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Child… Life…

No matter what, these two words are an extremely heavy topic…

Looking at the woman who cried on the ground, the other female fans who had already become mothers could not help but turn red-eyed.

Even those seven-foot-tall men could not help but turn their faces away!

They had the same feeling!

Because the fertility rate of the Federation was really too low!

Under those cold numbers, there were many lives buried! Those were the children that they had placed infinite hope in!

In the past, many people had welcomed a hope filled with anticipation and ecstasy, but in the end, they could only bear with the pain and watch it leave… That kind of heart-wrenching pain, those who had never been parents would definitely not understand!

It was also because of this that they could understand this mothers sudden outburst of grief.

Because most of them had also experienced this pain…

“Um… Do you want to come over and touch this child” In the midst of the silence, Mo Chu suddenly spoke.

That gentle voice was like a flowing clear stream, instantly moistening their scarred hearts…

When the crowd heard the voice, they raised their heads and subconsciously looked toward Mo Chu.

In their line of sight, Little Chus fair and tender little face had a light smile on it.

Her eyes were filled with relief as she looked at his mother who was still kneeling on the ground.

She slowly extended her hand towards her.

“You… want to give it a try”

“Miss Mo Chu!”

When he heard this, a bodyguard behind Mo Chu voiced his disapproval.

Who knew if this womans identity was safe What if something happened

Ning Yiyuan also frowned slightly, but did not open his mouth to object.

He only lowered his head to look at Mo Chu, his eyes revealing some doubt.

Do you believe her

The tacit understanding between the two had long been cultivated.

Mo Chu saw through Ning Yiyuans intention with a glance, but she still nodded firmly!

She knew Ning Yiyuans concerns, but she also believed in her own judgment.

A mothers gaze… would never lie!

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds, but Ning Yiyuan finally compromised.

He turned his head and gave the leading soldier a look.

Seeing this, the soldier nodded in response without leaving a trace.

He raised his hand slightly, and with his actions, a gap suddenly opened up in the tightly surrounded army.

The gap was facing the woman that Mo Chu had invited.

On the other side, the soldiers were still secretly investigating and verifying the identity of this woman.

They must not let any danger get close to Mo Chu!

“What you said, is it… is it true”

The men that blocked the womans line of sight had already spread to both sides.

When she raised her head, she happened to meet Mo Chus sincere eyes.

All of them knew how important Little Chus birth was.

The government did not hesitate to spend a huge amount of manpower and material resources to create comprehensive protection for Mo Chu! Even the precious normal plants could be used to make Spirit Food for her!

But now, she believed in herself so much that she even took the initiative to let her touch her stomach…

Tears instantly filled the womans tear rims again…

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded.

“Of course its true.”

The smile on her lips instantly looked as warm as spring.

Mo Chu understood that her fans had given her too much strength and help along the way.

Without them, she would never have been able to grow to where she was today!

So… it was just a little consolation.

She could still do it.

“Come on, lets try it.” Mo Chu waved at her.

Her gaze swept over her belly and she sighed softly.

“These little fellows are really mischievous!”

Looking at Little Chus protruding belly, the womans eyes could not help but show some gentleness…

She staggered up from the ground and walked toward Mo Chu under everyones gaze.

Ning Yiyuan was still standing beside Mo Chu, guarding her like a guard.

As the woman got closer and closer, she could not help but look at the leading soldier.

Their investigation had already come to a preliminary conclusion.

There was nothing wrong with this womans identity check.

She should just be a simple fan…

Looking at the safety information handed over by the soldier, Ning Yiyuan let out a sigh of relief.

Even so, he still did not dare to be careless.

The special ability in his hand was already ready to be used.

If anything unexpected happened, he could immediately ensure Little Chus safety.

The woman had already walked in front of Mo Chu.

The distance between them was less than a meter…

“Can… can I really touch it”

The woman still could not believe it.

Her palm had been scratched by her nails, and there were still some blood stains.

She subconsciously wiped her palm on her body, for fear of dirtying Mo Chus clothes.

“Of course.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded.

Then, under the circumstances that no one expected, Mo Chu took the initiative to take half a step forward, held the womans hand, and gently placed it on her protruding belly…

The woman was stunned by the touch under her palm, and she did not recover for a long time.

Due to her pregnancy, Little Chus belly was not as soft as before.

When she thought about it, it was a little taut, as if something was supporting it!

“… is this your child”

Lowering her head to look at Mo Chus stomach, the womans expression became more and more gentle.

It was only at this moment that everyone noticed that this womans appearance was actually very beautiful and pleasant.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded.

“Theyre really mischievous.

Sometimes, the fetal movement reaction is especially obvious!”

“Fetal movement…” What is it

The woman raised her head slightly and was about to ask.

The child in Mo Chus stomach was already performing to give her an answer.

“Ah-” The woman shouted in a low voice in surprise.

She quickly lowered her head to look at Mo Chus stomach.

Her eyes were filled with surprise and wonder.

“It… It seemed to have kicked me just now!”

So this was the fetal movement!

The woman could not help but feel touched!

All the pain that she had suffered before seemed to be soothed at this moment.

“Thats right, this is called the fetal movement.” Mo Chu smiled and winked at her.

The two of them had a simple conversation, but it aroused the curiosity of the onlookers!


How did it feel to touch Little Chus stomach

Also… What did that fetal movement mean They had specially gone online to search for it, but there was no information at all!

Oh my God, this was too tantalizing!

This kind of behavior was really too much, okay

After a long while, they did not feel the fetal movement again.

Only then did the woman reluctantly put her hand down from Mo Chus stomach.

When she met Mo Chus smiling face, she could not help but be stunned.

Then, the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled up.

Then, she stepped forward and took a step back slightly.

Seeing this, the bodyguards and soldiers at the side could not help but let out a light sigh.

The next second, she saw the woman suddenly bend down and bow to Mo Chu!

Her slightly choked voice was filled with gratitude.

“Little Chu, thank you! Really… Thank you!”

One had to know that not everyone had the guts to expose themselves to the public and risk their lives just so that they could comfort their group of fans!

This sincerity would forever be engraved in their hearts!

“Dont.” Mo Chu hurriedly helped her up and gently pinched her hand.

“I should be the one thanking you.

Also… Dont worry, I believe that the days when our Federation will return to normal will not be too long!”

At the very least, they had already broken through the most difficultEra Zero.

The road after that would surely be much easier.

Hearing this, the womans eyes could not help but light up.

It was as if she could already see the beautiful scene of her being pregnant with a tender and fair child in the future.

And this scene was quickly uploaded onto the internet by the netizens.

Unlike the previous silly and noisy scenes, everyones style seemed to have become much more upright this time.

As they watched this video, everyones feelings were complicated.

Some of them had already become parents, some were prepared to become parents, and most of them had… been parents before.

Perhaps they had never told others about this deep-seated pain, but they had never thought that they would face it head-on in such a way!

That mother who had suddenly sobbed was like a microcosm of all of them.

Therefore, when they saw that woman crying, they seemed to feel that their hearts were also bleeding.

And Mo Chus next action made everyones hearts warm!

Even if they did not touch Mo Chus stomach with their own hands, nor did they witness this scene with their own eyes, that feeling seemed to be transmitted through the screen completely!

This was the first time they were so pleased with themselves — they were Mo Chus fans!

The initially lively Starnet suddenly quieted down… Everyone was immersed in this video and could not extricate themselves.

At this moment, Little Chu and Ning Yiyuan had already returned to the Ning Family home.

The old man was sitting upright on the sofa.

He was originally prepared to punish the two of them for going out without permission, but when he saw the video circulating on the internet, his eyes could not help but moisten…

Looking at Little Chus round figure, the old man waved at her.

After Mo Chu sat down with a blank look, he praised her, “You did well today!”


Forgive her for not being very intelligent after she got pregnant! Hearing this, Mo Chu really could not react.

Could it be that the old man was encouraging her to go shopping more in the future

Hmm… this was not like her grandfathers personality!

Ning Yiyuan quickly understood.

He lowered her head and whispered a few words into Mo Chus ear before she finally reacted! She scratched her head.

Damn it! This was the first time her grandfather had praised her so directly.

She was really a little shy!

“Actually, I also know that I was a little reckless back then.

After all, it was a safety issue…”

“You dont have to worry about that!” The old man waved his hand and smiled amiably at Mo Chu, “This is something that Ning Yiyuan should be worried about.

If he cant even guarantee this, how can he be a Commander Just scram back as soon as possible!”

“Alright, you should be tired after strolling for so long.

Go back and rest!”

Ning Yiyuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Grandfather, please, I was still standing by the side when you said this!

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