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Could it be… that this guys brain had been kicked by a magical beast

Otherwise, why would he be so kind He actually spoke up for Mo Chu! One had to know that the conflict between Little Chu and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was not light!

Even Elder Qin could not help but raise his defense level in his heart!

“Why are you all looking at me like that” The corners of Director Zhangs mouth curled up slightly.

When he spoke, he was filled with an awe-inspiring righteousness.

“Isnt that right Putting people first is the most basic principle!”

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Although everyone looked like they agreed, they all laughed at the same time in their hearts.

Hmph! How could they not know what Wisdom Cloud Galaxy looked like in private! Dont think that you can pretend to be a saint just because you wear a robe!

They rolled their eyes at Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, and everyone immediately changed the topic back to Mo Chu.

Since they could not find a way to get information for the time being, they might as well change the angle.

“Um… when is it convenient for Miss Mo Chu Can we go and see her”

Elder Qin had already expected that they would have such thoughts.

After pondering for a moment, he finally nodded, “Alright, how about this Ill arrange for you to meet with Little Chu in two days.

However, this time cant be too long.

The main thing is to focus on Mo Chus daily schedule.”

“Of course.” Upon hearing that Elder Qin had relented, the representatives from the other galaxies could not help but sigh in relief.

They nodded in understanding.

“Well arrange according to Miss Mo Chus schedule!”

After all, pregnant women were the most important.

Moreover, this pregnant woman was the only one in the entire galaxy at the moment.

There was no need to mention the importance of that!

“Oh right, then shouldnt we prepare some things for Miss Mo Chu to nourish her body”

Director Zhang suddenly stuck his head out and interjected.

The concerned expression on his face did not seem fake at all!

As expected, those who could reach this level were all best actor actors!

Look at this, these kinds of scenes were easy to come by, and their acting skills were even more perfect!

As if he did not see the astonished gazes of the crowd, Director Zhang added with concern, “Our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy recently obtained a Heart-warming Jade.

Why dont we give it to miss mo Chu when the time comes”

… Heart-warming Jade

Yo! Wisdom Cloud Galaxys spending this time was really big!

After all, this item was currently on the market, and there were only three of them in the entire galaxy! Its value was more than priceless!

It was said that as long as one wore the heart-warming jade, it was as if there was an invisible air current regulating the function of ones body.

The effect was simply magical!

Of course, only people at their level had heard of this item.

If it was the ordinary people below, they would have never even heard of it!

It was because of how precious it was that everyone could not help but feel astonished… Who would have thought that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy would actually take the initiative to offer something to Mo Chu, and that it would be such a precious treasure

At this moment, everyone could no longer sit still as they stole a few glances at each other.

Tell me, what exactly is Wisdom Cloud Galaxy up to

Why are they getting more and more confused

Could it be… that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy is preparing to curry favor with Mo Chu and restore good relations with the Federation

If thats the case, then they must send the news back in time and make preparations as soon as possible!

Elder Qin would not think so!

Over the years, he had interacted with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy countless times.

He had long understood Wisdom Cloud Galaxys character.

How could they be so attentive And they even gave Little Chu a gift

In your dreams!

Who knows, they might be holding something evil in their hearts right now!

Moreover, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had always relied on its strong military strength and developed economy.

She did not put other galaxies in her eyes.

How could she possibly bend down and give in to the Federation

As the saying goes, when something goes wrong, there must be something wrong!

Thus, Elder Qin could not help but secretly raise his guard.

He thought that when the time came, the things that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had sent over must be carefully examined.

Who knows, they might have done something to it!

After all, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had done this kind of immoral thing many times!

Director Zhang naturally noticed Elder Qins vigilant gaze.

The corners of his mouth could not help but Twitch and he gave him a meaningful look.

Thus, a few days later, when Mo Chu received the notice that the representatives of the other galaxies were going to visit her and ask when it would be convenient for her, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned!


She was so awesome now! Even the high officials of the other galaxies had to comply with her schedule

This kind of treatment was probably something that even the head of the Federation did not have!

As expected, the title ofNational-Treasure-Level Pregnant Mother was not given for nothing!

Speaking of which, Little Chus current daily life was a regular pattern.

In summary, there were only three words: Eat, sleep, and leave!

Eat referred to three meals a day and numerous midnight snacks.

After all, a pregnant womans appetite was a bottomless pit.

One could fill in as many as one wanted! In addition, Mo Chu was pregnant with twins, so she ate even more!

Of course, after the initial period of pregnancy and vomiting, Little Chu could already accept the Spirit Food made by magical plants.

It was not just limited to normal plants.

Otherwise, just eating would make the Ning Family poor!

As for sleeping, that was even more interesting.

In addition to the necessary eight to nine hours of sleep every night, Little Chu was also very sleepy during the day.

Sometimes, she would start yawning before she could even say a few words, and soon, she would be able to quickly enter a state of sleep..

As for walking, it meant taking a one-hour walk every day, which could be divided into several periods to complete.

There was no other way.

Perhaps the nutrition had caught up, but Little Chus belly was getting bigger and bigger.

It was like blowing up a balloon.

It was a shocking sight to behold!

Especially Ning Yiyuan.

She could not wait to be by Mo Chus side at all times, afraid that something would happen to her.

In order to ensure that she could successfully give birth in the future, she left the daily walking work to Ning Yiyuan to complete.

At this moment, Mo Chu picked the most awake time of the day, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Firstly, she had already eaten and drank her fill during this period of time, so she did not need to eat any more food for the time being.

Furthermore, she had already taken a nap, so she did not have to worry about falling asleep the moment she met everyone.

Since the time had been set, everyone soon came knocking on her door.

Thus, when Mo Chu sat on the sofa in high spirits and smiled as she waved to the representatives of the various galaxies, the other party was clearly dumbfounded.

What the hell

The woman in front of them was actually Mo Chu!

If it was not for Ning Yiyuans gentle gaze and his meticulous caring actions, they would definitely suspect that Mo Chu had been switched!

There was nothing they could do about it.

The difference was simply too great!

After all, the impression Mo Chu left in the minds of the representatives of the various galaxies was still that of that pure yet crafty and slender girl.

But what about this person in front of them

The most eye-catching part was her stomach.

It was as if there was a ball on it.

And it was not an ordinary ping-pong ball, but a huge basketball!

Moreover, her entire body had become fair and tender, much more plump than before.

With just a glance, she looked completely different from before!

Mo Chu also noticed their surprised gazes and could not help but clear her throat.

“Hello, whats the matter”

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys Director Zhang was the first to recover from his shock.

After all, he had done a thorough investigation before coming here.

Although he was surprised by Mo Chus current appearance, he quickly accepted it.

“Hello, Miss Mo Chu.” Director Zhang Smiled as he took out a beautifully wrapped box from the terminal and handed it to Mo Chu.

“This is a small gift from Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

Its a Heart-warming Jade.

I hope you can accept it.”

Mo Chu had yet to react, but Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows and tactfully rejected him.

“Thank you, Director Zhang, but this gift is too precious.

You should take it back!”

Precious was one of the reasons, but more importantly, Ning Yiyuan was worried that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy would use this opportunity to plot against her again!

This was a critical time for Little Chu, and she could not make any mistakes or take any risks.

Therefore, he had to keep all dangers and potential dangers out!

Director Zhang did not show any displeasure at being rejected like this.

He just moved the hand holding the gift towards Mo Chu and added with a smile, “We are specifically giving this gift to Miss Mo Chu!”

The subtext was: Why are you meddling, Ning Yiyuan! This is none of your business, okay

“Miss Mo Chu, please believe in our sincerity.” Director Zhang looked directly at Mo Chu, his face full of sincerity.

“This Heart-warming Jade is very beneficial to the regulation of human body functions.

I believe you will definitely be able to use it now!”

Uh… Mo Chu stared at him as if she was looking at an idiot!

There seemed to be something wrong with the head of this representative of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy! Did this guy want her to believe in Wisdom Cloud Galaxys sincerity

Please! What sincerity are you talking about

Wisdom Cloud Galaxy almost kidnapped her, okay!

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