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Unfortunately, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was not aware that they had thoroughly angered Ning Yiyuan.

On the contrary, she wanted to add fuel to the fire and use public opinion to pressure Mo Chu and the Gu family to quickly conduct a family identification test to confirm the results!

The time was set for this afternoon!

Once this news was released, it quickly attracted the attention of a large number of people.

This time, it was not just the matter regarding the Federation and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Galaxy.

The people from the other galaxies also widened their eyes, preparing to take a closer look at the situation.

One had to know that once the dust settled on Mo Chus ownership, their partners might have to change as well.

Didnt they have to keep a close eye on him

“… What How could it be so fast”

In the living room of the Ning family, Qin Yue asked in disbelief.

He had originally thought that the Federation would find an excuse to delay the matter for a while.

He had never expected that the matter would develop so quickly

The person who had brought back this news was Elder Ning.

His face was filled with anger at this moment, and his tightly knitted brows were so tight that they could pinch a mosquito! If Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people were to appear in front of them, perhaps Elder Ning would be able to pounce on them and give them a good beating!

“Hmph! I dont know what kind of Information Wisdom Cloud Galaxy has on us.

In short, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representatives have been conversing with the higher-ups of our side for several hours and came to such a conclusion!”

The old mans words were not polite at all! His words were filled with sarcasm!

It was obvious that he was quite dissatisfied with the Federations actions this time.

To put it bluntly, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had snatched his granddaughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

How could the old man not be angry

On the other hand, Ning Yiyuan, who was standing beside him, appeared calm on the surface.

However, deep within his eyes, waves of emotions were surging and surging!

“Alright, I understand.” Ning Yiyuan stood up.

“Dont worry, Grandfather.

I will personally send Little Chu over this afternoon.”

After saying that, Ning Yiyuan turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Looking at the time, it was almost noon, and Little Chus lunch was not ready yet! They could not possibly starve her and the child, right

Damn it! They were on the verge of a fire, yet Ning Yiyuan still remembered to make lunch for Little Chu.

They were all impressed!

However, for some reason, looking at Ning Yiyuans determined back and smelling the faint fragrance coming from the kitchen, everyones originally flustered emotions suddenly became calm…


Since Ning Yiyuan was so calm, how could they be the first to panic

2 pm.

Everyone entered the venue punctually.

In order to ensure the fairness of this kin test, the entire process would be made public on the spot.

Not only were there relevant personnel from the Federation, even many people from Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had come.

Moreover, every corner of the venue was equipped with internet-connected devices, ensuring that every netizen could test the fairness of this test without any blind spots.

The head of the Gu Family had been quietly waiting at the side, his slightly turbid eyes could not conceal his excitement and excitement…

How could he not be excited

As long as the test today passed, Mo Chu and Mo Yang would be completely under the Gu Familys name!

With these two people, the Gu Family would be able to become a first-rate aristocratic family in a single leap! Thinking about the reputation and benefits that would be in his hands in the future, his heart could not help but beat wildly!

On the other side, under everyones anticipation, Mo Chu finally appeared…

Her long black hair hung down on both sides.

There was no makeup on Little Chus face.

Instead, it accentuated her clear temperament.

Her green maternity outfit made her look even more gentle and moving!

Although she had gained a lot of weight compared to before, her fair and delicate face gave off an indescribable beauty…

Ning Yiyuan was standing silently behind Mo Chu.His well-defined face was filled with determination, like protective God…

“Thank you for coming, everyone.” The Federation host stepped forward and spoke first.

He was also aware of everyones anxious state of mind, so his words were concise and comprehensive, “Weve gathered everyone here today to determine the relationship between Miss Mo Chu and the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Gu Family.

Without further ado, lets begin!”

In fact, the determination of relationship was already very common in the 21st century.

After thousands of years of development, its method of detection was simpler and the data was more realistic.

Thus, under everyones breathless wait, the medical expert who had been quietly waiting at the side immediately moved out.

He first collected a drop of blood from Mo Chus body, and then followed the same method to extract a drop from the Gu Family head.

He then placed two drops of blood into the apparatus and compared the results of the genetic analysis.

After a few more minutes, the results would be out.

These few short minutes, however, made everyone feel exceptionally tormented.

Especially when they looked at Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side, each and every one of them seemed to have a plan in mind.

This made everyone feel even more uncertain…


Little Chus mother could not really be a member of the Gu family, right Dont do that!

The citizens of the Federation, who were initially confident that this was impossible, could not help but waver at this moment…

However, when they looked up again, they saw that Mo Chu was still calm.

At this moment, she was still happily drinking her milk.

There was not a single trace of anxiety on her face.

With this, everyones anxious hearts could not help but calm down… Mmm! Thats right, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy must be deliberately mystifying things!

Finally, a few minutes passed like years.

The results were about to come out.

Everyone raised their heads in unison and stared at the display screen without blinking…

“Ha -”

A few seconds later, there was a sudden gasp!

Then, as if a ladle of hot water had been poured into hot oil, it splashed everywhere, and exclamations sounded one after another.

“F*ck! How is this possible Little Chu actually…”

“I dont believe it!”

Compared to the Federations shock, the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy person appeared extremely smug.

The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up, and the wordssmug were written all over his face!

When she turned his head around to take a look, the large words on the display clearly showed that the relationship between Mo Chu and the head of the Gu Family had reached 30 percent!

According to genetic statistics, Mo Chus mother was indeed a branch of the Gu Family!

Then, the audience exploded!

What the Hell

Little Chu was actually from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

Are You f*cking kidding me Or was this machine tampered with by Wisdom Cloud Galaxy

Once the results were out, not only did the audience get excited, even the faces of the Federation officials beside them turned extremely dark!

Although they had already guessed it, now that they had seen the results, their hearts still felt terrible! It was as if the treasure that they had been guarding for most of their lives was suddenly claimed to have another owner.

The feeling was extremely complicated!

“Haha!” The head of the Gu Family laughed.

His demeanor had demonstrated the essence of the wordsa villain gets his way!

Everyone wanted to throw rotten eggs at his head!

Holy sh*t!

What was there to laugh about What was so funny

Look at his smelly character.

How could he be related to Little Chu There was definitely a mistake somewhere!

Even though there were many different opinions, this test of affinity still came to an end.

The representatives of the other galaxies did not leave either.

All of them were paying close attention to the follow-up of this matter!

They reckoned that the Federation and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy still had a war to fight.

It would all depend on who would emerge victorious in the end!

Actually, from the bottom of their hearts, they were more willing to cooperate with the Federation.

After all, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was a person who would peel off the skin and peel off the flesh.

If this matter were to fall on Wisdom Cloud Galaxys head, who knows how much blood they would have to shed…

On the other side, after settling Mo Chu down, Ning Yiyuan went straight to the Qin Family.

After entering the study room with Elder Qin, he was silent for a moment before opening his mouth to ask, “Elder Qin, previously, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and us… Did we come to some sort of agreement”

It was very obvious that the two sides had definitely made some sort of deal.

Otherwise, how could the Federation agree to hold the affinity test so quickly There was not even enough time for them to make preparations!

As for the evidence

Hehe, if Wisdom Cloud Galaxy really had something to hold against the Federation, would they still have to keep it until now They would have used it back when with the issue of the Illusion Tree!

Hearing this, Elder Qins expression could not help but shake!

He looked at Ning Yiyuan with a sharp gaze and sighed.

This little fellow was too sharp.

Sometimes, he was even better than Elder Ning! The Ning Family was indeed impressive!

“Elder Qin, just say it!”

The higher-ups of the Federation would hide this news from Elder Ning, but Elder Qin was definitely aware of it!

Ning Yiyuan sat up straight like a sharp sword that was about to be unsheathed, steady and with a hint of sharpness.

Seeing this, Elder Qin sighed.

Since Ning Yiyuan had already guessed it, then it did not really matter whether he said it or not.

“Before this test, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy only made two requests.

The first was that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy also had the right to know about the normal breeding technology, and they also took 50 percent of the profits from this interstellar cooperation.

The second was…”

Elder Qin looked deeply at Ning Yiyuan before continuing, “They hope… that the girl in Little Chus stomach will belong to them!”

As soon as he said that, Ning Yiyuans face instantly darkened.

His eyes were so cold that they were frightening!

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