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Mo Chu, who had been browsing for a whole day and had been praised by the old man, did not know that her video had caused a huge uproar online…

And the cause was due to one of the netizenskeen eyes!

She had watched the video a few times and had actually managed to dig out an important piece of information from it.

She was instantly shocked!

Following that, with the good spirit of having fun alone rather than having fun together, the netizen posted the news on the Starnet.

“Umm, did I hear it wrong When Little Chu described the child in her stomach, she used the wordthem.

Could it be… Little Chu is carrying… more than one child in her stomach!”

Look, this level of detail was no less than that of a professional!

And this comment was placed at the top of the discussion forum.

It instantly drew everyones attention back!

Initially, there were still some traces of sadness in everyones hearts, but now, they were all dispersed by this piece of good news.

Thick excitement and curiosity instantly surged in their hearts!

Everyone could not help but rub their hands excitedly!

… What!

Little Chu was pregnant with more than one child

Wow! This news was simply too shocking!

Their spirits were lifted, and the netizens all turned into detectives.

They clicked on the link and watched the video again and again!

With one look, they really discovered the small details inside.

When Little Chu described the child in his stomach, he indeed used the plural!

What did this mean

This meant that Little Chu was pregnant with at least two children!

The previously rather quiet discussion area suddenly became lively as if the ban had been lifted!

Everyone focused on this matter…

“See What did I say Lucky Star is awesome! Not only is she pregnant, shes even pregnant with more than one child! Shes the best! Are you convinced!”

Yes! They were convinced!

Just this comment alone was a series of emojis of people kneeling down to the villain! It was so interesting!

“Hehe… Well, as the representative of our outstanding male compatriots, we also have to give Commander Ning, Comrade Ning Yiyuan, our warm congratulations! I have to say, this young mansability is quite strong!”

Without Ning Yiyuans diligent efforts, Little Chu would not have been able to conceive a child so smoothly, right

As soon as these words were said, it instantly attracted countless male netizens likes! Thats right! The efforts of our male compatriots cant be ignored, right

Thus, with this comment, the number of Ning Yiyuans individual fans increased by a large margin!

There were even people who privately messaged him, asking him about his usual diet and lifestyle, saying that they were prepared to follow his methods to maintain their health.

Who knows, they might even be able to quickly become a father-to-be!

Just like that, they restrained themselves.

There were even people who directly asked about the posture and position of Ning Yiyuan and Little Chu in bed.

According to him, if he understood these things, his chances of successfully becoming a father would increase by more than half!

Ning Yiyuan did not know whether to laugh or cry at this sight!

He had no choice.

The majority of his male compatriots were really envious of him!

Tell me, did Commander Ning cheat his way to the peak of his life

He already had power and strength.

More importantly, he even married a petite wife like Mo Chu.

Now that he even had children, he even had two!

Thinking about it carefully, Ning Yiyuan was only a young man now.

If they were in his shoes, they would not even be able to hold onto a womans tender hands, let alone a wife and children!

This cruel contrast was simply too heartbreaking…

Thus, everyone forgot about Ning Yiyuans reputation and directly tried to get close to him through private messages, hoping to pry some secrets from him.

Fortunately, they wisely chose not to open the video, or else they would have been shocked by Ning Yiyuans dark handsome face!


Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly… This group of people had quite a lot of guts!

They actually dared to ask him and Little Chu about the secret of their boudoir! They even dared to ask such a highly private question, like the posture!

The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth twitched slightly.

He stretched out his slender fingers and lightly tapped on the terminal a few times.

Tick-tock —

At the same time, the prompt for a reply sounded.

All the male compatriots who were anxiously waiting for Commander Nings reply online could not help but feel excited!


Commander Ning actually replied to them

They were simply too excited.

Their little hearts were beating wildly… Could it be that they were about to obtain the secret to clearing the level and walk to the peak of their lives together

Shaking their hands, they couldnt hide their excitement as they clicked on Commander Nings reply…


It was very short and concise, and even the punctuation should not exceed ten words…

Taking a closer look, everyones pupils dilated at the same time!

What the hell

Were they seeing things The male compatriots wiped their eyes one after another, then looked up at the terminal.

The reply was still the same, so everyones faces instantly turned black in unison!

Ning Yiyuans reply was unanimous.

“Thank you! This is called being gifted!”

Seeing this reply, everyone almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

F*ck! … being gifted!

They were all men, so what else could they not understand

Ning Yiyuan was invisibly boasting about his ability as a man!


You have the nerve to say that, but we dont have the nerve to listen to it!

Everyone was heartbroken.

They had never thought that Ning Yiyuan was actually such a person in private!

It was too dirty and too depressing!


It was just words, right Why dont we compete in real life Why dont we put up a picture As the saying goes, theres a picture and theres the truth!

As a result, the male netizens who could not take it anymore immediately fired off! No man was willing to step back and say no to such an issue!


After a short period of silence, the netizens chose Commander Guan Ning one after another… they had no choice but to unfollow him.

This blow was really too big!

Thus, the number of fans on Ning Yiyuans stats kept rising, but after a short while, a large number of people turned from fans to haters!

The sheer number of people was simply jaw-dropping!

Of course, thisfan escape incident had also become a permanent historical miracle in the entertainment industry.

No one could explain the reason behind it, but of course, there were also many guesses…

At the same time, the discussion on the Internet became more and more intense.

Everyone started to play a game ofGuess and Play.

There were two main contents.

One was how many children did Little Chu have The other was whether the gender of these children was male or female

These two questions might seem simple, but the enthusiasm of the netizens was extremely high!

During this period of time, as soon as you entered the Federations Starnet, almost all the forums were discussing this matter.

Be it the large official forums or those small and uninteresting forums, there was no exception.

There were even people who had specially set up a bet for this.

Although it was purely for fun, it instantly attracted the attention of many people.

ThisGuess and Play game that almost everyone was participating in naturally attracted the attention of the higher-ups of the Federation… Looking at the discussions online, everyone could not help but be at a loss whether to laugh or cry!

You dont believe me

Take a look for yourself!

Netizen A, “I guess Little Chu is pregnant with three children! As for the gender, its two girls and one son! Aiyo! Thinking about it carefully, this rhythm is really great.

Its completely my ideal future!”

Netizen B, “What the hell Only three Youre underestimating the abilities of my Little Chu and Commander Ning too much! There should be at least four or five of them! Its best if its three sisters and two brothers!”

Netizen C, “Right! I agree with the opinion of the person above! When the time comes, Ill go apply for the job of Little Chus nanny.

Aiya! How beautiful would the children who have combined the merits of Commander Ning and Little Chu be! Just thinking about it makes my heart melt…”

Looking further down, there was still a string of netizens who wanted to make an appointment in advance to become a nanny!

“Alright,” the higher-ups smiled as they sent Elder Liu a video message.

“Hurry up and post the results of your check-ups online.

Otherwise, if we let them continue, Little Chu will probably have six babies in one go!”

However, to be honest, the people of the Federation were really too adorable…

“Mm.” Elder Liu was also paying attention to the news online.

When he heard this, he could not help but smile and nod.

“Dont worry, Ill immediately post the results!”

When Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin received the news, they immediately took action.

Not long after, the officials posted the results of Little Chus latest inspection together with the footage of the fetal movements they had recorded earlier on the official website…

This was no different from dropping another bomb out of thin air on the Starnet!

All the netizens were stunned by the explosion and could not recover from their shock for a long time!

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