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The Military Academys conference hall hovered in the air, spanning a space of a total of 800 square meters.

The central platform was made of the Federations hardest Green Steel Stone, and a large light screen appeared out of thin air above it, allowing the entire conference hall to be seen clearly.

This display truly shocked Mo Chu, who was seeing it for the first time.

As expected of the Federations Military Academy, it was truly extravagant! One had to know that due to the current lack of resources, a small piece of Green Steel Stone had been hyped up to a sky-high price.

The Military Academy had actually used it as a local brick.

It was truly heroic!

The previously empty spectator stand was now full of people.

The chattering noises were like the waves of the ocean.

Qin Yue and the others were quite generous.

The seat that they had arranged for her was right in the middle, and it was also in the first row.

The view was excellent and there was no disturbance.

It could be considered a VIP seat.

Mo Chu picked the right time.

Not long after she sat down, the Mecha Exhibition officially began.

The first person to appear was Qin Yue.

This was the first time Mo Chu had seen a mecha with her own eyes in such a long time.

This brown fellow looked like an enlarged version of a robot.

It was clearly just a lifeless piece of metal, but under Qin Yues control, it was as agile as a real person.

It first turned around and jumped a few times as a warm-up action.

Then, when no one had expected it, it suddenly started spinning at an extremely fast speed, getting faster and faster.

In the end, Mo Chu could only see a white shadow.

“Wow! Look, this seems to be the ultimate move of Exalted Dai Sheng!”

“Thats right.

First, use lightning-fast speed to maximize the impact, then launch an attack!”

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Mo Chu did not know it, but there were many mecha professionals behind her.

When they saw Qin Yues momentum, they immediately became excited!

If Chen Bai was said to be the number one person in the plant cultivation world, then Dai Sheng was the leading figure in the mecha department.

He had once relied on this move to kill 3,000 enemies, and had officially become famous in the entire Federation!

Who would have thought, Qin Yue unexpectedly also silently practiced this move

On the stage, Qin Yue did not seem to hear these discussions at all.

Under his nimble control, the mech was at an extremely fast speed.

With a swift leap, it was like a rocket that soared into the sky, bringing with it an infinite amount of pressure as it attacked!

Even though Mo Chu was sitting outside the arena, she could still clearly feel this fierce aura.

It was as if it had jumped into all of her cells in an instant.

It even activated her senses and heartbeat, causing her to involuntarily tremble and be excited.

At this moment, Mo Chu suddenly understood why Mo Yang and the others were so infatuated with mecha.

“Not bad.” A man sat beside Mo Chu.

He only revealed half of his face, but one could still vaguely see his handsome appearance.

“Its just that this control is not accurate enough.”

Not accurate enough

Hearing this comment, Mo Chu could not help but be a little speechless.

Last night, she had gotten excited and had also tried to simulate mecha training on the Starnet.

In the end, she had wasted half a days time.

Not to mention such a decent rotation, it was difficult for her to even turn around nimbly.

The more powerful the mecha, the more difficult it would be to control.

Mo Chu had chosen the simplest one.

Even so, there were over a thousand buttons on the control panel of the mecha.

The mecha operator needed to use these buttons to control the movements of the mecha.

In other words, if you wanted to operate the mecha smoothly, not only did you need to remember the position of these thousands of buttons, but you also needed to use a few or even dozens of buttons at the same time to assist in the movements.

At this time, it was all about brainpower and hand speed!

After playing for half a day, Mo Chu was still the last to finish.

In the end, she could only silently withdraw from the Starnet.

She could not help but sigh at how wise she had been when she had chosen the plant cultivation department.

“Why Do you think theres something wrong with what I said” The mans gaze was still on the stage, but he seemed to be able to sense Mo Chus gaze and could not help but ask.

“No!” Mo Chu also did not expect that she would be caught with just a simple glance.

She hurriedly explained, “I dont know much about mecha, so I cant judge.”

Hearing Mo Chus honest answer, the man turned his head.

Then, an unbelievably exquisite face was revealed.

Every facial feature seemed to be deliberately drawn.

It was structured and strong, especially those pair of deep eyes, which were like the blue sea.

It was as if they would be sucked in deeply if they were not careful.

The mans beautiful thin lips lifted slightly.

“Youre Mo Chu”

It was rare for people to admit that they did not know about something.

This girl was surprisingly honest.

“Yes,” Mo Chu said and nodded, a little curious.

“And you are”

“Qin Shang, Im Qin Yues elder brother.”


Mo Chu could not help but be slightly stunned.

He recalled Qin Yues big and burly face and could not find any overlap between it and this mans exquisite face.

Was this really his biological brother The difference was too big!

Although Mo Chu did not say it out loud, Qin Shang already knew what she was thinking.

He was an old fox who had seen countless people, after all.

The smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more pronounced.

Ha! What an interesting little girl!


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