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“Dont worry, little girl.” Qin Yue gave Mo Chu a hearty smile.

His fan-like large hand patted her shoulder forcefully.

“We all believe in you.

Dont be afraid!”

However, this fellows strength was too great.

With just this pat, Mo Chu staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Mo Yang, who was beside her, was quick enough to hold her up.

Otherwise, Mo Chu would have embarrassed herself.

“Yes, yes.” Qin Yue hurriedly withdrew his hand.

His large face was stained with a rare bit of awkwardness.

“Im sorry, I wasnt paying attention.” He was used to suppressing these rough brats, and he did not even realize that Mo Chu was still a soft girl.

How could she withstand his strength

Seeing this, Han Xuan, who was at the back, could not help but snicker!


Who asked Qin Yue to give them two slaps every now and then His strength was like a mountain pressing down on them.

When they protested, Qin Yue even widened his bull-like eyes and lectured them like weaklings.

He had to practice to be more like a gentleman!

Haha, now he would make a fool of himself!

“Kid! What are you laughing at” Han Xuan was snickering fiercely, but Qin Yues eyes were sharp, and a huge slap came towards his head.

In an instant, Han Xuan felt as if his entire body was sinking into the ground.

He quickly restrained the smile on his face and put on a serious look as he echoed, “Right, Mo Chu, dont worry, well hold out for you from behind!”

Speaking of which, they had to rely on Mo Chu to gain a lot of points.

Even if they lost, it did not matter.

Moreover, he felt that Mo Chu was much more powerful than Qiao Hongmei!

“Alright, are we going to bet or not” Qiao Hongmei was impatient and raised her eyebrows.

“What a bunch of chattering.

A bunch of grown men acting like women.”

“Lets bet!” Mo Chu replied crisply, her eyes shining.

Since everyone trusted her so much, what was the harm in betting “But you have to be careful.

Dont cry when you lose later!”

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“Ha!” Qiao Hongmei smiled coldly, her strong fighting spirit instantly ignited.

“I should be the one saying this to you!”

“Say it.” Mo Chu took a step forward, her chin slightly raised.

“What shall we compete in”

“Its very simple.” Qiao Hongmei pointed to the side with her bright red fingernails.

“Theres no lack of magical plants in this Magical Region.

Well only have a limited time of ten minutes.

Each of us will specify a magical plant, and well see who finds the magical plant with more energy”

This bet sounded fair.

However, after thinking about it carefully, she realized that Mo Chu had suffered a hidden loss!

The condition of the 10-minute time limit was very beneficial to Qiao Hongmei.

After all, she had participated in several school competitions and was naturally very familiar with this environment.

However, this was Mo Chus first time participating in the competition.

It was not certain if she would be able to grasp the situation in these 10 minutes!

“What, are you planning to back out now that things have come to this” The corners of Qiao Hongmeis mouth curled up.

Her tone was full of ridicule, but it was somewhat provocative.

“Hmph!” Qin Yue snorted coldly and glared at her.

“Dont think that others cant see through your little intentions.

Dont you know how old you are You actually dare to bully a 16 or 17-year-old little girl like Mo Chu!”

“Qin Yue, shut up!” Qiao Hongmei growled angrily.

As long as it was a woman, she was very sensitive to the issue of age.

In fact, Qiao Hongmei was not old.

She looked like she was 37 or 38 years old.

It was the time when she had just come of age.

However, compared to Mo Chu, who was a tender little bean sprout, she could naturally be considered an elderly person.

Mo Chu looked back and the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

“Do you guys trust me”

“Of course!” Mo Yang was the first to voice out his support for his sister.

Qin Yue and the others also echoed along.

“Alright.” Mo Chu turned her head.

Her pitch-black eyes looked straight into Qiao Hongmeis eyes.

“Well do as you say!”

Mo Chu was aware of Qiao Hongmeis thoughts, but she would prove it to her, all schemes were worthless in front of absolute strength!

“Alright, its settled then!” Upon hearing Mo Chus words, Qiao Hongmei could not help but smile sweetly, her expression filled with pride.

She had the right timing and the right place.

She did not believe that she would lose to a little girl like Mo Chu.

“However, what if you guys dont admit your loss” Mo Chu suddenly voiced her doubts.

After all, Qiao Hongmeis teams overall strength was indeed higher than theirs.

If they were to refuse to admit their loss when the time came, it would be unfair for them to waste so much time here, right

Qiao Hongmei glanced at Mo Chu.

“Tsk! You really think highly of yourself!”

“Awooo–” At this moment, Roundys eyes suddenly lit up and it growled softly to the side.

Someone is there! Hmph, someone actually dared to peep at me!

Mo Chu looked to the side.

There seemed to be no movement at all.

It was only when she listened carefully that she noticed the faint sound of breathing.

This breathing was almost merged with the sound of the wind.

It was no wonder that she had not noticed it before.

“Who is it Come out!” Mo Chus sudden words caused everyone present to be slightly stunned.

When they turned to look in the direction where Mo Chu had spoken, they discovered that a man had actually walked out from the reeds not far away!

“Ning Xiao!” Qiao Hongmeis eyes widened as she cried out involuntarily.

She had never thought that she would actually see this man here.

Ning Xiao.

This name was linked to the number one expert in the Federation Military Academy.

There were rumors that he had already successfully broken through to tier 10.

However, because this person was usually elusive, his whereabouts were uncertain.

Hence, there was no way to verify this information.

However, she had never expected that he would actually come to participate in the school competition this time!

Although he did not know the identity of this man, Mo Chu was able to deduce a little from Qiao Hongmeis expression of admiration and surprise.

She could not help but size him up carefully.

Perhaps it was because of the genetic fusion, from the moment she woke up until now, the people that Mo Chu had seen were all very handsome.

This man was no exception.

His facial features were deep and striking, and his figure was tall and strong.

Standing in the crowd, he was really eye-catching.

“Why dont I be the notary for this competition” Ning Xiao suddenly spoke.

His low voice seemed to carry a subwoofer, and it hit everyones heart with a hint of tenderness.



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