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“Impossible!” Compared to Han Xuan and the others pleasant surprise, Qiao Hongmei refused to believe the truth in front of her.

When she recalled how complacent she was before, it now looked like a slap in the face.

“Its impossible.

There must be something wrong with this energy meter!”

When she met Ning Xiaos cold eyes, Qiao Hongmei could not say the rest of the words.

In fact, she knew very well that Ning Xiao had always been just and noble.

How could he cheat on behalf of Mo Chu

“Now, the result is very clear.” Mo Chu was still calm, as if she did not notice how shocking what she had done just now was.

“Should we fulfill our bet”

Qiao Hongmei had not recovered from the shock, but when she heard Mo Chus words, she was hit hard again!

“What You wont deny it, will you” Mo Chu narrowed her eyes slightly and returned Qiao Hongmeis words to her.

If Ning Xiao had not been standing at the side, Qiao Hongmei would have really wanted to deny it.

This was over a hundred points.

After all of them were transferred to them, their next years supply of resources would have been all gone!

However, looking at the cold-faced Ning Xiao beside her, Qiao Hongmei did not dare to act rashly.

She could only grit her teeth and reluctantly transfer all the points in the team to Qin Yue and the others.

Her pair of raised eyes stared fixedly at Mo Chu.

Little girl.., you better remember this!

Mo Chu did not mind.

She was smiling happily as she watched the points in the terminal increase by a large margin!

With the points, Mo Chu and the rests results this time were firmly in the top five! For a moment, everyone was so happy that they could not find their bearings.

Qin Yue looked at Mo Chu and Mo Yang beside him.

This was the first time he felt that his decision was so wise.

He had actually unintentionally dug up a lucky star!

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After the school competition ended, their team became the dark horse.

Mo Chus name once again resounded throughout the entire Military Academy!

However, Mo Chu did not have the energy to care about these things at this moment.

Looking at the chili in her hand, his saliva was continuously dripping!


They were currently living in a small independent house in the Military Academy.

It could also be considered as one of the rewards that they had obtained from the school competition this time.

After all, the consumption level of District 3 was quite high.

Since they had such a free place to live, they might as well put away their things and move in.

In the kitchen, Mo Chu was also looking at the chili in her hand like a crazy person.

spicy crayfish! Boiled meat slices! Wait for me!

Mo Chu could not wait to take out some crayfish from the terminal.

This was what she had collected when she went to District 9, but compared to the 21st-century one, it was really bigger.

As the terminal had the function of storing and preserving fresh food, these crayfish were still as fresh as when they were brought in.

Mo Chu first washed all the crayfish with water a few times before carefully handling them one by one.

Her left hand pinched their back and used a knife to gouge out the parts that could not be eaten.

This step was done, and Mo Chu was so tired that she broke out in a sweat.

However, this did not stop her from wanting to eat delicious food.

After all the crayfish were washed, she soaked them in clean water.

After 10 minutes, she scooped them out and drained them.

Taking advantage of this period of time, Mo Chu washed the Water Weeds again and cut them into segments.

The chili was also cut into small segments.

She placed bean oil in the pot and heated them over high heat.

She added the chili and changed it to low heat.

When the chili had just turned yellow-red, she changed the heat and added the water plants until the fragrance exploded.

Then put the dried crayfish into the pot and stir-fry it with a little salt for a few minutes.

Add some boiling water and cover and change the heat to low heat and simmer until the taste is ready.

After ten minutes, when the soup has almost dried up, change the heat to high heat and stir-fry it with salt powder.

Just like that, the stir-fried crayfish came out of the oven smoothly.

Mo Chu took out a large piece of wild boar meat and cut it into evenly sliced meat.

She grabbed it with salt and marinated it on the side for about 20 minutes.

She then took out a few cabbages and broke them into slices.

She blanched them with water and placed them in a large bowl on the side.

After washing the pot, she heated the oil and put in the meat slices that had just been marinated.

She stir-fried the meat slices until they changed color before scooping them out.

She left some oil in the pot and fried them until they were fragrant.

After she added some water and added some salt, she waited for the water to boil before sliding the meat slices into the water in the pot.

She used chopsticks to slightly spread them apart to prevent them from sticking together.

Then, she pour it all over the boiled cabbage and sprinkle a large amount of chili on the meat slices.

Then, pour oil into another pot, heat it up, and pour it over the meat slices.

With a whoosh, the fragrance filled the air.

As soon as the two dishes were done, the unique fragrance spread out, causing ones taste buds to tremble and saliva to increase greatly.

Looking at the two red dishes on the table, Mo Chu finally reacted.

She did not know if Mo Yang could accept this heavy taste.

As for Roundy, this foodie, she did not have to worry at all.

As long as it was food, Roundy would definitely accept everything.

However, what surprised Mo Chu was that Mo Yangs acceptance of the chili was extremely high.

Mo Yang put a large amount of red meat into his mouth.

Other than a little sweat on his forehead, there was nothing unusual.

In comparison, Roundy was not as good.

Previously, when it saw the red meat on the table, it was still quite curious.

it had just taken a bite when its watery eyes instantly burst into tears and it immediately spat the food out.

With just one look, it was obvious that it was extremely spicy.

Even so, this little fellow was unwilling to put down the crayfish that it was holding tightly in its claws.

It even stole glances at Mo Chu and the rest from time to time, as if it was afraid that they would come and snatch the food away from it!

Mo Chu also tried it herself.

Once this familiar taste entered his mouth, it was so delicious that it made her want to swallow her tongue!

The characteristic of this boiled meat slice was itsspicy and fresh fragrance.

The rich spicy taste mixed with the fresh and tender meat slice made it a very refreshing taste! However, Mo Chu preferred the cabbage.

The delicate fragrance of the cabbage coupled with the unique fresh fragrance of the chili gave off a new flavor.

Roundy, on the other hand, had a special liking for large crayfish the size of Mo Chus palm.

This little fellow directly stuffed them into its mouth.

With a few crunching sounds, its mouth squirmed a few times before he opened it again, and a large pile of bright red crayfish shells fell down.

Mo Chu took a closer look and found that there was not a single bit of meat left on the shells.

It ate them cleanly!

In the end, almost the entire pot of crayfish was stuffed into Roundys stomach.

The spiciness made him sweat profusely, but it could not hide the happiness on his face.

With delicious food, the whole world became a better place!



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