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Mo Chu looked at his big brothers pitiful expression and could not help but give him a look.

“Dont worry, there are still some fish in the pot.

Ill let you have a good taste later!”

Mo Yang understood Little Chus gaze.

Before his smile could reach the corner of his mouth, Roundy, who had been watching him, seemed to have noticed something.

It narrowed its bright red eyes, and with a swoosh, it jumped down from the chair and held its special large bowl.

It ran straight to the kitchen and ransacked all the remaining fish in the pot.

Roundys actions were extremely smooth and swift.

By the time Mo Chu and Mo Yang reacted, this little fellow had already eaten all the fish!

“Uh–” It burped and touched its round belly in satisfaction.

Roundys face was full of pride.

Hmph, Im too quick for you!

However, it had not been handsome for more than three seconds when Roundy suddenly frowned.

The corner of its mouth crumpled and its entire body collapsed onto the chair.

Only its slightly bulging tummy was particularly obvious.

“Ao ao–” It was so uncomfortable.

It had eaten so much! With a wronged look on his face, Roundy howled twice at Mo Chu.

It even reached out its palm and patted its bulging tummy.

The sound was like the beating of a drum.

Did it eat too much

Looking at Roundys dispirited look as it collapsed on the chair, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

However, she went along with it and gently caressed its bulging stomach.

“Ao ao–” It was so comfortable! Being served by Mo Chu like this, Roundy narrowed its eyes slightly.

It felt that life was really too perfect.

Not only could it eat until it was full, but there was also even someone who would rub its stomach.

It was paradise!

Out of the blue, there was another hand on Roundys stomach.

The different feeling made it open its eyes immediately.

When it looked closely, it turned out that Mo Yang had also come to rub its stomach.

Hmph! Do you also want to please me now

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“Do you want to rest for a while” However, it was clear that Roundy had been thinking too much.

Mo Yang was not here to please it, but he was clearly worried about Mo Chu.

After all, Little Chu had already been busy for the entire afternoon and did not have any free time.

As her big brother, Mo Yang could not help but feel a little heartache.

“Ao ao–” Before Mo Chu could reply, Roundy was already unhappy.

It pushed Mo Yangs large palm away from its body.

Hmph, why are you using so much strength Hmph!

Mo Yang was a man after all.

He could not be as meticulous as Mo Chu.

If he used a little more force, he would be despised by Roundy!

“Its alright, let me do it.” Mo Chu smiled at her big brother.

How could this be considered tiring Moreover, only she could calm down Roundys tsundere character.

“Alright then.” After getting a supercilious look from Roundy, Mo Yang stopped and turned around to clean up the dishes.

At this moment, Roundys expression froze.

A pained expression appeared on its chubby face as it screamed in pain!

“Roundy, whats wrong” Mo Chus expression changed as she quickly reached out to support it.

Roundy looked like it was suffering from an emergency.

The blood on its face had completely faded and its spirit seemed to have been sucked away, and even its legs felt weak.

If not for Mo Chus quick reflexes, it would have fallen to the ground!

“Roundy” Mo Chu realized that something was wrong.

The Blood Luminescent Beasts stomach was a bottomless pit.

At least, she had never seen this little fellow fill it up before.

If it was in the past, with this little amount of tofu fish, it would definitely not be enough.

Right now, it was so uncomfortable that it was groaning! There must have been a problem just now, but why did she not notice it

“Whats wrong” Mo Yang heard the commotion and immediately ran over.

“Roundy, wake up!” Mo Chu gently patted the little guy in her arms.

In just a few short seconds, Roundy fell into a coma.

Only its chubby little body would twitch from time to time, it made her heart tremble.

“Brother, what should we do” Mo Chu raised her head to look at Mo Yang.

A rare look of confusion appeared on his face.

“Will Roundy be okay”

Although this little guy was proud and greedy, Mo Chu had long regarded it as an indispensable member of the family.

Now that she saw that it was in trouble, how could she not be anxious “Why dont we go to the school doctor to have a look”

At this moment, Mo Chus heart was already a mess.

However, Mo Yang still retained some of his rationality.

He shook his head and denied, “No way!”

Once Roundys identity as a magical beast was revealed, who knew what kind of treatment it would receive, they absolutely could not take this risk!

“Little Chu, you carry Roundy.

Why dont we rush to the Magical Regions right now!”

Mo Yang was also desperate to seek help.

He suddenly recalled a statement he had heard before, saying that magical beasts could not leave the Magical Regions for too long.

Otherwise, their bodies would also have some problems.

Perhaps that was Roundys current situation.

Now that they were in the Military Academy, it was inconvenient for them to do anything.

It was better to quickly get to a Magical Region first.

“Okay!” Mo Chu agreed.

She gradually understood this logic and quickly carried Roundy and got on the Drive Machine.

The two of them and the beast headed to the nearest Magical Region at the fastest speed.

With the little fellow in her arms, Mo Chu could not help but bite her lower lip tightly.

“Pleas be alright!”


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