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Thinking back to the past, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had always been a man of his word.

How did they end up in such an awkward situation after only a dozen years

To be honest, they did not know if they had done anything wrong.

As long as they fought with the Federation recently, they would definitely not end up well!

The truth was right in front of their eyes, causing them to feel some lingering fear!

However, this time, it was related to the great plan of human reproduction.

Even if they were unwilling to go, they still had to brace themselves to go..

Just as the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were worrying, a piece of news suddenly came from below, instantly jolting their spirits!

“What you said… Is it true”

The person in charge of this operation was head Zhang Qian and head Zhang.

At this moment, he was poking his head out to look at the staff below, and his usually calm face could not help but reveal some excitement.

“Right! Dont worry, weve already investigated it thoroughly.

Theres absolutely no problem!”

The staff below could not hide their excitement either.

Their eyes sparkled.

They had not expected it… Mo Chu actually… Haha, as expected, theres always a way out!

“Why didnt you guys find out about this back then” Director Zhang had always been cautious.

Now, he could not help but ask a few more questions.

“No one thought about this at that time.

If it wasnt for the Gu Family taking the initiative to bring it up, who would have known that they would actually still be with Mo Chu…”

“Enough!” Director Zhangs expression suddenly became solemn.

He reached out his hand to stop the lower half of his sentence, his gaze threatening.

“Let me tell you, you must absolutely guard this news with your lives! You must not let the Federation know about this, understand”

“Yes!” The staff member also knew the severity of the matter.

He hurriedly shut his mouth and nodded his head with a solemn expression.

“Director Zhang, dont worry.

I will definitely guard this news with all my might.

I guarantee that not a single cent of it will be leaked out.”

“Very good.” Hearing this, the corners of Zhang Qians mouth could not help but curl up.

The worry on his face was completely swept away as he raised his head to look in the direction of the Federation.

His eyes were faintly filled with anticipation.

Tsk tsk, this meeting… would be very interesting…

Half a month later.

The representatives of the various major galaxies had all gathered at the Federations territory.

After resting for a few days, Elder Qin came to receive them.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, everyone could not hold back their temper and immediately cut to the main topic.

The first to speak was Dark Ocean Galaxys people.

He and Elder Qin had some relations before, so he went straight to the point at this moment.

“Alright, Old Qin, dont keep us in suspense.

Hurry up and tell us about this Mo Chus situation!”

Over the past few years, Dark Ocean Galaxy and the Federation had maintained a good relationship.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have been so direct!

Speaking of which, if this had happened a few decades ago, it definitely would not have happened!

At that time, Dark Ocean Galaxy and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had been advancing side by side.

As for the Federation, although their overall strength was ranked third, there was still a certain gap between them and these two giants!

However, who would have thought that over the past few decades, the Federation would actually produce geniuses like Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu.

They had forcefully raised the Federations strength by a large margin.

This was the current situation in the galaxy, it had already faintly become a three-legged formation..

“What” Elder Qin chuckled and started to play tai chi.

“How can you not know about Little Chus situation Hasnt the Starnet been abuzz with news”

“Does this mean that the matter of Mo Chu being pregnant with the twins is true!”

A cry of surprise rang out, instantly causing ripples in everyones hearts.

Even though they knew about it, after personally confirming it, it was a completely different feeling!

Sigh… Tell me, why is the luck of the Federation so good Every good thing has fallen onto their heads! The heavens are too unfair!

“Come on! Old Qin, todays meal must be treated by you guys.

Otherwise, my eyes will be red with envy today!” Dark Ocean Galaxys representative laughed as he spoke, he waved his hand and said, “Also, bring out that bottle of hard liquor that you have treasured for more than ten years and let us have a taste.

Dont hide it anymore…”

The representatives of the other galaxies also joined in the jeering.

It was not because they were greedy for this bottle of good liquor.

The main point was that once this person drank too much, he might be able to get some information out of him, right

With this thought in mind, the group of people actually drank!

However, no one would have thought that Elder Qin was actually a person who would not get drunk even after drinking a thousand cups.

So many of them had already drunk until they were a little groggy, but Elder Qin still had a face full of sobriety!

Sigh, it was really a mistake! The early work had not been done properly!

One had to know that alcohol had always been a pestering little fairy! Once they met it, there werent many people who could retain their rationality!

However, the representatives of these few galaxies were not easy to deal with.

Thus, using the alcohol, they were half-drunk and half-awake.

They said, “How about this, Elder Qin, tell us the truth.

How is the research of your Federation coming along with this normal breeding technology”

They had to figure out the other partys background before they could give them the appropriate chips!

To put it bluntly, they had come here this time for this matter!

They were also clear that the Federation would not reveal such a crucial technology to the public for free.

Of course, they could not keep it a secret either.

The best way was for them to take out the appropriate chips and obtain a certain amount of crucial information, to take the most important first step!

“This… I really dont know!” Elder Qin shook his head slightly.

“Elder Liu and the others are mainly in charge of this part of the matter.

Moreover, its said that they have spent most of their energy on helping Little Chu with her pregnancy.

Its really hard to say if there are any research results!”

Actually, Elder Qin was speaking the truth at this moment.

However, the key point was that no one else believed him!

Just pretend!

It has already been more than two months since Little Chu was discovered to be pregnant.

What valuable research did your Federation not discover Did they really think that they were fools

“Elder Qin, youre not doing us any favors! Its not like were asking you to tell us the results of your research.

As long as you tell us a little bit of your progress, its fine!”

“Thats right!”

“You cant put it that way.

I still believe in Elder Qin.

If it were our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, we would also be the first to save Mo Chus pregnancy.”


Everyone looked over when they heard the voice.

They could not help but wonder…

These words actually came from the mouth of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative, Director Zhang.

It was simply unbelievable!

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