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“Oh! It turns out that womens tempers change during pregnancy.

This is true!”

Elder Liu happened to be watching this from the side.

He could not help but click his tongue and sigh.

He even took this information seriously and recorded it in his work diary.

Looking at his conscientious appearance, he could be called a model worker, okay

“What” Ning Yiyuan chuckled when she saw Mo Chu pouting and throwing a tantrum.

He held Mo Chus hand tentatively.

“Do you really want to go that badly”

In fact, what Little Chu said was not unreasonable.

Ever since she got pregnant, she had been staying in this old house.

Even if she went out for a walk, she would only walk around for a while.

She would probably die of depression if she were a pet, let alone a living person, no wonder this little girl had such a big opinion!

“Of course, I want to go out!”

As soon as she heard the change in Ning Yiyuans attitude, Mo Chu turned her head with a swish and looked at him with bright eyes.

She looked no different from a little husky…

This silly look made Ning Yiyuans heart itch.

He wanted nothing more than to immediately hug her in his arms and kiss her hard!

However, he still hesitated for a few minutes on the surface.

He seemed to be frowning with hesitation.

Just a few seconds before Mo Chus patience was about to run out, he opened his mouth leisurely and deliberately dragged out his tone, “If thats the case… then… alright! Well go out!”

As soon as Ning Yiyuan finished speaking, Mo Chus eyes immediately lit up.

If it was not for the fact that her body was too heavy at this moment, she might have jumped up.

She hurriedly grabbed Ning Yiyuans body and asked, “Really Really”


“Thats great.

Lets hurry up and set off…” After receiving Ning Yiyuans affirmative answer, Mo Chu was so happy that her little face was practically glowing.

She tugged at Ning Yiyuans sleeve and was about to walk out.

However, before she could even take a few steps, she was stopped by Elder Liu who had rushed over from the side.

That slap was like a hand-operated electric fan!

“No, no, no.

How can we let Little Chu go out on the street What if she bumps into something No, absolutely not!”

After saying that, Elder Liu turned his head and glared at Ning Yiyuan.

His face was filled with the words,I wish you could live up to my expectations!

It was understandable that Little Chu wanted to cause trouble when he was pregnant, but why would a grown man like Ning Yiyuan cause trouble here

Looking at Elder Lius determined expression, Mo Chu could not help but lower her head and pursed her lips… so she still could not go!

Thinking of this, Mo Chus chubby little face instantly became dispirited, and even the corners of her mouth also drooped down…

Ning Yiyuans heart ached when he saw this!

He might as well put her behind him to protect her.

Facing Elder Liu, he said with a firm expression, “Dont worry, Ill protect her safety.

Ill definitely not let anything happen to Little Chu!”


Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows.

“Dont tell me you still dont trust my strength”

Besides, how could he let Little Chu be exposed to danger Little Chu and the child were now his lifeblood!


Since Ning Yiyuan had said so, what else could Elder Liu say

In the end, he could only take a step back silently and watch Little Chu happily walk out with a big belly…

To be honest, Elder Liu was feeling extremely anxious.

Little Chu was only four months pregnant, and he was extremely anxious! Yet, these two parties did not take it seriously.

How were they going to live the rest of their lives!

Thus, when the old man rushed back with a face full of surprise, he saw Elder Liu who was secretly grieving.

He could not help but ask, “What happened to you Little Chu and Ning Yiyuan, why didnt I see them”

“The two of them… went out shopping.”


When he heard this, the old man immediately exploded!


Little Chus stomach was half the size of a football at this moment.

He actually dared to take Little Chu shopping

He said it!

At this time, it was still up to him, the old general, to guard the overall situation.

Ning Yiyuan was still too young!

“That… Ill get them to come back immediately!”

The old man hurriedly called Ning Yiyuan, but there was no reply.

This made the old man extremely angry!

On the other side.

Mo Chu was like a bird that had been released from its cage.

Her footsteps carried some excitement.

“What do you want to buy first” Ning Yiyuan hugged Mo Chu and smiled as she turned her head to ask.

“Well… Lets go buy some things for the baby first.” Mo Chu counted with her fingers and said seriously, “Baby carriages, baby clothes, baby toys… We have to buy all of them!”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuans expression became gentler and he nodded with a faint smile.

“Then lets go to the store and take our time to choose!”


There were not many customers in the baby section of the store.

As soon as Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan walked in, the waitress immediately greeted them with a smile.

“Hello, May I know if you want to…”

She stopped mid-sentence…

Mo Chu raised her head in surprise and saw that the waitress was staring at her protruding belly with her mouth wide open!

“Youre Mo…”

“Shh –”

Just as the waitress was about to scream, Mo Chu suddenly raised his index finger and gently placed it by his mouth, indicating for her to keep it a secret.

Understanding what Mo Chu meant, the waitress could not hide her excitement as she stared at them a few times.

Only then did she nod her head with anI understand expression.

“Are you guys out on a date Dont worry! I definitely wont tell anyone about this news…”

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