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They did not do it in the end!

Even if they did, they could not do it openly in front of so many people!

Besides, they finally saw it clearly now!

This Mo Chu was a genuine treasure!

Even if he stayed by her side, next to her… He could also take some of her fortune!

You dont believe me

You should make your own plans in your heart!

Lets not talk about Ning Yiyuan anymore! A promotion, a raise, a wife and children… Damn it! This was the pinnacle of his life!

There was also Mo Yang.

Although he was already outstanding, without Mo Chu, the dazzling star, who would be able to take the initiative to look for him

A more direct example would be Song Qingsong!

Originally, he was suffering from a genetic collapse.

He was just a useless chess piece of the Song Family.

Whoever wanted to bully him would be able to say so easily!

But now, look again!

Ever since he got to know Mo Chu, had Song Qingsongs terminal illness been cured His physical condition had also recovered to its peak! Coupled with the popularity that he had accumulated in the entertainment industry, who would dare to look down on this Almighty Song now

Therefore, Mo Chu, this girl, was a blessed soldier!

Who would dare to offend her

Not to mention offending her, on the contrary, she was the thigh that everyone wanted to hug even if they were on their knees!

If they could build a good relationship with her and secretly learn some valuable experience of pregnancy from her while they were at it… Then their families would be able to enjoy it endlessly!

“Okay.” Seeing that everyone was distracted and lost their composure, the chief sitting in the seat of honor smiled with satisfaction.

Look, this level of determination was not even one-tenth of his! “I think… Elder Ning probably wants to rush back right now! Then lets end this quickly and settle this Song Family matter quickly, how about it”

“Alright!” Hearing this, Elder Ning immediately nodded in agreement.

To be honest, how could he still have the mood to care about the Song Family at this moment He could not wait to rush home immediately and take good care of Little Chu!

This little girl was usually quite active, and now that she had two children in her belly, she had to be careful, careful, and careful!

Although Ning Yiyuan usually looked calm and composed, when faced with such a big matter, he, an old general, still had to step in!

“Yes, quickly resolve it…” The others nodded in agreement.

They really did not want to see Elder Nings old face, which could not be concealed.

It was too f*cking depressing!

“Then how about this, Ill tell you what I think first.” After receiving everyones agreement, the head of the group nodded and said seriously, “We must abide by the law.

After all, the Song Family did such a thing, so we definitely cant let them off lightly! According to the law, those women who married out can not be exempted from the law, so they will definitely be punished.”

Hearing this, the others could not sit still anymore.

Just as they were about to stand up and speak, they were stopped.

“How about this, after Im done, you guys can discuss it again, okay”

“… Okay, then continue.”

“Look, this punishment is unavoidable, but the crime is definitely different according to different parties.

We have to consider their innocence too! How about we reduce the punishment according to the facts of the investigation”

In order to prevent people from trafficking in arms, the Federation law would impose aJoint punishment for this crime.

It was also to allow people in a family to monitor each other.

However, the specific punishment system was still somewhat workable!

“What do you guys think of my idea” the chief smiled at the officials below and asked.

Actually, this method could be considered as having both benefits!

Not only did it comply with the law, but it also allowed the Song Family women who married into their family to keep their dignity and reputation.

“Okay, I agree with your idea!”

The first person let out a sigh of relief, and the others did not insist anymore.

In fact, they knew that this was the best solution!

“Then, Elder Ning, what do you think”

Elder Ning looked up.

“I still think that this matter should be handled strictly according to the law! But… since youve said so, then well do as you say!”

After all, he now had two grandchildren.

No matter what, he had to accumulate some good fortune for them! “However, we definitely cant let this main culprit off lightly!”

“Dont worry, thats for sure!” The head of the group solemnly nodded his head towards Elder Ning.

Since this Song Tiancheng dared to do such a thing, he definitely would not let them off!

“Alright… then weve decided on the outcome of this issue! Well discuss the details later.

Now, I have another idea.

How about everyone listen to it”

“What Idea”

“Everyone knows that Mo Chu has contributed a lot to our Federation.

Other than Spirit Food and normal plants, she has even brought hope to our Federations normal growth! These contributions can not be erased!”

“I was thinking of giving her some rewards and spending them from the Ministry of Finance… What do you guys think”

What could they do

Youve already said so much, how could they not agree Besides, they were still thinking of building a good relationship with Mo Chu! Could they put up more resistance on this matter

Thus, very quickly, the matter of “Rewarding Mo Chu” was decided with a unanimous vote!

Not long after, Mo Chu, who had received the news from Ning Yiyuan, was so happy that she could not close his mouth!


She actually received the governments commendation

This was not just a verbal reward.

A huge sum of money would be transferred to her terminal as a bonus!

Little Chu counted with her fingers.

With just this amount of money, it was enough to support her two children from birth to adulthood!


The government was really generous!

“Are you that happy” Although this amount of money seemed to be a lot, it was nothing compared to their total assets…

Looking at Little Chus silly and happy face, Ning Yiyuan could not help but pinch her cheeks.

Ever since Little Chus appetite had improved, her little face had become chubby.

It looked white with a tinge of red.

When he touched it, it felt really good!

“How can I not be happy”

Mo Chu raised her head and smiled at Ning Yiyuan.

She got this money for free! It was even given out by the government on its own initiative.

They did not even have to pay taxes, okay

“Why dont we take this opportunity to buy some things for the babies”

Not to mention other things, the various exquisite and small items in the Federation still piqued her interest.

Moreover, once this money was in her hands, she could not control her desire to buy things!

“You want to go shopping” Ning Yiyuan frowned slightly.

Looking at Little Chus protruding belly, he spoke with some disapproval, “Your current appearance is too obvious.

When there are more people, what if they squeeze you No, lets buy it on the Starnet.

What do you think”

“Im fine!” Mo Chu pursed her lips and turned her head away.

She did not know if it was because of her pregnancy, but her temper had changed a lot recently.

Although she knew that what Ning Yiyuan said made sense, she still could not help but feel upset.

“Count it yourself.

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant… how long has it been since I last went out on the streets Ive been staying at home all this time, and Im almost suffocating…”

At the end of her sentence, Little Chus voice was choked with sobs!

When Ning Yiyuan heard Little Chus tearful voice, his heart almost ached to death! He quickly hugged her and said gently, “Why are you still crying Whats the big deal Be good, dont cry anymore.”

In the end, Little Chus tears fell one after another, and the grievance in her heart grew deeper and deeper.

“Sob… I knew it.

Im already so fat now.

You hate me and definitely wont be willing to take me out!”

What kind of words were those

Ning Yiyuan really did not know whether to laugh or cry!

He wished he could keep Mo Chu in his pocket at all times.

How could he hate her

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