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727 Extra.

Cute Baby (12)

And so, with the broadcast of the show, the topic ofNing Yiyuan taking off his pants instantly became a hot topic on the internet, attracting countless netizens heated discussions and attention!

Even the shows viewership ratings had increased by a few points!

The staff of Qin Entertainment were happy, but the other entertainment companies were on the verge of tears.

Oh my!

Tell me!

Cant you leave us a way out

Cute Baby already had a lot of attention, and now you guys are even bringing up a few hot topics from time to time.

Are you guys planning to grab the rhythm of the entire internets viewership ratings

Regardless of the other industry peers who were biting their handkerchiefs and stomping their feet in hatred, Qin Entertainments viewership continued to climb.

It even broke the record of Mo Chus reality show back then and set a new number!

However, this was understandable.

After all, back then, Mo Chus show was only popular in the Federation.

Now, this shows audience was the entire universe.

Seeing that the era of normal pregnancy was about to arrive, everyones attention on children was increasing day by day, and the sudden appearance of the qin entertainment program just happened to be in line with the publics psychology.

Coupled with the celebrity effect of the Ning Familys Little Dumplings, Mo Chu and the others, the show was in full swing and was extremely popular the moment it was launched!

boxn ovel.


At this moment, many fangirls were still guarding the terminal, looking at it in a daze.

They were even secretly hoping that a gust of wind would blow away the damn shirt covering the camera.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later.

When the covered camera could be seen again, Ning Yiyuan had already changed into a new set of clothes, and his charming body had been completely hidden.


The netizens could not help but let out a low sigh of regret.

The camera suddenly turned.

The scene landed on the dining table outside.

A few children were sitting around the dining table.

they were exquisitely cute with pouted little mouths and clear eyes.

The netizens hearts instantly melted from their cuteness! they were really a group of little angels!

Drip drip…

He had just complimented her when the chubby little boy revealed his true form.

His saliva was dripping down, and his eyes were almost on the crayfish.

“Do you want to eat” Little Leran turned to him and asked softly.

“Yes, yes!” The chubby boy nodded his head vigorously.

looking at his posture, he wanted to shake his head off.

“How about this” Little Leran narrowed hereyes.

“If you call me sister, Ill give you one.”


What moral integrity For the sake of food, he could step on it! The chubby boy called hersister without any hesitation!


Little Leran responded, and her smile instantly bloomed!

That pair of black eyes were like the stars in the dark night, sparkling.

Her skin was pink and tender like flower petals, and coupled with her delicate little face, even if she was only seven or eight years old, she already had the first clue of a beauty.

“Siste… youre so pretty.”

The chubby boy was dumbfounded and muttered to himself.

Although he was still young, he had already established his values about beauty and ugliness.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the fat boy felt a chill down his spine.

He turned his head and saw Ning Chen staring at him with a burning gaze.

“You, what are you doing”

Out of the instinct of a weak animal, the fat little boy subconsciously shrank back and looked at him with vigilance, feeling that this little brother was a little dangerous.

“Ill help you.”

His tone was still cold.

Ning Chen took the opportunity to put a hot and spicy crayfish in the little fat boys bowl.

Just this one action made the chubby boy completely change his opinion of him.

Yes, it must have been an illusion just now.

this little brother was clearly a good person!

“Thank you,” he said.

The chubby boy was quite polite.

He thanked them sweetly and then began to fight with the crayfish in his bowl!

In fact, the lobster was not easy to peel.

Little Leran and the others were used to eating crayfish, so their movements were very agile.

At first, she was going to peel the crayfish for the fat boy, but Ning Chen beat her to it and immediately threw the whole crayfish into the little guys bowl.

The chubby little boy pinched an entire crayfish and chewed it until all the taste was gone, but he still could not eat the meat inside.

He looked a little anxious.

Just as Leran was about to help, she saw the chubby boy open his mouth and bite down!

With a crisp creak, the crayfishs bright red outer shell broke, revealing the snow-white tender meat inside!

Thats great!

The chubby boy instantly howled in surprise.

He twisted his chubby body, waved his hands, and then sucked and bit with his small mouth, successfully eating the meat inside!

Its so delicious!

The crayfish meat was tender and smooth, and there was a bit of spiciness in the fragrance.

The little guy squinted his eyes happily.

After the first success, the rest was much easier.

In just a few moments, the fat boy had finished off the two crayfish.

There was not even a trace of meat in the broken shells.

He had eaten them all!

Hence, his diplomat father, who had heard the news, looked at him and exclaimed, “Aiya! My silly son is eating happily!”

His little face and mouth were covered with bright red juice, making him look like a little cat.

He was in a very sorry state!

At first, when he heard the whereabouts of the little fat boy, he was quite happy.

Although his son was a little fat, he might be able to cultivate some feelings with the Ning Familys daughter.

As the saying goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first.

Wasnt this the truth

But now, he looked at him again! He was so ashamed that he wanted to cover his face.

Argh, with this glutton of his, there was no hope!


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