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The government was actually so generous this time They directly revealed the answer to the riddle

… Little Chu was pregnant with two children!

At the same time, the majority of the netizens could not help but feel a hint of emotion.

Aiya! TheirGuess and Play game had just reached its climax, and it ended so quickly

However, very quickly, the netizens shifted their attention away from this problem and focused their attention on the video of the babys movements.

When they clicked on it, they saw that the two palm-sized children had already taken shape.

Their small arms and legs could already be distinguished.

It was a pleasant sight to see!

This video was only a few minutes long, but it was watched over a dozen times by everyone.

There were even quite a number of people who downloaded it and stored it in their terminals, ready to keep it as a souvenir!

Of the two children in the video, one looked a little more obedient, while the other wanted to be a little more rowdy.

Did this not put on an all-out show in Mo Chus stomach!

Look, that Little Fist clenched, and that little leg kicked again.

Otherwise, it would be an additional 360-degree turn… It was a healthy and energetic appearance!

The netizens who had been curious about what fetal movement was now finally cleared up their doubts!

Their children were all nurtured throughbaby-rearing methods.

From forming a fertilized egg to growing into an embryo, they were all in the incubator.

There was no such process at all.

When they saw this scene on the Internet, everyones hearts trembled, and they felt a surge of warmth…

There were even many mothers who could not not help but reach out their hands and touch the two children through the screen… To them, this was not just the blood of Little Chu and Commander Ning, it was also their hope for the future!

“Eh” After a long silence, a Netizen suddenly broke the silence and left a message asking, “What are the gender of these two children Why didnt you guys say anything!”

Thats right!

Seeing this message, everyone came back to their senses!

Thats right!

There was still a mystery that they hadnt figured out yet.

Thinking of this, everyone could not help but look forward to it again!

Then, Zhong Wen directly replied on the official website, “Because Little Chu is only about four months pregnant, we cant accurately determine the gender of the child.

I think well have to wait for a while before we can give everyone accurate information.”

Aiyo! They still dont know the gender

Its fine… if they dont know, we can guess first!

The discussion forums became lively again!

To put it bluntly, since Little Chu only had two children, there were only three possibilities for the gender of the children:

One, two were all boys.

Two, two were all girls.

Three, one was a boy and one was a girl.

With these three possibilities, many netizens took sides and argued non-stop…

Moreover, they had to admit that their reasons sounded especially reasonable!

“Needless to say, it must be two boys! Didnt you see how powerful the Ning familys Y chromosome is Its been so many years, but the Ning Family has never produced a girl, Okay”

“Thats right! It must be two boys!”

The other netizens disagreed.

On what basis

“My Little Chu is so outstanding, so the two children she gave birth to must have followed her.

Without a doubt, they must be two soft girls!”

“No! No! I still feel that a man and a woman are more suitable.

In this way, we can have both children, okay”

Just for this matter, another intenseWar of Words was launched on the Federation Starnet!

This huge commotion naturally fell into the eyes of the higher-ups of the other galaxies.

They had long received the news ofMo Chu being pregnant, but they had never dared to believe it! After all, it had been over a hundred years since anyone had gotten pregnant!

Yet, the moment someone got pregnant, it fell on their Federation Not only that, the person who got pregnant was Mo Chu Wasnt this too much of a coincidence!

Those who were able to reach the upper echelons of the various major galaxies and governments naturally could not help but be cautious.

At the start, they had thought of getting someone to go in and investigate the authenticity of this matter.

However, the Federation had immediately set up a complete defense!

Not only were the people they had planted unable to enter, even the spies from the past would find it difficult to send out any information!

In fact, from a certain perspective, this had already verified the fact that Mo Chu was pregnant.

Otherwise, the Federation would not have placed such a high degree of security!

Everyone already had an idea in their hearts.

However, they could not just rashly visit the Federation!

This time, the huge commotion on the Federations Starnet had given them the best excuse.

After all, the internet had already started to connect to the entire galaxy.

Although this project was only a small part of it, it was enough to spread to their own galaxy!

Especially when they found out that Mo Chu was pregnant with twins, the high officials of the various galaxies could not sit still anymore!

In this day and age, a woman who could get pregnant was already a national treasure, let alone two at once! Giving her a national medal was not a problem at all!

After all, the low fertility rate was not only a problem for the Federation, the entire galaxy was worried about it!

Now that they finally saw the light of hope, how could they let it go

Hence, at almost the same time, the major galaxies gathered their people and prepared to have a friendly meeting with the Federation!

Among them, the one who was in the most awkward situation was none other than Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

They had already formed a grudge with the Federation before this, and after that, they had gotten into a fight over normal plants! After that, they had sent people to steal normal plants time and time again, and even sent people to kidnap Mo Chu.

How could their friendship be good

It was already considered good enough that the Federation did not directly chase them out! Yet, this time, they had gone to their doorstep to beg for help!

Thinking of this, the mood of the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was very complicated!

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