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Qiao Hongmeis eyes lit up when she heard this.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Ning Xiao.

The charm in her bones seemed to burst out all of a sudden.

Her plump red lips were slightly opened, and there was an indescribable temptation.

“Really Thats great!”

Although Mo Chu was a girl, she could not help but feel her bones go weak when she heard this.

She turned his head to look at Qiao Hongmei.

To be able to make such a simple sentence into a flirtatious one… It was indeed a kind of skill.

Ning Xiao, who was standing at the side, did not seem to notice Qiao Hongmeis friendliness towards him.

His handsome face remained calm as he said, “Are you guys ready If you are ready, I will start the timer.”

Being completely ignored by Ning Xiao, Qiao Hongmei became more and more courageous as she fought.

She took two steps forward and looked straight at him with her big, watery eyes.

She twisted her body and her delicate figure became more and more curvaceous.

“Yes, we are ready.”

“Me too.” Mo Chu also nodded at Ning Xiao with a faint smile.

Logically speaking, if an ordinary woman stood next to Qiao Hongmei, who had all kinds of postures, the ordinary woman would definitely be suppressed by her beauty.

However, Mo Chus elegant and indifferent temperament was accentuated.

“Time starts now!”

As soon as Ning Xiao finished speaking, Mo Chu immediately sprinted forward with the strength of an 800-meter sprinter.

Since she dared to agree to this bet, naturally, she had something to rely on.

After observing for a period of time, Mo Chu secretly came to a conclusion.

In fact, every type of magical plant would have a different color of brilliance.

The brighter the brilliance, the more vigorous the life force of the magic plant, and the more saturated the color of the magic plant, the more energy it contained.

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Taking advantage of the moment they were talking, Mo Chu had already sized up the surrounding magical plants, locking onto the one with the most saturated color as a guarantee.

However, since there were still ten minutes left, she naturally hoped to go further to take a look.

On the other side, Qiao Hongmei, based on her usual experience, headed straight to the place with the most magical plants and the most powerful ones, taking out the Federations energy scanner to check them one by one.

The actions of the two naturally fell into the eyes of the team members behind them.

They could still understand Qiao Hongmeis actions, but Mo Chu did not use the energy scanner.

What was he trying to do by just sweeping through them like that

“Ha! Does your little girl feel that she has no hope of winning” Seeing this, Qiao Hongmeis team could not help but sneer.

“Thats why shes so reckless.

Is she going to pick plants at random”

To be honest, none of them had ever seen someone observe with their eyes like Mo Chu.

Would it work if she did not use any tools

“Tch! What do you know” Although Han Xuans heart was beating fast, he could not let down his morale.

“Mo Chu is Exalted Chen Bais disciple.

Her methods are naturally unique.

How could an ordinary person like you understand”

The other party was speechless.

He snorted coldly and turned to look at the two of them.

Ten minutes.

In the past, it would only take the blink of an eye.

But now, it was extremely long.

Finally, the time was up.

The two of them had already picked the magical plants that they felt were full of energy.

“Lets go and take a look together.” Ning Xiao said, and everyone followed behind him.

After all, this was related to their points, so they were naturally cautious.

As Qiao Hongmei had chosen a magical plant that was closer to her, they walked towards her first.

In order to show her fairness, Ning Xiao personally stepped forward and took the energy meter to measure.

Very quickly, the energy meter displayed an energy value — 140!

“Well done!” Upon seeing this energy value, Qiao Hongmeis team members instantly became excited!

One had to know that the Federations highest energy value magical plant was only 200.

Normally, even a magic plant with 100 energy value was rare.

Qiao Hongmei was also very excited.

When she was measuring the energy value of this magical plant, she did not expect the energy value of this magical plant to be so high.

It seemed that the Heavens were indeed on her side!

“Dont be happy too early!” Han Xuan could not help but pucker his lips as he looked at their confident expressions.

“The result is still uncertain!”

“What Do you think Mo Chu can find someone with higher energy value” Qiao Hongmei sneered.

Han Xuan opened his mouth several times, but he could not refute them.

After all, he could not even convince himself.

The energy value of the magical plant that Qiao Hongmei found was very high, so the possibility of them winning was slim.

“Lets go.” Ning Xiao did not attend to their quarrel and walked straight toward Mo Chus direction.

Mo Chu was still panting heavily after running too hard.

When he saw them approaching, her eyes help but light up.

He waved his hand and shouted, “Here, come quickly!”

“It seems that some people are really willing to humiliate themselves!” Seeing Mo Chus excited look, Qiao Hongmei could not help but sneer.

Finally, it was time to check the energy value of the magical plant selected by Mo Chu.

Qin Yues team held their breath, their hearts thumping!

Seeing Ning Xiao approaching step by step.

Time seemed to slow down.

Finally, Ning Xiao took a look at the magical plant with the energy meter in his hand, and then he was completely stunned.

Due to the terrain, they could not see the numbers on the energy meter at all.

They were all anxious, but they did not have the courage to urge him.

Mo Chu had believed in herself.

This was the most colorful magic plant she had seen in a long time.

However, when she saw Ning Xiaos expression, she could not help but worry.

“How is the result”

Hearing this, Ning Xiao did not say anything.

He just gave Mo Chu a deep look, then strode over and handed the energy meter to them.

As soon as Qin Yue took the energy meter, all the team members surrounded him.

However, when they saw the numbers on the energy meter, they were all stunned on the spot.

They looked just like the frozen terracotta warriors that could not be moved by the wind.

Qiao Hongmei had thought that she would definitely win.

However, when she saw them like this, she did not know why she felt a little uneasy.

She took two steps forward and pushed one of them away.

She looked at the energy meter in Qin Yues hand, her pupils dilated instantly.

She cried out in disbelief, “220!”

“No, how is this possible”

For the first time, Han Xuan felt that his thoughts were in line with Qiao Hongmeis.

Mo Chus performance was simply too frightening! The energy value of this magical plant that he had found was actually as high as two hundred and twenty!

What did this mean

Mo Chu directly broke the previous record and created a new highest energy value for the magical plant!

Just based on this action alone, Mo Chu might even be able to leave his name in theFederations history!


My God, this is the true God! Please accept my worship!


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