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Mo Yang frowned deeply.

Clear milk That was baby food!

From the time a child was born to the age of 10, it was the best food.

However, it was not suitable for Mo Chu.

It simply could not provide the various types of energy that Mo Chu needed to grow.

In the long run, Little Chus body would only become weaker and weaker


When Mo Chu woke up, it was the time for the sun to set.

The faint afterglow shone through the window on her body, making her feel warm.

“Little Chu, how are you feeling Are you feeling unwell” Seeing that Mo Chu had woken up, Mo Yang asked softly from the side.

“Im fine.

Other than being a little hungry, theres no big problem.” Mo Chu smiled as he touched her stomach.

The vomit from before had completely emptied out her stomach.

Now, she felt that she was so hungry that she could swallow an entire cow.


“Then you should drink something first!” Upon hearing Mo Chus words, Mo Yangs expression could not help but darken a little.

He turned around to grab the cup, hiding the pain in his eyes.

“Whats this” Looking at the milky white liquid in the cup, Mo Chu asked curiously.

“Clear milk.”

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The name was quite pleasant to hear.

However, due to the taste of the nutrition capsules from before, Mo Chu did not have much expectations for it.

As expected, when Mo Chu drank it, she realized that it was indeed the right choice to not have expectations for it!

It was completely different from its beautiful appearance.

The moment the clear milk touched her tongue, a strong bitter taste rushed into Mo Chus taste buds.

The taste was like paint, sticking to her throat.

It took her a long time to swallow it down.

After taking a sip, Mo Chu no longer had the courage to take a second sip.

“Brother,” Mo Chu pursed her lips and reached out to tug at Mo Yangs sleeve.

She asked fawningly, “Can you give me something else This is too disgusting.”

It was really not her fault.

In the 21st century, what was China most famous for

Without a doubt, it was food!


When it came to the wordEat, the Chinese people displayed endless wisdom.

There was nothing that one could not imagine and nothing that they could not do.

There were eight major cuisines, each with its own merits.

Sweet and sour pork ribs, boiled beef… The thought of stewed chicken with mushrooms made her drool.

As a girl who had immersed herself in food all year round, she was now faced with food that was so disgusting.

The difference was just shocking!

“Little Chu…” Mo Yangs eyes darkened and he was unable to speak for a long time.

Seeing Mo Yangs expression, Mo Chus heart could not help but tremble.

Could it be that she had a terminal illness Was she that unlucky

“Brother, say something!” If he did not say anything, she would feel even more anxious.

“The doctor has already examined you.

Your body is a little special and you are allergic to a lot of food.” Mo Yang decided to be a little conservative, “So bear with it for now.

You can only drink this for the time being.”

Looking at Mo Chus pale little face, Mo Yang felt his heart ache.

His sister had been in a lot of trouble since she was young.

It was not long after she woke up that she actually found out about this problem, which made him even more worried.

“Okay, I got it.” Mo Chu nodded obediently.

Compared to her life, the taste of food was not that important anymore.

‘Just drink it, just treat it as drinking Chinese medicine to recuperate during this period of time, she thought to herself.

However, this thing tasted 100 times worse than Chinese medicine! Looking at the clear milk in her hand, Mo Chu could not help but shudder!



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