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After the school competition, Mo Chus life gradually returned to normal.

Other than the indiscernible glances from others during class, she accepted everything else well.

The school competitions rewards were officially distributed.

Other than the house they were currently living in and the many medicinal pills, what surprised Mo Chu the most was the reading privileges that she had obtained.

The people who had come here to explain were still puzzled! It was the first time they had seen someone who cared so much about reading privileges.

If it was anyone else, they would have already tried to curry favor, hoping that they would be able to exchange the reading privileges for a more tangible reward.

However, this person had actually done it the other way around!

How could they have known that when they were in District 12, Mo Chu had been struggling with the issue of the fusion of food and energy It was Mo Yang who had given her a suggestion, asking her to go to the Starnet Library to look up information, however, due to the issue of access rights, Mo Chu had not been able to access a lot of core information.

This was great.

Looking at the access code on the terminal, Mo Chu could not help but laugh foolishly.

Therefore, other than attending classes and going to her masters research room, Mo Chu had devoted almost all of her energy to this.

Sometimes, she had even almost forgotten to eat or sleep.

Seeing this, Mo Yang could not help but feel a little worried.

Mo Chus skin was originally fair and clear, and its texture was like warm jade.

However, the dark circles under her eyes were even more eye-catching.

Even Yuan Yuan could not stand it anymore.

It had been so many days! Little Chu did not even have the time to cook good food, so he used the food he had previously stored.

If it was in the past, even if it was stored food, Roundy would still be able to eat happily and contentedly.

However, now that it had the master chef in front of it, it could not help but feel a little disgusted with the stored food.


However, even though Roundy felt upset, it did not dare to approach Mo Chu.

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There was nothing it could do.

At this moment, Mo Chu was using the kitchen as a laboratory.

Several times, the food had exploded.

If it was not for the fact that the quality of the Military Academys house was high, it would have caused a ruckus long ago!

Looking at the discarded food in the trash can, Roundy felt its heart ache.

These were all delicious food!

It was not easy for Mo Chu to have one or two successful productions, yet it was not allowed to touch them! In just a short span of ten days, Roundys thick double chin shrunk.

It was really pitiful!

However, at this moment, Mo Chu was completely immersed in studying energy meals.

She did not notice his big brothers worry and her pets grievance.

When they finally could not hold it in any longer and were about to dissuade Mo Chu, she actually stopped herself.

“Phew–” Looking at the sumptuous meal in front of her, Mo Chu could not help but let out a long sigh.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

The haggard look on her face could not hide her smile.

It had been very tiring, but the results were clearly good.

There were five dishes that could increase elemental energy neatly placed on the dining table.

Roundy had already taken the initiative to sit by the side.

It even brought over its special large bowl.

Hmph! This time, no matter what Mo Chu said, it would definitely eat these delicious dishes!

That round and chubby face was full of determination.

Surprisingly, it appeared to have the aura of a dominator of the magical realm.

However, when it turned its head slightly, it saw the five dishes on the table that had all the color, fragrance, and taste, that lofty image disappeared in an instant, and the saliva at the side of its mouth fell down with a splash.

“Awooo–” It smelled so good, and it really wanted to eat them! The Blood Luminescent Beast turned its head and stared at Mo Chu with longing in its eyes.

It was prepared to take her down with its previously successful and adorable beast attack.

It had also thought it through.

After all, the future food supply would still depend on Mo Chu, it could not offend her just because of this small amount of food.

Mo Chu had long seen through Roundys inner monologue.

She tried her best to hold back the smile on the corner of her mouth.

Lets see how this little fellow was going to please her

After that, Mo Chu completely refreshed her understanding of Roundy.

This little fellow was really going to do anything to eat.

That pair of watery eyes stared at Mo Chu in a daze.

It jumped into Mo Chus embrace.

After that, it shook its body and pouted its mouth to act cute.

It completely trampled on its identity as a magical beast.

If it was not for the limitations of Mo Chus arms, this little fellow would probably have rolled around too!


“Enough!” Mo Chu poked Roundys big head and laughed out loud.

“Hurry up and eat!”

Then, she waved at Mo Yang.

“Brother, come and have a taste.

These are all good stuff!”

Mo Yang had just sat down when Roundy gave him a look.

Its eyes were filled with pride.

Did you see that It was all because of this me that you were able to eat such delicious food!

How would Roundy know that Mo Chu had prepared this meal for them from the start

After such painstaking efforts, the food tasted even more delicious in Roundys mouth.

It ate at a speed akin to a starving ghost that had not eaten for more than ten days.

Mo Chu could not help but shake her head.

Mo Yang was neither too fast nor too slow.

However, it was clearly faster than his usual eating speed.

At the start, Mo Yang still did not understand what Little Chu meant bygood stuff.

However, when the turbulent airflow that rose from his abdomen caused him to instantly come to a realization, could it be that all the dishes on this table were special

When he met Mo Chus slightly prideful gaze, Mo Yang finally confirmed the thoughts in his heart.

He could not help but be extremely shocked.

Any one of these five dishes would probably cause the entire Federation to be shocked!

After this meal, Mo Yangs cultivation had advanced another level, faintly showing signs of breaking through to tier 7.

Mo Chu, on the other hand, had become the biggest beneficiary.

A few days ago, when she was researching this thing, her state of mind had already improved.

Now that she had eaten this energy diet, it was like adding wings to a tiger, directly advancing from the initial stage of tier 5 to the upper stage of tier 5!

Even so, Mo Chu had begun to notice that perhaps it was because they had been consuming energy diet more frequently recently, their bodies had gradually started to show signs of saturation.

It was likely that the effects would not be so obvious in the future.

Even so, the effects of this meal were still shockingly good.

More importantly, through the past ten days of research, Mo Chu had also vaguely grasped some of the key points of creating energy diets!


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