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Mo Chu rubbed her forehead helplessly.

Why was she only thinking about Roudys brute strength and not this If this little fellow were to go all out, it would break not just this iron bowl but the entire kitchens control table, right

“Forget it.” Mo Chu pondered for a moment and prepared to go forward and remove the gauze on Roundys palm.

It was better for her to think of another way!

“Ao awooo–” What are you trying to do

Roundy was not happy.

It immediately hid its two palms behind his back.

It had just become somewhat interested in the game of smashing soybeans.

How could it let Mo Chu stop the game

Mo Chu could not stop it, and in the end, she had no choice but to let it participate.

Roundy, this little guy, seemed to be addicted to this.

It took him more than half an hour.

After destroying nearly ten bowls, it was able to find a good sense of strength to use.

With a punch, the soybeans were smashed into pieces.

and the bowl was still fine.

Great! After much effort, she finally managed to get the soybean curd.

Mo Chu felt a little helpless.

It was very difficult to make tofu pudding!

If she had the time tomorrow, she should go online and order a soybean milk machine.

Thinking of this, Mo Chus heart was filled with sorrow! Not to mention the lack of food in the Federation, the most crucial thing was that they did not even have the tools to cook.

Not to mention the slightly more complicated oven and soybean milk machine, even the pots and pans that she was currently using were specially customized.

This was all thanks to Mo Yang.

After all, Mo Chu was not a kitchen equipment developer.

There were many things that he did not know the reason for, but he could not resist the fact that Mo Yang was talented.

Mo Chu only mentioned the shape slightly and then talked about the function, and Mo Yang was able to create a design by himself and send it to a custom shop to be produced accordingly.

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However, it was no wonder.

Mo Yang was able to make sense out of such a complicated mecha, let alone low-tech kitchen equipment.

That was something that could be done in a matter of minutes!

After Roundys task was done, the rest was up to Mo Chu.

She first poured the soybean milk that Roundy had worked so hard to extract make into the pot and boiled it over high heat.

During the boiling process, she constantly stirred it with a spoon to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.

After it was boiled, she immediately turned off the heat and let it cool to about 80 degrees celsius.

Before ordering the tofu, she had to remove the skin of the soybean milk that was floating on top of the soybean milk.

Otherwise, it would affect the taste.

Mo Chu then melted the salt that she had previously made into warm water and slowly dripped it into the soybean milk.

Then, she started to draw circles in a certain direction, when he saw that the soy milk had solidified and gradually taken the shape of tofu pudding, she closed the lid of the pot and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

Taking advantage of this moment, Mo Chu came to deal with the Silver Hidden Fish.

She had done this a few times before, so she was very handy with it.

She skillfully cut off the parts that could not be eaten and then cut the fish into thin fillets, she rinsed them clean.

Then, she boiled a pot of water and blanched the fillets into the water to remove the blood foam.

She scooped them out and rinsed them with cold water.

After washing the pot, she put a spoonful of oil in it.

Then, she put in the chopped chilies and Water Weeds.

After the stir-fry, she put in the fillets and stir-fried them a few times.

Then, she added water and boiled them for two to three minutes.

Mo Chu controlled the time very well.

The tofu pudding here was almost ready.

When she opened the pot, she saw that the white and tender tofu pudding was very pleasing!

She quickly took out the tofu pudding and cut it into small pieces while it was hot.

Then, she put it into the fish pot and boiled it for another two to three minutes.

The time could not be too long.

Otherwise, the tofu pudding would get old and lose most of its tenderness.

Finally, she sprinkled some salt on it to increase the flavor, and a tofu pudding fish dish was completed.

When Mo Chu was preparing the dishes, she even had some new ideas.

She placed the tofu pudding at the bottom, and then she placed the tender fish slices on top.

Finally, she sprinkled some Water Weed on top.

The effect was absolutely perfect.

However, this was difficult for Roundy.

As soon as the little guy sat on the table, it opened its eyes wide and looked for the tofu pudding that it had made.

However, it did not find it after looking around.

It could not help but feel a little anxious.

It whined softly and did not even care about the meat that he had always loved to eat.

“Here!” Mo Chu did not tease him.

She dug out some of the tofu pudding.

The tender white tofu pudding was covered with fish juice.

The color was so beautiful that Roundy cried out loudly!

It used its claws to grab a piece and prepared to feed it to his mouth.

However, it did not expect that the tofu pudding was too tender.

With Roundys grab, the tofu pudding shattered into pieces.

Looking at the remaining tofu pudding dregs in his hand, Roundy was stunned for a rare second.

Then, he raised his eyes to look at Mo Chu.

That aggrieved little look! Mo Chu was both amused and distressed.

Did it not like the tofu pudding Was there a need for it to look like this


Mo Yang, who was watching from the side, was also a little tempted.

He originally did not care much about food, but the problem was that Mo Chu would cook delicious food every now and then.

It was naturally difficult for him to lower his standards in such a short period of time.

As he smelled the fragrance, Mo Yang subconsciously sat down beside Roundy.

He was about to take a bite with his chopsticks when he met Roundys extremely threatening gaze.

It even let out a cold snort!

This was specially made by Little Chu for this me.

Its all mine, not yours.

You hateful human, get lost!

Mo Yang gave it a smug look and wanted to take a bite, but Roundys fiery gaze was really unbearable.

In the end, he had no choice but to stand up resentfully.

He watched helplessly as Roundy finished the entire pot of fish with tofu pudding, not leaving even a drop of soup for him! This little guy could really carry a grudge!


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