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“Be careful!” At this moment, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stood up straight.

His eyes darkened as he looked towards the dark forest in the distance.

“Whats wrong, Boss” Although Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen did not know what had happened, they quickly put up a defensive stance.

“Blood Luminescent Beast.” Ning Yiyuan did not speak.

He pondered for a few seconds before he made his judgment.

“How could it be” Zhong Wen frowned slightly.

He did not dare to believe it.

Normally, Blood Luminescent Beasts did not like the slightly humid climate of District 9.

Therefore, there had never been any traces of Blood Luminescent Beast in the Deep Sea Forest.

However, their Boss was definitely not someone who spoke without thinking.

Therefore, both of them became more cautious.

However, Mo Chus heart started to thump — could it be that Roundy had come looking for her

“Its here.” Ning Yiyuan stood at the very front.

His tall and straight figure carried a hint of brilliance in the dark night.

“Pay attention.”

“Yes!” Zuo Lin and the other two replied in a low voice.

The elemental ability in their hands was already ready to be unleashed.

A howl could be faintly heard not far away.

It was indeed a Blood Luminescent Beast!


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Just as Ning Yiyuan and the others were holding their breaths in anticipation, Mo Chu suddenly said, “Actually, this…”

Mo Chu was still a little doubtful.

After all, there might be more than one Blood Luminescent Beast in the Deep Sea Forest.

However, when she heard this familiar voice, she was certain that it was indeed Roundy!

However, before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Ning Yiyuan.

His pair of resolute and calm eyes carried a hint of gentleness.

“Dont be afraid.

Just stand behind me.

I will definitely not let anything happen to you.”

Although his words were simple, they were firm and powerful.

If it were not for the current situation, Zuo Lin would have clapped his hands and cheered for his Boss.

Previously, he was worried that Ning Yiyuan would definitely not be able to please the girl after being single for so many years.

However, this move was actually of a high standard.

Not bad, not bad.

Meeting Ning Yiyuans sincere and determined gaze, Mo Chu was suddenly stunned.

By the time she reacted, the Blood Luminescent Beast had already appeared in their sight.

That round body, chubby face, and a pair of bright red eyes were exceptionally eye-catching under the night sky.

However, it ignored the others and directly rushed toward Mo Chu.

However, Ning Yiyuan stood in front of her, protecting her.

The Blood Luminescent Beasts action was mistakenly interpreted as an attack.

Therefore, Ning Yiyuan threw out a few wind blades.

All of this happened too quickly.

Before Mo Chu could react, the man and beast had already started fighting.

“Be careful!” Ning Yiyuans wind blades were very powerful.

Mo Chu had seen it on the interstellar ship before, so he was afraid that Roundy would not be able to withstand it.

Fortunately, this little fellows reaction was still very quick.

Somehow, it was able to move to the side and dodged Ning Yiyuans attack.

The wind blades missed their target and hit the tree next to it.

The tree was as thick as a washbasin, but a few thin wind blades were enough to cut in half.

Seeing this, Mo Chus heart skipped a beat.

“Stop fighting.” Looking at the broken trees beside her, Mo Chu was so scared that she could not care about anything else.

She simply lowered her head and rushed towards the Blood Luminescent Beast.

“Come back quickly!” Seeing Mo Chu running towards the Blood Luminescent Beast, Ning Yiyuan was scared half to death.

He quickly chased after her and withdrew the wind blades in his hand, afraid that he would hurt Mo Chu.

Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen were also confused by Mo Chus actions.

What happened to this girl Could she have been scared silly and actually ran off to her death Was she trying to measure the size of the Blood Luminescent Beasts mouth

However, what happened next caused their jaws to drop in shock!

The Blood Luminescent Beast was well-known throughout the entire Federation.

It was very likely for Mo Chu to get injured by running up to the Blood Luminescent Beast.

In fact, if she were to suffer a single mishap, she might even lose his life.

However, what did they see! Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

Not only did the Blood Luminescent Beast not harm Mo Chu, it even rubbed its furry chin against Mo Chus head as if it was trying to please her.

Its round face was no longer brutal and ferocious but instead was filled with a gentle and adorable look.

If they did not know better, they would not have thought that this adorable creature was the legendary cruel and terrifying Blood Luminescent Beast.

No, this did not make sense!

Zuo Lins expression was a little dull.

He reached out his trembling hand and pinched Zhong Wen beside him.

“Does it hurt”

“Hiss–” Zuo Lin had used a lot of strength with his pinch.

Zhong Wen was in so much pain that he sucked in a breath of cold air.

He glared at Zuo Lin fiercely.

“Why dont you try it on yourself”

“Then it really hurts!” Seeing Zhong Wens reaction, Zuo Lin came back to his senses.

“So, this is all real and not a dream”

The Blood Luminescent Beast actually stopped killing people The beast actually became so friendly

However, soon, Zuo Lin realized that he was overthinking things.

The Blood Luminescent Beast was indeed very friendly, but it was only limited to Mo Chu alone.

As long as they got a little closer, they saw the Blood Luminescent Beasts ferocious expression and guarded posture.

Among them, it disliked Ning Yiyuan the most.

They had no choice.

Who asked him to take the initiative and launch an attack on the Blood Luminescent Beast

Hmph! The Blood Luminescent Beast rolled its eyes at them and obediently ran towards Mo Chu again.

It was getting late, and Mo Chu planned to wait until the next day before looking for Mo Yang.

After all, it was already dark now.

It would be difficult to travel in the Deep Sea Forest at night.

Due to the presence of Ning Yiyuan and the others, Mo Chu did not dare to take out her food.

She had no choice but to secretly feed Roundy and comfort it.

She raised her head to look at the night sky.

This was a beauty that would never exist in the 21st century.

The stars scattered on the blue-black curtain.

They flickered and danced, reflecting each others brilliance.

Looking at Mo Chu leaning on the Blood Luminescent Beasts soft and tender belly with a relaxed look, the people around her could not quite accept it.

They could understand raising a pet, but raising a brutal Blood Luminescent Beast was a little surreal to their little hearts.

More importantly, this Blood Luminescent Beast was even willing to become her pet.

How was this possible

Zuo Lin still felt his head was a little dizzy.

Looking at the obedient Blood Luminescent Beast beside Mo Chu, he felt like was about to faint.

“Enough.” Zhong Wen patted Zuo Lins shoulder.

Actually, the agitation in his heart had not yet calmed down.

However, looking at Ning Yiyuans calm face, he suppressed it.

It seemed that they had underestimated Mo Chu.

Thinking about it, they should not be surprised.

After all, how could their Boss take fancy to an ordinary woman


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