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Compared to Qiao Hongmeis slightly aggressive appearance, Mo Chu could be considered a good-looking person.

However, when Mo Chu smiled, she was like a delicate flower that had bloomed, and it was extremely attractive.

It made people feel like they were bathed in the spring breeze.

Mo Chu did not know that her words had hit a nerve!

When Qiao Hongmei first entered the academy, she had scored full marks on the written test, but she was ranked last on the practical test.

However, when her two results were combined, she still entered the Military Academy in the end.

Qiao Hongmeis expression darkened even more.

“I didnt expect you to be so sharp-tongued!”

Her beautiful face was tainted with a hint of viciousness.

“Anyone can say pretty words, but your luck wont always be this good!”

In Qiao Hongmeis opinion, Mo Chu scoring full marks in the practical test was purely due to luck.

However, she did not think about the difficulty involved.

After all, even if one was extremely lucky, it was highly unlikely to pick the correct magical plant ten times in a row.

“Im afraid Ill have to disappoint you.” Mo Chus lips curled up slightly.

Her exquisite little face seemed to have a layer of light on it.

“My luck has always been very good.”

“Is that so” Upon hearing these words, Qiao Hongmei suddenly smiled.

“Since youre so confident, why dont we make a bet”

Bet What bet

“Why You dont dare” Seeing the hesitation between Mo Chus brows, Qiao Hongmei could not help but Snicker.

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“What do you want to bet” Mo Yang stood at the side, his handsome face especially striking among the group of burly men.

“Can you make a decision for her” Looking at Mo Yangs handsome face, Qiao Hongmeis eyes actually lit up.

“Of course, he can!” Mo Chu took a few steps forward, blocking Qiao Hongmeis repulsive gaze.

The number of women in the Federation had always been smaller than the number of men, causing quite a number of women to develop a licentious temperament.

Qiao Hongmei was one of them.

“Alright then.” Meeting Mo Chus clear eyes, Qiao Hongmei could not help but smile.

Her beautiful facial features became even more beautiful.

“Ill bet the points in your team.

How about it Do you dare or not”


Hearing this, Mo Chu was truly stunned.

She had never thought that Qiao Hongmei would come up with such an idea.

“Lets have a competition to see who has more talent in magical plants!”

“If you lose, obediently transfer your current points to our account.

Its the same if we lose.

How about it Do you dare to gamble”

“Hey!” As soon as Qiao Hongmeis voice fell, not only were Mo Chus people stunned, even their own team members were a little surprised.

“What if…”

“What if!” Qiao Hongmei turned around and glared at the man who spoke.

“Dont tell me you still think Ill lose to this little girl”

That was true.

Qiao Hongmei was, after all, an outstanding person in the plant cultivation department.

Compared to the tender little girl, Mo Chu, they naturally believed in the former.

In the end, Qiao Hongmei did not forget to throw out the bait.

“Think carefully.

If we win, their points will be transferred to our account.

Not to mention the top ten, even the top five wont be a problem!”

Upon hearing this, the members of their team were clearly moved.

They could not voice their objections.

“No, I wont take this bet…” It was not that Mo Chu was not confident.

It was just that these points were the result of their team working hard for half a day.

How could she casually use them in a bet

“Alright! We agree to this bet!” Before Mo Chu could finish his rejection, a loud male voice sounded first!

Mo Chu looked back and saw that it was Qin Yue!


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