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Qin Yue was still feeling sad.

Meanwhile, a woman had already set her eyes on Qin Shang and made a bold move.

“Hey, youre really good-looking.

Why dont you follow me” Yao Manwen was a famous fiery beauty in the mecha department.

Her slender figure was curvy and sexy, making ones blood boil.

Compared to Qiao Hongmeis charming appearance, she was more muscular and forthright.

However, the moment she said those words, Mo Chus eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

What was she trying to do with this fake female boss stance This personality was completely incompatible with her beautiful appearance!

Qin Shang, who was the person involved, did not react at all.

It was as if he had not heard Yao Manwens words at all.

He did not even pause in his footsteps.

Silent contempt was often the most infuriating thing.

Yao Manwen had always been pampered by others.

When she was suddenly humiliated like this, her expression could not help but darken.

“Stop right there!”

Qin Shang continued to walk forward as he pleased.

Yao Manwen gritted her teeth.

“Let me tell you, my gene rank is B-rank!”

Before Qin Shang could react, the surrounding crowd exploded.

After such a long time, no one had known about Yao Manwens gene rank.

Who would have thought that she would reveal it by herself today Moreover, it was a B-rank that was rarely seen!

For a time, many people cast envious gazes at Qin Shang.

There were even some who looked at Yao Manwen with covetous gazes.

Genetic rank B-rank

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What the hell was this

Mo Chu did not understand what these words meant at all.

She fumbled with her Personal Terminal to check this information.

Different from the 21st century, the Union of Federation citizens did not only require two people to have feelings for each other.

More importantly, the genetic rank of both people was required.

The higher the genetic rank of the male and female, the more outstanding the next generation would be.

It was because of this that the higher the genetic rank of the female, the more popular she would be.

However, not only was the number of female Federation citizens lower, their genetic grades were also generally not high.

The most common type of female was D-rank.

The number of women above the C-rank could be counted on ones fingers.

If one was able to meet a woman with a B-rank genetic rank, it would definitely be a stroke of luck!

Generally speaking, as long as there was not something wrong with ones brain, no man would reject a woman with a B-rank genetic rank.

Just like in the 21st century, no man would be able to resist the temptation of beauty.

Mo Chu was very interested in her genetic rank.

However, she would only be able to accurately determine it when she reached adulthood.

Hence, she could only temporarily put aside her curiosity.

However, she finally understood where Yao Manwens pride came from.

“How is it Do you want to follow me” Yao Manwen asked domineeringly, causing Mo Chu to instantly have the illusion that the man and the womans positions were reversed.

Qin Shang still did not speak.

It was as if he could not even see Yao Manwen.

He treated her like air and completely ignored her.

“Hey, do you think this guys brain is damaged” Many men could not help but sigh when they saw Qin Shangs attitude.

If it was possible, they would be willing to directly replace Qin Shang!

“Its definitely damaged.

Theres no need to explain!” This was a B-rank genetic warrior.

If she were to be let off like this, he would regret it for the rest of his life!

“Thats right.

If it were me, I would immediately agree to it!”

“Hehe, look at your appearance.

You cant even compare to him!”

“You call yourself a f*cking friend Why are you tearing me apart right now”


Mo Chu, who was listening from behind, was quite happy.

So there were actually so many interesting people hidden in the Military Academy!

“You, what do you mean by this” Yao Manwen was quite good-looking and had a good figure.

She had always been pampered in the Military Academy where there were more wolves and less meat.

Now that she was faced with Qin Shangs attitude, how could she not be angry Her face was flushed red.

“Heh!” Seeing this, Qin Shang finally opened his mouth.

First, he laughed lightly.

“To be honest, I really dont like people like you.”

Qin Shangs simple sentence was like pouring a basin of water into a hot pot of oil, causing a large sizzle!

“F*ck! This brother is amazing!”

“You dont fancy someone with a B-rank gene Could it be that you are planning to find a girl with an A-rank gene”

In the entire Federation, the number of women with an A-rank gene did not exceed three digits.

All of them were national treasure-level characters.

If one had not made some major contribution, one would not even think about getting close to a woman with A-rank genes.

One could only dream about doing so!

“Sigh, this is a daydream.

Its too beautiful!” Although Qin Shang was quite good-looking, it was simply impossible to capture a woman with an A-rank gene just by relying on his looks.

Just as everyone was secretly identifying Qin Shang as an idiot who did not know how to appreciate quality, suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

“Qin Shang, did you forget about our meeting I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

When everyone heard the voice, they turned to look.

It was the Dean, Situ Xiu.

After going through a period of time in the school, Mo Chu finally knew that the Dean was also a mysterious person.

If it was not for some major incident, you would not even be able to see him.

Obviously, the others also knew the Deans personality.

All of them looked at Qin Shang.

Hearing the Deans tone just now, there was actually a hint of respect.

Could it be that this guy had status


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