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“Exalted was a title of respect to a person of the level of a Master in the Federation.

There were less than ten people in the entire federation who were qualified to receive this title, and Chen Bai was one of them.

“Oh my God, is it really the Exalted Chen Bai”

“Quick, quickly pinch me, see if Im dreaming!”

To the people in the plant cultivation world, Chen Bai was a God far away in the clouds.

Who would have thought that he would actually float down to their level today

When they thought of this, everyone was ecstatic and excited! Everyones face was flushed red, and their eyes were shining.

They looked at Chen Bai like a hungry wolf.

They could not wait to pounce on him and check if he was real or fake!

They were all looking at Chen Bai in unison.

He could no longer turn a blind eye to them.

He nodded slightly, acknowledging his identity.

“Woahhh–” Chen Bais small action caused another wave of excitement.

This reaction was much crazier than that of the 21st centurys celebrity chasing!

Mo Chu was stunned, but Mo Yang could not hide his excitement.

Little Chu did not know who Chen Bai was, but he knew.

Even though he was not very interested in plant cultivation, Chen Bais name was still well-known.

From this, one could see Chen Bais prestige!

Seeing that the situation was about to go out of control, Situ Xiu quickly stepped forward to stabilize the situation.

His eyes were slightly crafty.

“As everyone can see, Chen Bai has officially become a guest professor of our plant cultivation department.”

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If he wanted to take on a disciple, Chen Bai had to at least have a title in the Military Academy.

Previously, this old fellow was not willing to come in, but now, he actually took the initiative When Situ Xiu thought of this, he smiled even more sweetly.

“But now, whether or not you can successfully enter the plant cultivation department will depend on the results of your third round of tests.”

As expected of the Dean.

Situ Xiu only used a few simple words to lead the whole matter back to its original path.

“Little girl, can you help me with something” Chen Bai was not affected by external matters at all.

He was staring at Mo Chu with a face full of enthusiasm.

“Help” Mo Chu was slightly stunned and then nodded with a faint smile, “Of course.”

“Thats great!” Hearing this, Chen Bais eyes instantly lit up.

He could not wait to turn around and walk into the Plant Cultivation Institute.

He almost trotted there.

He even turned around to look at Mo Chu from time to time, afraid that she would not be able to catch up.

Mo Chu did not know how big the Plant Cultivation Institute was, but she had walked for almost thirty minutes before Chen Bai finally stopped.

In front of her was a metal door that was slightly dazzling under the sunlight.

“This is my laboratory here,” Chen Bai explained to Mo Chu softly.

His slender palm pressed against the door, and the door sank into the shape of Chen Bais palm.

The gene lock was unlocked, and the door swung open.

Following Chen Bais footsteps, Mo Chu was stunned the moment she entered!

Rather than calling this a laboratory, it would be better to say that this was an independent experimental institution.

With just a glance, there was no end in sight.

A small path separated the dark soil into two sides.

Inside, there were all kinds of magical plants.

The thousands of magical plants in the test room just now paled in comparison!

“The magical plants here are all transplanted back from various Magical Regions, so they are relatively complete.” Chen Bai smiled and looked at Mo Chu with some anticipation in his eyes.

“Look, can you help me select a few plants with the most vigorous vitality here”

The normal plants that Chen Bai had cultivated previously had eventually died out due to the exhaustion of their vitality.

Therefore, he had always been prepared to replace them with magical plants with more vigorous vitality.

However, the crux of the problem was that with the current technology of the Federation, there was no way to determine the vitality value of the magical plants.

It was because of this selfish motive that Chen Bai had come up with such a question for the third round of the enrolment.

Upon hearing that, Mo Chus eyes widened as she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Oh my God! There were at least 10,000 magical plants here.

At this moment, how could she possibly be able to see through all of it

Chen Bai also knew that his action was a little too forceful.

He could not help but rub his hands together as he said with an apologetic tone, “If its too troublesome, then forget it.”

Situ Xiu was left behind.

Looking at this scene, he could not help but shake his head.

This good friend of his was too focused on plant cultivation.

Did he think about the age of this little lass, Mo Chu, before assigning such an important task to her Besides, have you ever seen a master being so humble to his own disciple There were probably only a few in the entire world!

“It doesnt matter.” Mo Chu smiled and shook her head.

She had always maintained a respectful attitude toward teacher Chen Bai, “However, there are so many magical plants, Im afraid I cant see through them all at the moment.

How about this, Ill come over tomorrow and the day after.

When the selection is done, Ill tell you.

Is that alright”

The recruitment period of the Federation Military Academy would last for a total of three days.

Mo Chu could use this period of time to help Chen Bai find the magical plants he needed.

“Sure, of course!” Hearing this, Chen Bai immediately beamed with joy.

“Then Ill set up your genetic structure to the door lock later.

You can come in by yourself.”

“You trust this girl so much” After watching Mo Chu leave, Situ Xiu strolled over, his tone somewhat sour.

It was not to sow discord.

It was just that he and Chen Bai had been good friends for so many years.

This guy did not say anything about setting up his genetic structure on the door and kept hiding the laboratory like it was a treasure.

But now, he had just accepted a disciple and immediately let her enter his laboratory.

This made Situ Xiu angry!

“Look at what youre saying.

How can I not trust my own disciple” Chen Bai was very conscious of being a master at this moment.

His body straightened up and his words were filled with pride.

“Fine!” Situ Xiu waved his hand and his mouth curled up.

“Dont show off to me here.

I have disciples too.”

“Whos showing off to you” Chen Bai snickered and looked at Mo Chus departing figure with a serious expression, “Situ, I dont know why, but I have a feeling that this disciple of mine will definitely do something great in the future!”


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