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“Ahem!” Mo Yang, who was standing at the side, could not stand it any longer.

He coughed softly and only then did Roundy put down its appearance.

It reluctantly moved its big head away from Mo Chus shoulder.

When its bright red eyes swept across the magical beasts around it, it straightened its body slightly and the aura of the entire beast instantly changed.

It was as if it was about to burst out in a domineering manner!

Just this simple glance was enough to scare all the magical beasts, and they quickly put away all their previous thoughts about the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Mo Chu finally had the time to look at this group of magical beasts.

She really did not know what was going on until she saw them, and she was shocked when she saw them! Not only were there many magical beasts in the surroundings, but their quality was also quite high.

When she looked over, she actually found a few tier 7 or 8 magical beasts.

One had to know that, compared to humans, magical beasts carried out the principle ofthe weak obey the strong.

Different bloodlines represented different potential, and the higher the potential, the purer the bloodline of a magical beast, the more it had a natural suppressive force against lower-tier magical beasts.

Previously, Roundy could only rely on the suppressive force of its bloodline to intimidate high-tier magical beasts.

But now that she had advanced, its strength had greatly increased.

Just by relying on its own ability, it was able to compete with high-tier magical beasts!

“Ao ao–” Roundys body trembled, and it let out a loud howl towards the sky.

Its roar was majestic and imposing!

The low-tier magical beasts that were far away could not withstand the pressure that Roundy deliberately magnified, and they all knelt down in a large group.

The high-level magical beasts that were close by could still barely hold on, but they were also trembling, and their faces were pale.

Roundy lowered its head to take a look, and the corners of its mouth curled up slightly.

It was still quite satisfied with the effect that it had created.

Hmm, not bad!

This display of power and prestige could not be wasted.

The group of magical beasts looked at each other a few times, and then moved in unison to take the items out.

Mo Chu, who did not know what was happening, did not feel anything.

However, when Mo Yang saw this, he could not help but gasp!

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Oh my God! These magical beasts had contributed famous spiritual treasures of heaven and earth.

Any one or two of them could be sold for a large price.

These magical beasts had actually obediently given them to Roundy

Before Mo Yang could let go of his emotions, Roundy was still being picky.

The corners of his mouth were slightly pursed.

It seemed that he was not very satisfied!

Youre unhappy with these items For the first time, Mo Yang felt that Roundys requirements were too high.

With great difficulty, Roundy finally took a fancy to a colorful fruit.

It put it into its mouth.

Before he could even chew, it cried out in pain.

It was so bitter!

Then, Roundys big fat face crumpled rapidly.

It spat out a few times and spat out all the remaining fruit in his mouth.

It even threw the fruit in his paws onto the ground with hatred.

Aiyo, this awful fruit!

Mo Yang watched from behind, his heart almost bleeding.

This was a famous Smoke-colored Fruit.

It was one of the ingredients specially used to refine high-grade medicinal pills.

Because the production was low, the price was also raised to an extremely high level.

With just a single bite, Roundy threw away a huge amount of Federation Coins!

“Ao ao–” Alright, leave the stuff behind.

You guys can leave!

Having suffered terribly from the fruit just now, Roundy did not have a good mood, and it glared at this group of magical beasts.

It waved its hand at them, indicating for them to leave.

Although they felt extremely regretful that they were unable to successfully cling onto Roundys thigh, this group of magical beasts did not dare to openly disobey Roundys orders.

Hence, they scattered in all directions.

Mo Chu watched from the side, the corner of her mouth twitching.

So these magical beasts were so eager to get close to Roundy just to give it a gift Sure enough, the matter of stepping on the weak and praising the strong worked everywhere.

Once the group of magical beasts left, Roundy immediately returned to its original state.

It swiftly gathered all the tributes together and then stuffed them into the pockets on both sides of its stomach.

It was also at this moment that Mo Chu suddenly realized that after Roundy successfully advanced, two pocket-like things appeared on both sides of its stomach out of thin air.

They were somewhat similar to a kangaroo mothers pockets.

However, the color of the pockets on Roundys body was the same as the color of its fur.

If one did not observe carefully, it was easy to overlook them.

After filling the two pockets, there were only a few tributes left on the floor.

Roundy even smacked its lips.

It seemed that it still felt that there the tributes were insufficient!

“Ao ao–” When it jumped to Mo Chus side, Roundy immediately took out a dozen fruits from her pockets and handed them over to Mo Chu.

“Here, these are all for you.

In the future, you can cook more delicacies for this me.

The benefits will be huge!”

As for Mo Yang, he was completely ignored by Roundy.

Mo Chu could not stand it and gave half of the fruits to Mo Yang.

Before Mo Yang could reach out, he was slapped by Roundy! The little guy even turned its head arrogantly after hitting him.

It snorted coldly as if sayingThis belongs to me, I wont give it to you!

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“Roundy!” Mo Chu frowned slightly and said softly, “You were able to successfully advance previously thanks to Mo Yang.

If we were still in the Military Academy, you would definitely have been exposed.

Is this your attitude now”

After hearing Mo Chus words, Roundy turned its face to look at Mo Yang.

After thinking for a long time, it finally picked an ugly and small fruit from its pocket and handed it to Mo Yang with a face of grace.

Here, this is for you!

Looking at the fruit in his hand, Mo Yang really did not know whether to laugh or cry! This little fellow could really hold a grudge!


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