! “There are two… two… ”

Well… looking at Ning Yiyuans silly look, Elder Liu finally felt a little more comfortable in his heart!

He also gave him a precise sentence, “Thats right, Little Chu has two children in her belly!”


Ning Yiyuans nervous grip on the table broke it into pieces…

“Thats right!”

After a moment of shock, Mo Chu, who was next to him, quickly came back to her senses.

She patted her belly with her little hands, as if it was a matter of course.

“Thinking about it carefully, the weight of these twins is definitely much heavier than a child.

No wonder my weight is so scary.

So thats the reason.”

Hearing this, Zhong Wen and the others could not help but feel black lines across their heads…

What the hell

Is this the time to talk about weight Little Chu, your focus is clearly wrong!

However, Ning Yiyuan still nodded his head with a servile look on his face.

“I told you long ago that youre not fat at all.

The weight that goes up is all the childs!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu smiled even more happily.

Thats right, Ning Yiyuan was indeed telling the truth!

Damn it!

Everyone could not bear to see Little Chus chubby face when she smiled…

Oh my God! Only Ning Yiyuan could say such sweet words without changing his expression… This group of outsiders felt goosebumps all over their bodies when they heard it, yet the two people involved still looked normal.

They were indeed a perfect match!

“Thats not right!” Ning Yiyuans expression changed slightly when he suddenly woke up from the excitement of thetwins!

“Didnt Little Chu say that the child in her stomach was moving Did something happen”

It was already so difficult to raise a child, not to mention that Little Chu was currently pregnant with two… A slight mistake could cause an accident!

When he thought of this, how could Ning Yiyuan still be happy His expression immediately became serious!

He turned his head to look at Mo Chu with an unwavering gaze.

He secretly swore in his heart that he would use all of his strength to protect Little Chu and their children!

“Yes, yes! We still have to continue with the examination!” Elder Liu also put away the smile on his face in time and said seriously.

They had been stunned by Little Chus surprise of having twins just now!

They had actually forgotten about such an important matter! If Ning Yiyuan had not mentioned it now, they might have really forgotten about it.

If something happened to Little Chus child because of this, they really would not be able to make up for it even if they died ten thousand times!

When they thought of this, their hearts trembled, and even their movements became more cautious.

After more than ten minutes, Little Chus series of examinations were finally completed.

The results were out.

Elder Liu and the others carefully looked at each and every word on it.

They exchanged a few glances and could not help but frown slightly!

Their subtle movements naturally could not escape Ning Yiyuans discerning eyes.

Their hearts could not help but tighten.

“… Whats the result of the examination”

After a moment of silence, Elder Liu said in confusion, “This isnt right! Little Chus examination results showed that there was nothing wrong with her, but what about the movements of this child”

Could it be that their current machines were not accurate enough to overlook some problems Elder Liu frowned and thought carefully, worried that he might have missed something…

“Could it be that the movement of the fetus… is normal” Elder Liu asked

At this moment, Mo Chu suddenly asked, “I think the baby in my stomach is very good.

There shouldnt be any problems.”

“How could it be normal” Elder Liu shook his head.

“No child who grew up in the nursery through the infant rearing technique has such a process!”

It was also because of this comparison that they were certain that something was wrong with Mo Chus body!

“But, Im currently pregnant normally!” Mo Chu frowned and directly spoke the truth behind it!

Hearing this, Elder Liu and the others were instantly enlightened! Their state of mind was also greatly broadened!

Thats right!

How could little Chus current situation be compared to a child born through theInfant Rearing Technique The two were different from the start!

Mo Chu herself knew that she could not directly say that the fetal movement was a normal pregnancy reaction.

After all, if she rashly said something that even an expert like Elder Liu did not know, she would only be asking for trouble!

However… It was not impossible to tell them indirectly!

“Thats right! Think about it.

Its because the child in my stomach is healthy and lively enough that they can move.

Thats why I can feel the fetal movement, isnt it”

Hmm… after hearing what Mo Chu said, Zhong Wen and the others felt that it made some sense!

“Maybe thats really the case…” Zhong Wen buried his head in thought.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what Mo Chu said made sense.

He could not help but mutter, “No wonder the survival rate of babies born during normal pregnancies is extremely high.

It turns out that they are already so healthy and lively during the embryonic stage!”

“Wait… Its coming again!” Mo Chus eyes suddenly lit up and she suddenly cried out in surprise!

Everyone hurriedly raised their heads to look at her.

Meanwhile, Mo Chu had already grabbed Ning Yiyuans big palm and placed it on her belly… Thats right! The baby started moving again!

“Can you feel it” Mo Chu could not help but look at Ning Yiyuan.

Her face was filled with uncontrollable joy.

You really have to say, these two little fellows are really strong!

It was also known whether it was a fist or a foot.

Just like that, she could faintly see a small protruding piece on her belly…

At this moment, Ning Yiyuan once again fell into a daze… A feeling of impact came to his palm, as if he had been lightly kicked by something!

Along with that, Ning Yiyuans heart was also kicked, instantly becoming a puddle of water.

It was unbelievably gentle…

When Elder Liu saw this, he immediately turned on the endoscope mode.

Soon, the screen showed the two children in Mo Chus stomach moving around! They were full of energy!

Zhong Wen and the others could not help but be mesmerized by it… A kind of budding life appeared in front of their eyes! This scene was simply too beautiful!

Of course, purely visual things could not be compared to touching them in person.

Thus, their eyes were all focused on Ning Yiyuan!

“Boss! How do you feel Hurry up and say something!”

Zhong Wen and the others were envious.

They wished they could take Ning Yiyuans place and personally experience the scene of the baby moving!

After all, this was an epoch-making moment!

Ning Yiyuan did not bother with them at all.

He kept his head down to feel the unique touch…

“Um… Boss, why dont you let us touch you too”

Zhong Wen was so envious that he was eager to give it a try.

At this moment, he was staring at his Boss expectantly.

His eyes were almost sparkling!

Unfortunately, Ning Yiyuan did not give Zhong Wen any face at all when he saw him acting cute.

He directly rejected him in a cold voice, “No!”

One of them is my wife, and the other is my child.

Why should I let you outsiders touch her In your dreams!

“Boss… You have to look like youre contributing to scientific research!” Zhong Wen looked like he was in pain.

He wanted to pull his boss over and teach him a lesson! “As a government employee, you have to be mentally prepared…”

Besides, it was just touching Little Chus stomach, right Was there a need to reject him so superficially

Before Zhong Wen could finish his righteous speech, Ning Yiyuan gave him a cold stare and stopped him from speaking…

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