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All kinds of recipes for delicacies went round and round in Mo Chus mind.

In the end, she could only wipe her saliva with a sorrowful expression.

It was better to finish this school competition before anything else!

“Alright, lets continue moving forward!” The sense of achievement of being ranked 10th in a single leap had really inspired these fellows.

Each and every one of them was extremely spirited as if they had swallowed a stimulant.

It was also due to their good luck.

They had just walked for a while when they discovered another magical beast that was extremely cost-effective.

It was only at the middle level of tier 7, but the energy value on its body was very high.

However, before they could make a move, a blazing flame suddenly flew out from nowhere and attacked this magical beast!

F*ck! They had actually been robbed of their prey!

Looking behind them, they saw a group of people slowly walking toward them.

The one who had attacked just now was a woman standing in front.

Her facial features were delicate and beautiful.

They were truly moving and eye-catching.

“Qiao Hongmei.” Qin Yue frowned slightly, immediately revealing the identity of the person who had come.

“Humph! Who did you think it was” Qiao Hongmei said arrogantly.

She exuded a type of strong, natural charm.

“So its you guys.

As expected, enemies will always meet on this narrow road to the top!”


Everyone in the Military Academy knew each others strengths, so their rankings were relatively fixed.

Qiao Hongmeis team had always occupied the top ten positions.

However, now, they were actually pushed down by an unknown team number 23! How could they be willing to accept this

The terminals ranking would also show the serial numbers of each team.

The huge 23 on Mo Chus and the others clothes was really eye-catching.

“Qiao Hongmei,” Qin Yue had a bad temper.

He raised his eyebrows and asked sternly, “What right do you have to snatch our prey”

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“What right do I have” Qiao Hongmei smiled, her eyes full of disdain, “Ill snatch it, what can you do about it”

As if echoing Qiao Hongmeis words, the few members behind her had already started to fight with the magical beast, treating it as their spoils of war!

“Brother, lets go!” Mo Chu gave Mo Yang a look, participating in the battle with the magical beast.

Hmph, dont you dare underestimate us!

After an intense battle, Mo Yang ended the magical Beasts life with a flash of lightning.

The Military Academys points were judged according to the identity of the person who had struck the last blow, so the points for this magical beast naturally fell to Mo Yangs team.

Seeing this scene, Qiao Hongmeis face sank slightly.

She swept her gaze over them before finally landing on Mo Chu.

“Youre Mo Chu”

Qiao Hongmeis facial features were deep and profound, but the way she looked at Mo Chu was somewhat scrutinizing.

“Mo Chu, be careful of that woman.” In this short period of time, Han Xuan had lost his previous indifference and was even concerned for Mo Chu, “Qiao Hongmei is in the top three of the plant cultivation department.

She has always wanted to be a disciple under Exalted Chen Bai!”

However, who would have thought that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would suddenly be snatched away by a little girl like you Who knew how many students in the plant cultivation department were envious of you Qiao Hongmei probably did not have a good impression of you either!

“I really dont see what abilities you have.” The corners of Qiao Hongmeis eyes lifted slightly, but the words that came out of her red and delicate lips were filled with disdain.

She did not know what tricks this little girl had used to become Exalted Chen Bais disciple.

“Ha!” Mo Chu naturally felt that this woman was full of malice towards her.

She could not help but chuckle, her eyes shining brightly.

“I dont know about other things, but at least I got full marks on the practical test.

Perhaps Master thinks that I have talent because of that”


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